fbpx Achilles Relays - Haileybury

Achilles Relays

The senior boys 4 x 100m relay team came 2nd in the Achilles Relays (the biggest independent schools’ relay competition) held at Iffley Road, Oxford on 9th May. Charlie Desmond (BFr), Yuki Omenai (B), Jide Chinsman (H) and Chris Wyles (Tr) beat the winning team in the heats which was the first time they had ever been beaten but were unable to repeat that again in the final. The team that won actually beat the competition record in the final.

Haileybury entered a girls’ team for the first time and they went on to qualify for the final in the 4 x 100m. The team was made up of Alex Campbell (Aby), Sephie Bridgman Baker (C), Isobel Baugh (C) and Frances Burn (Alb).