Walking into Edmonstone you will be struck by the warm welcome. Everybody knows your name and you will see Upper Sixth boys helping new younger boys with prep and walking with them to lessons. As a strong boarding community, we are proud that our values are that of a good family home.

Peter Blair
Housemaster of Edmonstone


Edmonstone is named after Sir George Edmonstone, Lieutenant Governor of the North West Province and Foreign Secretary to the Government of India during the Mutiny. House colours are the blue and white of Trinity College Oxford, the college of Henry Couchman, Edmonstone’s first Housemaster.

The House was opened in the second year of the College’s existence but today Edmonstone is a much more modern building dating from 1993.

House character

The first thing you notice walking into Edmonstone is the positive and happy atmosphere. Just like a good family home; it truly is a place where everybody knows your name and values you. Edmonstonians take pride in their achievements, their good manners and their consideration for others.

Edmonstone encourages a sense of strong community where boys get on and contribute. This is particularly so in the evenings where a great range of activities encourage team-building, conversation and interaction. These include bridge jumping, Gaelic and Aussie Rules Football, frequent events with our sister House, Alban’s, termly birthday suppers (where boys invite a teacher as their guest), and Upper Sixth Friday drinks. Being in Edmonstone is fun.

We are proud of our boys, whether in the XV or Yearlings D, whether in the Chamber Choir or CCF. Giving everything your ‘best shot’ is what matters most. Cheerful and willing participation breeds confidence and success, in whatever field you can think of. Indeed, last year we were winners in House rugby, athletics and debating.

Drama is also strong in Edmonstone with consistently superb performances of challenging plays in the House Drama festival (The Bacchae and Macbeth in recent years), where all the boys in the House were involved on stage or behind the scenes – a real House effort!

House facilities

New boys who come in, love the lightness and openness of the building with its modern facilities and wonderful setting on the north side of avenue, surrounded by greenery yet adjacent to the main College buildings.

Central to daily life is Edmonstone’s large Common Room. It is a popular meeting place for boys from different years, with its TV, PlayStation, pool table, kitchen and the sounds of boys practising on our piano. Our newly-converted Art Room is a beautiful social and study room, decorated with art from the mediaeval period to the latest work by the boys in House.

Removes’ boys benefit from a dedicated study space and open-plan sleep and social space, where lifelong friendships are made.

Meet the Housemaster

Peter Blair became Housemaster of Edmonstone in 2013, after serving as a House tutor for four years. He is married to Philippa, who teaches locally. They have two daughters, Alexandra, born in 2014, and Catherine, born in 2017.

Peter was educated at Glasgow Academy and the University of St Andrews, where he read English Literature, before going on to Magdalene College, Cambridge for his PGCE. He started his teaching career at Malvern College, before arriving at Haileybury in 2009.

As well as teaching English and Latin, Peter coaches rugby and is Master in Charge of boys’ tennis. He was the school’s Oxbridge Advisor and is the Master in Charge of debating, where Haileybury teams have enjoyed major successes.

As Peter says: “We pride ourselves in Edmonstone on being experts in boys’ education and pastoral care. My aim is to inspire boys to develop a selfless and considerate attitude towards those around them, while pushing themselves to succeed. In other places boys are sent out prepared for the wider world; when boys leave Edmonstone it is the wider world which has to be prepared! Parents and relations feel they are an important part of the Edmonstone family, attending dinners and drinks, supporting matches and always knowing there is someone on the other end of the phone to talk to about their son.”

Tutors and HPA representative

Peter is supported in his work by an experienced team of Tutors, in addition to a House Matron who is also highly involved in the pastoral care of the boys and helps with the day to day domestic management of the House. Edmonstone also has its own representative from the Haileybury Parents’ Association.