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Meet the Housemistress

As well as Housemistress of Alban’s, Amy Sparrow is also Director of Activities and a teacher of history and English. She joined Haileybury in 2018, after having previously been a Resident tutor of Bartle Frere and Assistant Housemistress in Colvin. She coaches hockey and netball at Haileybury and is a keen skier and runner.

Alban’s is a happy and supportive community and we’re proud to say that we were the first girls’ House. We have a strong House spirit and are strong all-rounders who are always keen to give things a try. Alban’s girls are always busy studying, performing in school events, competing in the top sports teams, leading Haileybury MUN, debating and more. However, alongside this they always find time to help Matron bake and then eat cakes!

Amy Sparrow Housemistress of Alban’s

House character

The girls pride themselves on being the best they can be, but don’t take themselves too seriously! It is a supportive and caring environment, where girls of every age support each other through thick and thin. The Housemistress aims to make Alban’s an extension of her family home, where the girls can share their day, successes, and their own must-try-harder moments. This engaging and constructive atmosphere engenders a real house spirit, where girls can proudly say “we’re all in it together.”

House facilities

Architecturally, Alban’s started life as a place to feel safe and cared for and nothing has changed. Scarlet fever may be no more, but Alban’s retains the same caring attitudes which are entrenched in this building. The House was renovated in 2017 and it now has a glorious glass atrium connecting the main House with the annexe. The atrium allows the girls a quiet, bright space to relax, socialise or work. This new layout naturally promotes friendships across the year groups with no hierarchies.

Every girl is equal and takes their share of responsibility, from washing up to looking after a friend in need. Younger girls are accommodated in rooms of three to four, older girls in doubles and singles. There is a TV room known as the Common Room, and also a well-equipped kitchen and laundry.


Alban’s has a special place in Haileybury’s history as the very first girls’ House and allowing the College to become, for the first time in its history, truly a co-educational boarding school.

Refurbished from the shell of the Old Sanatorium (originally built in 1867) it opened in its new guise in September 1977. It was named Alban’s to mark the centenary of the founding of the St Alban’s Diocese and the house badge is the dove of peace. House colours are blue and purple.

Tutors and HPA representative

Amy is supported in her work by Ruth Le Gallais, House Matron, who helps with the day-to-day domestic management and an experienced team of Tutors. The House also has its own representative from the Haileybury Parents’ Association (HPA).