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Another year of excellent IB scores, with a third of results 40+

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) pupils from Haileybury have achieved a 100% pass rate in their 2011 exams results, with nearly a third securing 40 points or more out of a maximum of 45.

The results included 26 pupils who obtained a Bilingual Diploma, which necessitates the study of literature in two different languages.

"The overall average of 36 points is equivalent to more than 4As or more than 3A*s at A Level," explains Joe Davies, The Master. "Last year’s global average was 29 points and the UK average was 32.6."

Viola Tram (H) was the school’s top candidate with an average points score of 44. Maxime Buchholz (Alb), Clarissa Heck (C), Elena Hofmann Gonzalez (Alb), Jonas Kroschke (Th) and Olivia Wacker (M) achieved a points score of 43, while Fabian Conradi (L), Veronika Rauch (Aby) and Martha Warner Smith (H) achieved 42 points.

57% of Higher Grades were at 6 or 7, which is equivalent to an A or A* in those subjects at A Level. Fifteen pupils, nearly a third of the candidates, secured 40 or more points while 20, nearly half, obtained 3 Core points, which is equivalent to an A at A Level as well as their six subjects.

"These results are testament to the quality of the IB Diploma Programme that Haileybury offers," says Mr Davies. "They bode well for our pupils going on to higher education, particularly in light of recent research which suggests that IB entrants are more likely to be enrolled at one of the UK’s top 20 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) than entrants holding other qualifications."