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1st XII pull off win against Benenden

The lacrosse teams faced Benenden last weekend, taking the field aggressively.

The 1st XII held up its end, producing a 9 – 5 win. The girls have been practising offensive set plays but these have yet to materialise in matches. It must be said that the spontaneous teamwork that has become their routine is still very much helping them best their opponents.

The 2nd XII had a very strong start in what appeared to be a beatable team. Kasita Rochanakorn did her bit in the offensive end but in the end the Benenden midfield sealed that match for their side 1- 5.

The 3rd XII had its début against a more seasoned opposition. Although the game was scoreless on our end, the girls did mature very well during the match. Gemma Shiels had a particularly conspicuous fire in her belly, as did rookie goalie Alex Allen.