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Changes to arrangements at the end of Spring Term 2010

A number of factors, including a sudden withdrawal of MOD funding for CCF training for the remainder of the financial year, have prompted us to review arrangements for the end of next term. The changes apply to the Fifth and Sixth Forms. The new timings will be as follows:

The Lower School, all Fifths, and Sixths not required for CCF Field Weekend activities or on D of E expeditions, will be released at 4.30pm on Friday 26th March 2010.

The Removes trip to the First World War Battlefields will depart late afternoon on Friday 26th March and return at approximately 6.30pm on Sunday 28th March.

The Middles’ (and attached Sixth Form) CCF and the Middles’ D of E programmes will run as planned. The final dispersal times for these are: CCF RN 6.30 pm Sunday 28th March; CCF Army 1.00pm Sunday 28th March; CCF RAF 1.00pm Sunday 28th March; D of E 5.00pm Sunday 28th March.

The Sixth Form D of E expedition departs at 6.00pm Friday 26th March and returns at approximately 2.30pm Sunday 28th March.

Where a Fifth or Sixth Form pupil has a flight booked on the Sunday afternoon or evening (having expected to be at school until the Sunday lunchtime), and this booking cannot be brought forward then he/she is welcome to be accommodated at school on the Friday and Saturday nights.