fbpx 1st and 2nd XII win against Walthamstow Hall - Haileybury

1st and 2nd XII win against Walthamstow Hall

For the final game of the season, Haileybury Lacrosse faced off against Walthamstow Hall. Last season’s match up weighed heavily on the minds of the 1st squad as it had been a strong 6-3 showing for the Hall. Were the 1st XII going to be denied in their final game on the home pitch? We say no!

The opening whistle drew a forceful possession for Isobel Baugh who distributed it beautifully. After that decisive start, possession never solidified for the visiting team as pass after pass caught them watching. Goals were racked up by the regulars, Persephone Bridgman-Baker and Lauren Smith, but the strength of the team’s performance lay in the entire attacking end’s ability to capitalise on open balls. The 1st XII were proudly showing the appreciative spectators their very best in this 8-2 win.

The 2nd XII were also impressed by the previous Hall performance. Their worries were redoubled as the injured list left us two players down. The Hall conceded to one less player, but the start would still be heavily in their favour. It was up to our well-weathered defensive triumvirate of Noor Hasan, Emily Bowden-Eyer and Katorina Nau to keep them out of our goal. Not surprisingly, possession rested in the opposition’s crosses, but sloppy passes and fumbled ground balls gave our side a few openings. The match was turned around by an early goal by Christina Williams, her first as a defender. The team suddenly realised The Hall could be penetrated. It was a pivotal moment after which three more hard fought goals got past their goalie. I’m not sure which team was more surprised at the 4-2 Haileybury win!

After the matches and the cheering had died down, the teams gathered in front of the pavilion to say a solemn goodbey to this year’s leavers: Persephone Bridgman-Baker (attack wing and 1st XII captain), Emma Lees-Jones (attack wing), Shannon Gregory (2nd XII captain), and Noor Hasan (3rd man). We will miss you very much. Sadness was not to be our last note as next year’s captains were announced: Isobel Baugh, Daniela Chambers and Lauren Smith. Congratulations to all!

Leticia Hernandez