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The Committee of the Haileybury Parents' Association comprises parents of boys and girls at Haileybury. As well as a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, it also includes a representative for each House as well as a representative from the school staff. Details of all the members are included on this page.

HPA committee

Parents' Association Committee

The Haileybury Parents' Association (HPA) was formed in recognition of the emerging role that parents play in the modern independent school.

Key to its function is the Committee. This includes the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, in addition to individual House representatives and the current Staff representative.

Details of each member, including contact details, are provided below. There is also a photo gallery, which you can view using the link at the bottom of the page.  



Sacha Cole (Batten)

I have two children. Zoe has just left Haileybury after 7 years for University and Ollie is in Fifths (Year 11) in Batten. I'm married to James live on the edge of a lovely little village called Kimpton.


Helen Rayfield (Albans)

I live in Benington with my husband Martin and have two children, Katie in Middles (Albans, Year 10) and William in Year 8 at Heath Mount. I also have two stepsons, Jeremy and Ed, who both went through Haileybury.


Stephanie Parry (Melville)

I live in Wheathampstead with my husband of 20 years, Colin. My eldest, Joshua is at Swansea University, Seb has just left Haileybury, Rosanna is in Middles (Year 10) and Isabella is at Abbotts Hill in Year 8.


Clare Cohen

Clare became HM of Allenby in 2013. She joined Haileybury and Allenby in 2007 after completing a PGCE at St Peter's College Oxford. She teaches Chemistry and has run the PHSE department for the past six years.



Nicola Brace

I live in Wareside with my husband Kelvin and two children, Luke and Imogen. Luke has just left Haileybury after A Levels and is studying Economics at Exeter and Imogen is in Lower Sixth (Albans, Year 12).


Clare Desmond (joint rep)

I live in the village of Kings Walden with my husband Nigel. My daughter Maddie is in Fifths (Year 11) and a weekly boarder in Allenby. Our son Alexander left Haileybury a couple of years ago and is now in full time work.

Alison Dileto (joint rep)

I am married to Mike and have two girls and a gorgeous naughty dog called Peppy! Belle has recently finished her A-Levels and is now at university. Selina has loved every minute of her time at Haileybury! She joined in Lower School and is in Fifths (Year 11) in Allenby.

Bartle Frere

Jo Saward (joint rep)

My husband James and I live in the Essex village of Abridge. We have three sons, Chris (now in full time work), Joshua in Lower Sixth (Year 12) and Dominic in Removes (Year 9).

Lindsey Davies (joint rep)

I live on the door step of Haileybury in Hailey Lane and am married to Julian. I have two boys: Chester who left Haileybury last year and Felix in Upper Sixth (Year 13), and my daughter Kitty in Removes (Year 9).


Sara Giwa-McNeil (joint rep)

I live in Winchmore Hill with my husband and three children. Cameron our eldest has joined Haileybury for Sixth Form, Ethan is now in Fifths (Year 11) and Yasmin in Removes (Year 9).

Sally Cartwright (joint rep)

I live in Muswell Hill in London with my husband Adrian, a very energetic Tibetan Terrier called Hugo. We have three children - Christian in Lower Sixth (Batten, Year 12), Annabel in Middles (Allenby, Year 11) and Jessica in Removes (Year 9).


Sally Taylor

I have lived in Broxbourne for about 15 years, I have two girls in Colvin; Isobel in Upper Sixth (Year 13) and Sadie in Fifths (Year 11).


Sarah Fulford

I live in Broxbourne with my husband, Dominic, and our two children who are both at Haileybury. Sam is currently in Upper Sixth (Year 13) in Edmonstone, and Cailtlin is in Fifths (Year 11) in Alban's.


Jane Watmough

I live in the sleepy village of Furneux Pelham with my husband, Paul, and our two daughters, Milly and Hatty. Milly is now in Fifths (Hailey, Year 11) and is thoroughly enjoying life at Haileybury. Hatty is Year 8 at Heath Mount.


Dani Tripp

My family and I live in Arkley near Barnet. We have two children at Haileybury, our son Henry who is in Lower Sixth (Year 12) and our daughter Tara is currently in Fifths (Year 11). My husband, Paul, known to all as Trippy, was at Haileybury Junior school in Windsor and then in Lawrence at Haileybury from 1974.


Veronica Hurley

We currently live in Bury Green, Hertfordshire. Oscar joined Haileybury in Removes (Year 9) in September 2016 and is a boarder.

Lower School

Joslyn Baker-Pearce (joint rep)

I have a hectic and happy family life in Wareside. I have a daughter in Middles (Year 10) and one in Lower School 2 (Year 8), both love their time at Haileybury. My youngest daughter is at Heath Mount. I keep busy with two horses, three dogs, kitten and three daughters with lots of hobbies.

Joanna Stevens

(joint rep)

I live in the tiny hamlet of Green End near Watton at Stone. I have three children, Lara who has joined Removes (Year 9) in Melville, Luca in Lower School 1 (Year 7) and Leo in Year 2 at Heath Mount School.


Lee-Anne Brand

My daughter Millie is a boarder in Lower Sixth (Year 12), although we live very locally it is difficult to drag her away! My son Harry now 19 spent his Haileybury years in Kipling.


Michelle Copper

I live in Stanstead Abbotts with my husband Nick, we have two sons and a Cavapoo called Teddy. Lewis is currently in Middles (Year 10) and Austin is in Lower School 2 (Year 8).


Ruth Bignell

I live in Harpenden with my husband Steve. We have three children, Isabelle, Grace in Upper Sixth (Year 13) in Allenby and Tom, who is in Middles (Year 10) in Trevelyan.

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