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Another outstanding success for our Fifths

We are very proud to announce that earlier in the academic year Joshua, Nadia and Oscar, from Fifth Form, won a Gold Award at the British Physics Olympiad. 

Nadia is not only a physics genius, she also recently won a Gold Certificate in the Senior Maths Challenge. All three pupils were absolutely thrilled with their achievement.

The British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) hosted by the University of Oxford aims to stretch and challenge pupils beyond the requirements of their academic qualifications by encouraging them to see the real-world problem-solving potential of physics.

Head of Physics, Timothy Reade commented: “The study of Physics challenges pupils to push the frontiers of their knowledge about nature. Here at Haileybury we have an excellent reputation in the subject, engaging pupils in a wide range of activities to broaden their understanding. Our results, as a consequence, have been outstanding.”

Well done to Joshua, Nadia and Oscar for such a superb achievement and good luck with future physics competitions!