fbpx Arrangements for the start of Spring Term 2010 - Haileybury

Arrangements for the start of Spring Term 2010

The school term at Haileybury will begin on Sunday 10th and Monday 11th January as planned. Boarders should aim to return as usual on Sunday evening, while day pupils should aim to be at school in time for Registration on Monday morning. While the school will be open and running from Sunday evening onwards, parents should take account of conditions in their own locality and should avoid taking unnecessary risks in getting their children to school, whether day pupils or boarders.

Currently our expectation is that, for those who make use of it, the school’s transport system will be running as normal and buses or taxis should collect the pupils at the usual locations. If there is a variation from this then the parents of pupils who use the school’s transport system will be contacted by e-mail.

We will be watching the weather forecasts and will post any further information in the news pages of the school website as may be necessary. If parents are seeking further details, the website should be the first place to check. Parents or guardians should contact the HM of their son or daughter or the Head of the Lower School as appropriate in cases where they are unable to bring their child to school.