Haileybury is one of the few remaining independent schools to have a resident medical officer and skilled nursing staff. Together, they provide access to excellent medical care for pupils 24 hours a day, seven days a week in term time.

The Health Centre – caring for pupils in term time

Health promotion is a key role of the school doctor and nurses and forms a central part of Haileybury’s commitment to the pastoral care of every pupil during their time here.

Pupils are cared for at the Health Centre if they are unwell and unable to attend lessons; we have six nurses who cover shifts to provide 24-hour care in term time.

If boarders are unwell, they will be nursed in the Health Centre until they have recovered sufficiently to return to school. There are modern, spacious facilities so pupils are comfortable while detained in the Health Centre.

Functions of the Health Centre

The Health Centre, or Sanitorium as it used to be known, performs two key functions for everyone at Haileybury.

It is an NHS GP practice, where pupils can book appointments with either a male or female GP or nurse.

It is also a dispensing practice, enabling medication to be dispensed to pupils without the need to visit a pharmacy.

Opening times

The Health Centre operates daily surgeries for routine appointments. Pupils can attend open surgery each morning at 8 am Mondays to Saturdays.

Booked appointments are available on Monday evening, and Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday afternoon.

Other services

In addition to GP and dispensary services, the Health Centre offers physiotherapy and psychological services to provide a complete care package for pupils.

Physiotherapy services

Haileybury has a physiotherapist who offers appointments three afternoons per week. The physiotherapist works closely with Dr Parkinson and Dr Axon, the sports injury specialist who visits us each Monday.

Psychological services

Due to the complexities of modern life, young people do sometimes require psychological support. We have close links with local services and can arrange for pupils to be seen at the Health Centre when necessary.

Health Centre Staff:

  • Lead GP – Dr Katie Parkinson MBBS MRCPCH MFAEM DFSRH
  • College Physiotherapist – Karen Rattray MRCP
  • School Nurse – Gill Brook
  • School Nurse – Diane Davidson
  • School Nurse –¬†Mandy Ruggeri
  • School Nurse – Donna Sartain
  • School Nurse – Cara Sear