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Pupil Wellbeing

In addition to your studies, continued learning and progression, it is important (for you and to us) that you stay fit and healthy, in both body and mind. Being in isolation or simply away from friends and family can present challenges, but if we  stay connected as a school then we can support each other.

Each day you should set aside some time to engage in the sport and co-curricular activities that you would have been doing at school, and perhaps to try something new. Whilst we can’t quite manage an online rugby match, or house BBQ, we can still do things together and for one another.

Follow the links below for information and resources to support your physical and mental health. Just as at school there is a rich and varied co-curricular programme that you can follow, and which your tutor and HM will be asking you about.

Please can all pupils read the Phones, Devices and Social Media advice, written specifically for this time when you’re away from school, to ensure that you are safe and behaving appropriately online.

Physical Health

Co-curricular Activities

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Peer Support