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Physical Health

It will likely be a bit more difficult to exercise if you are self-isolating, and stuck at home, but there are lots of things that you can do to keep fit and active from the comfort of your living room, or your garden.

Remember that staying physically fit (getting fresh air, exercise and relaxation) is also good for your Mental Health.

Health Hints

Staying Safe



Check out the Connected Co-curricular pages for some ideas.

You might want to start with some of these ideas:

Strength and Conditioning
Plenty of video tutorial and opportunities to full engage in the school’s Athletic Development programme.

Yoga and HIIT classes
Haileybury has free school membership to Down Dog, as long as you log in with your Haileybury school email address.

PE with Joe Wicks
Join the body coach and Millions of others for daily PE classes on his YouTube channel.