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Eleven of Haileybury’s top pupils have been offered places at Oxbridge

All at Haileybury are celebrating after eleven of our pupils were offered places at two of the country’s most prestigious and highly competitive universities. Ten girls and one boy have been offered places at Oxford University and Cambridge University after going through the notoriously difficult interview process.

Master Joe Davies said “This is the best result at the College for many years and is testament to all the hard work that both our pupils and teachers have put in – it really is a team effort. We are all overjoyed with the news and delighted for the pupils and their families”.

The students who have received offers at Oxford, based on anticipated A level and IB results in the summer are Naomi Shammas, who intends to study Philosophy and Theology; Susan Fuller who intends to study Geography; and Verity Crane who intends to study French. Tatiana Sherwood, Katherine Phillips, Isabel Emery, Georgina Billings, Marco Pittatore, Georgina Robertson, Michelle Reddig and Georgina McKenna have all been offered places to study at Cambridge based on their anticipated results, for Classics, Veterinary Medicine, Chinese Studies, Experimental Psychology, Land Economy, Natural Sciences, Law and Medicine respectively.

Clare McTernan, Haileybury’s Oxbridge Co-Ordinator said: “The offers reflect the pupils’ talents, ambition and hard work, as well as the support and encouragement of their parents and teachers. They can feel proud of their achievements so far, which will spur them to fulfil their potential in next summer’s A-level and IB examinations,and achieve the anticipated results needed to gain their places”.

The Oxbridge programme at Haileybury seeks to develop pupils’ academic curiosity and help them to look beyond the curriculum. Pupils have opportunities to attend additional enrichment activities within their department, but there is also a central programme to help all applicants develop their analytical skills by attending additional seminar groups and practice interviews.

Pupils have worked hard to stretch themselves beyond the curriculum and have relished the opportunity to take part in subject enrichment activities, additional seminar groups and practice interviews. Individual Heads of Department have also provided additional seminar groups and enrichment activities. Miss McTernan has coached the pupils on interview and analytical skills as well as providing guidance and support for the Oxford applicants who had to undertake additional admissions tests as part of the application process. Pupils were also encouraged to enter Oxbridge Essay Competitions throughout the year to enable them to conduct their own independent research.

We wish them all the best of luck for their exams.