fbpx Cultural exploration for Italian Society - Haileybury

Cultural exploration for Italian Society

Haileybury’s Italian pupils were given a rare treat at the latest Society meeting on Wednesday, 14 October.

Claudia Parrinello, Thomas Moniz and Katie Brooks grabbed everyone’s attention with a fascinating look at the world of fashion and the influence of Milan on contemporary Italian society. Versace and D&G were the key ingredients of their great presentation.

This was followed by Sami Mudher, Anthony Parrinello, Josie Chubb and Anna Sproul regaling interesting stories about the history and development of the "pizza" in Italy, as well as its explosion abroad as a type of fast food. Queen Margherita and her visit to Naples was compared to the global phenomenon that Dominos has become!

Finally, the evening was drawn to a conclusion by Mr Searson and his analysis of the Mafia since its origins in the 19th century up to the current day. Classic clips from movies were worked in to make an enthralling look this extraordinary Italian sub-culture.

Great anticipation awaits the next instalment of the Italian Society in Easter!