fbpx Allenby victorious in House Challenge - Haileybury

Allenby victorious in House Challenge

This year’s House Challenge saw Allenby conquer all to win the trophy. This is Haileybury’s own (obviously more academic) version of University Challenge, with teams of four (two Sixth Formers or Fifths, one Middle and one Remove), starter and bonus questions. The two first round nights in week 8 saw a highly charged contest, with one debate won on a tie-break by a Remove who knew the name of the new Doctor Who actor.

The semi-finals and finals took place on Wednesday, 17 March, starting off with Kipling overwhelming Edmonstone and Allenby defeating Batten, to see a final between last year’s winners and the top girls’ House. Kipling were brimming with confidence, but Allenby won by over 100 points. Their team of Rebecca Simmonds, Sonali Mackenna, Abigail Oghene, and Kate Shannon-Hill thoroughly deserved their victory.

Mr Parkin and Mr Perrins should both be thoroughly congratulated on their excellent turns at Jeremy Paxman.