fbpx Chefs win three medals at prestigious competition - Haileybury

Chefs win three medals at prestigious competition

Compass Group chefs who are based at Haileybury gained three of the 20 prestigious places for the final of the Compass "Chef of the Year" competition, held on 12 October.

They are: Leszek Karpinski – Senior – Silver

Lee Warren – Junior – Silver

Anthony Glover -Junior – Bronze

During the past couple of months, some of our chefs have been taking part in "cook off"s to enter the competition at The Restaurant show at Earls Court. The chefs had to go up against some very tough opposition from the fine dining, defence and hotel side of the business, producing three and four-course menus to be presented from scratch in 1 ½ hrs and 2 hours respectively, whilst being judged and viewed by many in the audience.

Mike Hodges, the executive Chef at Haileybury, trained and mentored all three for several weeks, and his hard work paid off, with all three gaining medals. There were seven medals up for grabs from all sectors throughout the country and we took three of them. Haileybury is now renowned as having the highest medal total of any Compass unit in the past few years.

Well done to the three!