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Edinburgh Fringe Reviews

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is nearing its close with final performances on Saturday 10th August. Haileybury’s group of actors, performing each afternoon at Pleasance Two, have been given a Four Star rating by The Scotsman who reported: "Three sparkling and beautifully devised plays from Zachary Dunbar, ‘Out of Character’ is a joy to behold. Confidently performed by teenagers from Haileybury in aid of The Children’s Trust, it is an insightful and imaginative reflection on mental disability in children. The kaleidoscopic use of sound, light and visual images to bring together the disparate elements of these lives made this an exceptionally original and exciting spectacle." Praise indeed. BBC Newsround have also been featuring their progress with diaries from the actors published on their website. The Newsround team spent Thursday this week with the group filming their promotional activities around Edinburgh as well as their performance in the afternoon. A report on this will go out on the Newsround programme today (Friday 9th August) at 5.25pm.