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A-Level Results: Challenges conquered with marvellous success

Upper Sixth A level pupils at Haileybury received their A level results this morning, and we are extremely proud of their exceptional performance. With over a third of all grades awarded at A* and nearly two-thirds awarded at A* or A, there is much to celebrate.

It is important to note that the departing Upper Sixth pupils did not sit GCSE examinations so for many, this was their first experience of sitting public examinations. Equally, a significant amount of their A level courses were taught online during the lockdowns of 2021. That our pupils achieved such strong results despite these challenges is all the more commendable, as is the fact that the vast majority of our pupils are progressing on to a university of their choice. We could not be more proud of the departing Upper Sixth pupils.

Please view our full results here 

The following pupils achieved 3 A* grades or more in their A levels:













“I’m over the moon with my results this morning and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my teachers and friends in Alban’s. I never expected these results but I’m so happy that my hard work paid off and I can go to university knowing that I achieved everything I wanted to.”Daisy

“Opening my results this morning was the most terrifying/nerve racking experience I have ever had! I am so over the moon with excitement and my results are a huge testament to the teachers at school who went above and beyond with help and guidance over the last 2 years and I am forever grateful for my amazing experience at Haileybury and will miss it a lot.”Isla

“I am ecstatic with my results and I would like to thank all my teachers, family and friends as without their support, none of this would be possible.”Jay

“This year has been tough and I am proud of what I’ve managed to achieve. To quote Jack Sparrow, ‘Was everyone watching? Because I will not be doing that again.’”Dylan

Best of luck to our departing Upper Sixth, the School wishes you well in your future endeavours and we look forward to seeing what you will go on to achieve.