News archive November 2001

African Sanctus

28 November 2001

The Haileybury Choral Society together with the Chamber Orchestra, Chapel Choir and Instrumental Ensemble brought the African Festival Week to a grand finale with their interpretation of David Fanshawe's "African Sanctus". David Fanshawe, who dedicated the performance to the memory of his father, OH Col. RAR Fanshawe, described it as, "a most exhilarating and dedicated rendition." He went on to say that, "Sopranos Louise Hemmings and Madeleine Cootes, together with the Choral Society and Ensemble  > more

IB Results

13 November 2001

The first cohort of Haileybury IB students produced extremely gratifying results in the Summer of 2001. 10 out of 13 candidates achieved over 30 points; all but two of these candidates were working in their second language. The exceptional score of 40 points was achieved by one candidate. All candidates gained their diploma. Rohan Wilson, who required 36 points to gain entry to St Catherines College, Oxford, actually gained 39.  > more

Willow Foundation Cheque

3 November 2001

The Heads of School presented a cheque for £10,816.26 to a representative of the Willow Foundation last week as the result of monies raised by pupils and staff who took part in the Channel Swim in July this year. Two relay teams took part in the swim, each made up of 4 pupils (boys and girls 13-18) and 2 staff. This terrific achievement was the result of six months hard training early every morning and four acclimatising swims in the Channel to prepare them for the 33km swim in freezing water. Nothing could quite prepare them for the jellyfish,  > more

Re-opening of Melvill

3 November 2001

Lady Runcie, widow of Robert Runcie, the former Archbishop of Canterbury and former Chairman of Haileybury's governing body, officially opened Melvill House on Wednesday 3rd October. The new state-of-the-art building is the second new girls' house to be opened in the space of two years at a cost of £6.5 million. Ann Spavin is the new housemistress of Melvill. Ann has been at Haileybury since 1987. She was Head of girls' games until July 2001 and teaches PE and Sports Science. Lady Runcie applauded the arrival of co-education  > more

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