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Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap

Haileybury has recently completed its annual gender pay gap audit. Gender pay gap legislation was introduced by the Government in April 2017 and requires employers to identify and publish their annual pay gap.

It is hoped that this process will encourage employers to take action to reduce or eliminate any pay gap. It is important to emphasise that the pay gap is not the same as equal pay. Equal pay, which is the requirement that men and women doing the same job should be paid the same, has been a legal requirement for 47 years.

A significant determining fact in our pay gap is that, whilst Haileybury pays at least the living wage to all employees, our domestic roles (for example cleaning and laundry staff) are almost exclusively applied for by local and female potential employees.

With a mean gender pay gap of 6.93% (favouring men), Haileybury is performing well when this is compared against the UK’s overall mean gender pay gap of 18.1%. However, any gender pay gap is reason to continue working towards equality in the mean hourly earnings of men and women at Haileybury.

We continue to be absolutely committed to ensuring that that we adopt standards and approaches which seek to safeguard equality in the workplace.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 - full audit information

Mean Hourly Rate Gender Pay Gap 6.93%
Median Hourly Rate Gender Pay Gap 3.75%
No Bonus Payments Awarded -

Hourly Rate Quartiles

Males Females
Lower 33% 67%
Lower middle 54% 46%
Upper middle 38% 62%
Upper 51% 49%
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