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School uniform shops

Smart appearance is a key part of the Haileybury ethos, with different year groups having differing uniform requirements. The School Uniform Shop, open four times weekly, operates in conjunction with Perry's Uniform, our official supplier. We also operate a popular Second-hand Uniform Shop, proceeds from which go to the Haileybury Youth Trust - "a cause worth recycling for"

School uniform shops

Uniform at Haileybury

Appearance is a key part of the Haileybury ethos and every pupil is expected to comply with the College uniform regulations.

Uniform and clothing lists can be found in the Information Parents booklet, which also includes guidelines on sports equipment, House and name marking and uniform care and appearance. Please also see the Uniform and Appearance booklet, link at the bottom of the page. 

Uniform can be purchased from the School Uniform Shop, online via Perry Uniform or from the Second-hand Uniform Shop, details of which are provided below.

The School Uniform Shop

The School Uniform Shop is situated adjacent to the Rackets courts near the Sports Complex.

Opening Hours

Opening hours for Haileybury's School Uniform Shop are between 1.00 pm and 4.30 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and between 11 am and 2.30 pm on Saturday during term-time.

Shop telephone number

To contact the School Uniform shop direct, please call 01992 706438 during opening hours

Buying online at Perry Uniform

Haileybury's uniform supplier is Perry Uniform. In addition to the School Uniform Shop, Perry Uniform operates an internet-based service and parents should visit the Perry website to order items of uniform (details at the bottom of this page).

Perry's Helpline

To arrange specific appointments with Perry Uniform, please use the Perry's Helpline. The helpline for Perry Uniform is 0113 238 9520; email:

The Second-hand Uniform Shop

The Second-hand Uniform Shop is run by one of our parents, Mrs Caroline Watkinson, and is situated close to the College.

The shop holds good quality items of secondhand uniform and games kit. All profits made from the sale of the second-hand uniforms go to the Haileybury Youth Trust, the College's own charity.

Towards the end of each school holiday, sports kits, blazers, kilts and ties will re-surface from laundry baskets, dry cleaners and wardrobes in preparation for the start of term.

If your son or daughter has outgrown any of their uniform items, please consider donating it to the Second-hand Uniform Shop as the Haileybury Youth Trust is truly a cause worth recycling for.

It is also a simple way to buy an extra jumper, kilt, "hoodie" or even blazer at relatively short notice.

Opening hours

The shop is open by appointment only. Please contact Mrs Caroline Watkinson via email: or tel: 07867 413837.

Other information

For more information about Perry Uniform, the 2nd hand uniform shop, the Haileybury Youth Trust and the Haileybury Parents' Association, please follow the links below:

Haileybury Hertford SG13 7NU 01992 706200 Registered charity number 310013