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Clean sweep for lacrosse teams against King's

It wasn’t without a small amount of horror that the teams greeted the mid-morning snow fall last Saturday. Funnily enough, the poor weather had struck just half an hour after the cut-off for cancellation for the visiting teams from King’s School in Canterbury. Sunny skies greeted the opening whistle of the matches though.

The 1st XII are ravenously defending their stupendous 26-game winning streak. King’s made an early challenge though, and possession turned over very quickly for the entire match. The King’s team’s exceptionally strong centre made life very hard for the entire midfield but eventually our collective skill over-powered their attack and it was our offence’s turn to punch in goals. The final score continues our streak with a 7-4 win.

The 2nd XII weren’t fussed with the weather but rather the result of the last time they met King’s on the field. The opposition had a clear advantage as we played conservatively during the first few minutes. It seems that the King’s 2nd XII doesn’t travel very well as we quickly dominated possession. The possibility of a win sent 1st Home Maja Brankovic into overdrive. She walked away with a personal best of 3 goals. The hat trick was echoed by single goals from Franziska Reutter, Amber Banbury, Katie Stacey, Rina Nau, Ashling Coyle and Ashley Coe. The final score was 9-0.

The 3rd XII also won their match, but it was a much closer game. King’s quickly scored 2 goals to pull away early in the first half. The opposition was a bit hampered by the hard boundaries, but then again so were we. Despite the sporadic rain and hail (!) the girls kept up a great attitude. The final moments of the game brought some truly brave efforts from Sara Loiperdinger, Charlie Gillis and Elisa Gassner who managed to bring the game around to a 4-3 win for the home side.

It is always much easier to stand the cold when there is the hint of victory in the air. We were rewarded for our perseverance with a clean sweep and we can only hope that King’s at least enjoyed their hot teas!