fbpx Research Building - Haileybury

Research Building

At the heart of the SciTech project is the research building. This building engenders a spirit of openness and inquiry; it is a space in which pupils will be able to synthesise and fuse their learning together, collaborate on hypotheses, and become brave learners. 

This facility will allow our pupils to understand what it is to be a scientist. To think and act like a scientist. They will be undertaking research to which they do not know the answer.

We will be moving away from a teacher led demonstration area and towards pupils being able to work together to conduct research and answer important scientific questions.

Floor plans


The Research Building will have spaces dedicated as follows:

  • A StanX lab, in which the sequencing of the DNA of fruit flies will be undertaken and analysed, in conjunction with research undertaken at Stanford University. 
  • A robotics laboratory, in which pupils will undertake research in automated robotics and programming, as part of an MIT project. 
  • A makerspace in which pupils will collaborate to undertake inquiries based on an architectural studio process. For example, pupils will explore the design and manufacturing of sustainable eco-tech, deep-sea robots, design for a dystopian world and responsive technology. These studios promise to revolutionise our approach to curriculum design and delivery and are intended to provide pupils with opportunities to work with external agencies to undertake real projects with actionable solutions. 
  • A planetarium and VR room, for pupils studying our bespoke Astrophysics curriculum. 
  • A podcasting and media room, in which pupils can chronicle and reflect on their learning processes 
  • Collaborative spaces will also be situated outside of all of these formal learning spaces, affording pupils the opportunity to discuss and debate as part of their learning process.