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England Cricketer

The only Old Haileyburian to play test cricket for England was late in the 19th century, on an isolated occasion and in very spurious conditions. However, early in the 21st century a young talented all-rounder from Lawrence is emerging as a promising hope for England. In the summer of 2002, after attending trials at which he immediately stamped his class by top-scoring, Fahim Qureshi, now in the Fifth Form, was selected to play for England Under 15. Based at a school in Berkshire, England played 3-day and 1-day internationals against Scotland Under 17, Holland Under 17 and Guyana Under 16. While Fahim’s left arm spin was not called upon, he compiled a 92 against Guyana and 57 against Holland. England won all their games except against Guyana, despite Fahim’s cultured left-handed contribution with the bat. Fahim also represented Middlesex 2nd XI during the summer and his progress will be eagerly observed in the seasons to come. Haileybury Cricket is at a turning point, and Fahim’s success is only a suggestion of what can be achieved, therefore we can be ambitious about what cricket at Haileybury can be and do. Carl Igolen-Robinson, Master i/c Cricket