fbpx 1st XII lacrosse win against Princess Helena - Haileybury

1st XII lacrosse win against Princess Helena

Despite the bone-chilling temperatures, Haileybury lacrosse faced off against Princess Helena College last weekend. We made the short trip out to Hitchin in high spirits and kept up the enthusiasm on both teams despite short spells of snow and freezing rain.

The 1st XII enjoyed the rare luxury of two goalies, despite the fact that our long injured list left us a player down on the field. The team made a strong start and Haileybury dominated the 4 quarter match. Tala El Ajou and Lauren Smith both had 2 goals and one assist each and Danni Chambers capitalised her normally defensive position into 2 goals. The winning total of 9-3 was rounded off by net finding shots by Emma Lees-Jones, Natasha Beasely, and rookie Lucy Phillips.

The 2nd XII had an equally strong game. Princess Helena’s extra-long pitch allowed our defensive players to roam freely. This resulted in goals by two defenders – Noor Hasan and Charis Bridgman Baker – and full-field dominance by a third, Rina Nau. The girls held strong after these early goals, and a third added by Laura Niesslein, and out hustled Princess Helena to a 3-1 victory.