Alumni, benefactors and the wider community

Alumni, benefactors and the wider community

The Development Department will use the contact details of alumni, benefactors and other members of the School’s wider community to:

  • Send updates, newsletters and invitations;
  • Maintain relationships with alumni, benefactors and other members of the School's wider community, including direct marketing or fundraising activity;
  • Promote the objects and interests of the School;
  • Provide career networking and mentoring opportunities;
  • Keep them updated about the activities of the School, or events of interest.

With consent, and unless the relevant individual objects, the Development Department may also:

  • Share personal data about parents and/or alumni, as appropriate, with organisations set up to help establish and maintain relationships with the School community, such as the Haileybury Parents Association;
  • Contact staff, parents, alumni and/or supporters in order to promote and raise funds for the School, and where appropriate, other worthy causes.

Should you wish to limit or object to any such use, or would like further information, please contact the Development Department. You always have the right to withdraw consent, where given, or otherwise object to direct marketing or fundraising. However, the School may need nonetheless to retain some of your details, not least to ensure that no more communications are sent to that particular address, email or telephone number.

Why we collect

In order to carry out its duties to current and former staff, current and former pupils and their parents, the Development Department may process a wide range of personal data about individuals as part of its daily operation.

Some of this activity the Development Department will need to carry out in order to fulfil its legal rights, duties or obligations.

Other uses of personal data will be made in accordance with the Development Department’s legitimate interests, or the legitimate interests of another, provided that these are not outweighed by the impact on individuals, and provided it does not involve special or sensitive types of data.

The Development Department expects that the following uses may fall within that category of its (or its community’s) “legitimate interests”:

  • For the purposes of donor due diligence, and to confirm the identity of prospective donors and their background;
  • To make use of photographic images of pupils in Development and/or Alumni publications, on the School website and (where appropriate) on the School's social media channels in accordance with the School's policy on taking, storing and using images of children.

In addition, the Development Department will process personal data by explicit consent where required. This will include:

  • Maintaining relationships with alumni, benefactors and other members of the School’s wider community, including direct marketing or fundraising activity;
  • Promoting the objects and interests of the School;
  • Providing career networking and mentoring opportunities.

How the Development Department collects data

Generally, the Development Department receives personal data from the individual directly. This may be via a paper or online form, survey, or simply in the ordinary course of interaction or communication (letter, email, telephone, business card).

However in some cases personal data may be supplied by third parties or collected from publicly available resources such as published material, websites, internet searches and social media. Third parties include:

  • Blackbaud data services for address validation, Telephone Preference Service and Mail Preference Service compliance;
  • Everydayhero to collect gift and personal information relating to donations and fundraising pages created through the Everydayhero crowdfunding website;
  • Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to collect gift and personal information relating to donations processed through CAF;
  • Buffalo Fundraising Consultants Ltd to conduct a PIF (Personal Information Form) campaign to verify and capture personal, education, employment, relationship, contact and engagement information.

We do not use iSAMS to collect data, however, we do utilise iSAMS to conduct research and assist in the compilation of briefing notes for staff attending Development and Alumni events.

We ask pupils leaving the School to complete a contact, consent and communication preferences form.

We may use photographs or videos of individuals for our website, local news and social media sites. We obtain specific consent for this.

We sometimes use third parties to handle personal information on our behalf. The following is an example:

  • We use third party "cloud computing" services to store some information rather than the information being stored on the School's servers, such as the Raiser’s Edge database.

If you have any concerns about the above, please speak to the Development Department.

What we collect

This will include by way of example:

  • Contact details, e.g. addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other contact details;
  • Personal details, e.g. title, names, gender, date of birth, marital status;
  • Relationship details, e.g. other family/relationship links;
  • Employment details, e.g. employment status, organisation name, industry, position, committee positions, trusteeships, directorships, volunteer and charity positions;
  • Event information, e.g. attendance, willingness to host an event or provide a venue;
  • Bank details and other financial information, e.g. donations, gifts-in-kind, pledges, tributes, legacies, standing orders, direct debits;
  • Educational history, e.g. House, when attended, co-curricular activities and interests, positions of responsibility, university, degree, subject of study;
  • Notes, e.g. letter and email communications, biographical information;
  • Attributes, e.g. willingness to offer career advice, internships, placements;
  • Images of individuals engaging in Development Department activities (in accordance with the School's policy on taking, storing and using images of children).


Where the Development Department is relying on consent as a means to process personal data, any person may withdraw this consent at any time. Please be aware that the Development Department may have another lawful reason to process the personal data in question even without your consent.

That reason will usually have been asserted under this Privacy Notice, or may otherwise exist under some form of contract or agreement with the individual, e.g. because a purchase of goods or services has been requested.

How long we keep personal data

The Development Department will retain personal data securely and only in line with how long it is necessary to keep for a legitimate and lawful reason. Typically, we will contact you to request that you update your consent and communication preferences every 2 years. You may change your marketing preferences or update the information we hold about you so that we keep this up to date at any time by informing the Development Department. You also have the right to have your data removed under the GDPR legislation, again please contact the Development Department in the first instance otherwise you may also get in touch with the privacy and compliance officer.

If you have any specific queries about how this policy is applied, please refer to our data retention policy, this can be found on our policies page.

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