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New teaching staff support prior to starting

Haileybury has built an excellent reputation for the quality of support, advice and training offered to newly qualified teachers (NQTs) as they start their careers, as well as to experienced teachers who are joining from other schools. Central to this provision is our well-regarded Induction Programme.

New teaching staff support prior to starting

New staff induction programme

New staff day

After the appointment of a new member of teaching staff is confirmed at Haileybury, the New Staff Mentor will send out a letter inviting them to Haileybury’s New Staff Day in June. On that day, all staff who are starting the following September will meet together, have a chance to view their accommodation, spend a couple of hours in their academic department with the Head of Department (looking at schemes of work, timetable allocation, textbooks and generally familiarising themselves with the way that things operate) and discuss their Co-curricular involvement with the Deputy Head Co-Curricular.

They will also meet with the Housemaster or Housemistress of the boarding house which they will be tutoring in, be briefed about various things that they need to know and have a medical with the resident school doctor.

There will be additional sessions for those coming in as a Head of Department with the Deputy Head Academic or for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) with the NQT Induction Tutor. The aim of both of these sessions is to enable a new Head of Department or NQT to prepare effectively over the summer and to be instilled with confidence.

In the past new staff have had all their anxieties about starting quashed, started to develop camaraderie with those starting at the same time and left feeling excited about working at Haileybury. The programme is constantly reviewed to try to ensure that we consistently meet these aims.

If new staff are unable to come to the New Staff Day in June they will be invited to visit on another mutually convenient day, where as far as possible the same information and opportunities will be available. This would normally be organised by the Head of Department that the new member of staff is joining.

From the beginning of August, new staff will have access to our school network, and an active Haileybury email address. This will allow them to have access to documentation they will need for a month prior to starting work for administrative or preparation purposes. It also facilitates communication with each other and existing members of staff.

More than 95% of all teaching staff are allocated accommodation on campus and every effort is made to ensure that those allocated accommodation are able to move into their home at least a week before term starts. They should have access to their classroom and should be able to get into it and have time to personalise it prior to term beginning.

New staff induction day

In late August, there is a new staff induction day which is a further opportunity for new staff to familiarise themselves with the way things work at Haileybury. On this day, the sessions will include: 'Everything I Need to Know before Starting', by the New Staff Mentor; Database Training; Child Protection Training; a welcome from The Master, other members of SLT and the President of the Common Room; an introduction to the continuing professional development (CPD) system; tutoring in boarding houses or Lower School; and information about unions. There is also a session for NQTs about how to get off to a good start. In addition there is a whole staff training day prior to term starting.

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