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Edmonstone wins House Challenge

The 2011 House Challenge was hotly contested this year and produced a nail-biting final. The format was altered so that each House would have a round against two other Houses on the same night, then the top four houses overall would go though to the semis.

Rounds on heraldry, mathematics and vegetables played their parts, with Thomason having the distinction of both the highest and lowest scores for an individual round (205 and 0). Alas for the girls’ Houses, but the semi-finals turned out to be Lawrence v Edmonstone and the local derby of Batten v Kipling.

Jack Baker (L) and Henry Davies (K) shone, but their Houses lost (Kipling on the last question), setting up an Edmonstone v Batten final. Again, right on the wire, there was a victory: Edmonstone’s knowledge of art paid off and they won by 10 points.

The Batten team of Babajide Sotande-Peters, Rupert Tottman, Iliyas Iskakov and JJ Nozell were excellent competitors, but Edmonstone – Dhruv Sarma, Justin Tsang, Edouard Bayford and Tim Stevens (amazing knowledge of pubs) – were worthy winners.