fbpx Health Centre - Haileybury

Haileybury Health Centre, supported by a local GP practice together with experienced and skilled nursing staff, provides access to excellent medical care for pupils 24 hours a day, seven days a week in term time.

Caring for pupils
Health promotion is a key role of all Health Centre staff and forms a central part of Haileybury’s commitment to the pastoral care of every pupil during their time here.

Pupils are cared for in the Health Centre if they are unwell and unable to go about their usual daily routine; we have a Health Centre Manager, five trained nurses and a Health Care Assistant who provide 24-hour care during term time.

If pupils are unwell, they are cared for in the Health Centre until they have recovered sufficiently to return to school. There are modern, spacious facilities to enable pupils to rest comfortably during their stay in the Health Centre.

Other Services
Physiotherapy services – Haileybury has a full-time physiotherapist and a part-time sports injury therapist who work closely with the GP, nurses and sports staff to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical conditions and injuries.

Psychological services – Due to the complexities of modern day living, young people may sometimes feel the need for psychological support. Along with our in-house Counselling/Psychotherapy service, we also have strong links with other local agencies.

GP Surgery Times
The GP holds surgeries in the Health Centre Monday-Friday. Appointments are available by contacting the Health Centre by telephone, email or in person.

Nurse Led Surgeries
We have three scheduled nurse-led surgeries a day and in the event of an emergency, a pupil may access medical assistance at any time.

Health Centre Medical Staff
Lead GP – Dr Alice Baldock MBBS MRCGP DFFP DRCOG ILM5 Coaching & Mentoring– Hailey View Surgery

Sister Jean Walshe RGN ILM3 Leadership & Management – Health Centre Manager

Rhea Joyce RGN

Mandy Ruggeri RGN

Cara Sear RGN

Alia Ali  RGN

Physiotherapist – Sarah Bebbington BSc, (Hons)MCSP

Sports Injury Therapist – Robert Sibley BSc, (Hons) MSc, MSST

Casey Lennard HCA