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Meet the Housemistress

Abi Kentish joined Haileybury as an English Teacher in 2018. She has a passion for sport, having captained Loughborough University Netball Club whilst studying for her BA in English and Sports Science. In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading and is a member of the local netball club, Hertford Hornets. She lives in Hailey with her husband Mark, and their children Bohden and Indi. When not at Haileybury, they enjoy spending time in the mountains, camping trips and active family holidays.

Hailey is the most historic House on campus and prides itself on its family feel and great sense of humour; it certainly is a fantastic House– in spirit and outlook.

Abi Kentish Housemistress of Hailey

House character

Hailey is focused on developing fully-rounded people who are excellent, flourishing holistic individuals working together happily as a community of good and honest souls.

The Housemistress, Abi Kentish, takes great pride in the fact that her door is always open, with every girl encouraged to treat it as an extension of the Boarding House. Abi and her team promote strong spiritual and philosophical virtues with the view that every girl at Hailey should enjoy their time here, take responsibility for their actions and make the best of themselves.

This spirit is reflected not just in the official motto of the House but also in its modern equivalent, ‘be the best version of yourself’. These values (being brave, facing your fears and aiming to be well-balanced, flourishing people) make Hailey a spirited and well-rounded house.

A particular attraction, especially in summer, is Hailey’s own private and much-loved garden, giving the girls a place to enjoy life away from the bustle of school. It is ideal for relaxing and for hosting House events such as barbecues.

Charity, and caring for others, are also important parts of House outlook and charitable fundraising is considered one of Hailey’s key aims. The spirit is genuinely one of being a happy House – a fact particularly expressed by our reputation for dance.

Hailey also organises an annual dog show for charity, which is a real highlight of the school calendar!

House facilities

Hailey House might be the oldest building on site but it has been extensively modernised and redecorated. The House runs across three levels with two big Common Rooms; one on the top floor and the downstairs one being the focus of the House.


Hailey House is the oldest building at Haileybury, with parts of it forming the building used by the Reverend Thomas Malthus as his home in 1805.

Its badge, a rampant lion holding a cross, and motto Quid Fortius Leone (brave like a lion), are both emblems of the Walford Family, after the Reverend Henry Walford, the first Housemaster of Hailey. House colours are dark blue and pink.

Tutors and HPA representative

Abi is supported in her work by Kirsty Tambuzzo, the House Matron, who helps with the day-to-day domestic management of the House and an experienced team of Tutors. The House also has its own representative from the Haileybury Parents’ Association.

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