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Comfortable lacrosse win over King's

Haileybury’s lacrosse teams had a successful weekend of matchplay.

The 1st XII secured a comfortable win over King’s School in Canterbury, with a pleasing 11-4 result. Our defensive end was on show as fierce shut downs and smooth turnovers became the order of the day.

The 2nd XII won their match 6-5. It was a rough game throughout with tough checks from both sides. Katorina Nau made her début at the defence wing position, practically sealing her side of the pitch.

The 3rd XII lost their game 0-6 to a seasoned U15 team from King’s School in Canterbury. Little more could be asked from goalie Alex Allen who made strong clears and clean saves.

The U12/13 team travelled away to St Margaret’s. Their play was hindered by the very muddy terrain but spirits were high after Ellie Walter’s goal in the second half. Unfortunalty the girls faced a more seasoned team and conceded that match 1-7.

Fundraising for the tour was also successful as the 2nd XII raised over £60 towards their trip by providing teas for donations. Teas will be available at home matches throughout the coming term so we ask spectators please to bring spare change!