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MUN 2023 - Agenda and Research

Disarmament & International Security (DISEC)

 Question of Establishment of the use of Biological weapons in warefare

Question of Establishment of a region of peace in the Black Sea

Question of Establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the region of the Middle East.

Question of the creation of an agreement on the Transparency in armaments


Ecology & Environment (EE)

The Question of making renewable energy more affordable and accessible for LEDCs

The question of improving the monitoring and management of natural disasters

The question of battling rising sea levels to save low-lying estates

The question of changing consumer lifestyles and routines to reduce reliance on plastic 


Economic & Social (ECOSOC)

The Question of drug trafficking (the war against drugs: building a comprehensive response to prevent and eliminate illicit trafficking of drugs

The Question Mobilising Financial Resources for Developing Countries for Sustainable Development

The Question of strengthening the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance

The Question of Reducing the Economic Inequality between Developed and Developing countries


Human Rights Council (HRC)

The Question of Combating Intolerance and Discrimination against Persons Based on Religion or Belief

The Question of ableism in the workplace

The Question of the right to contraception for women in low income countries

The question of the choice for women to wear a hijab


Conference Special Committee (CSC) – Social, Humanitarian and Cultural

The Question of the traditional family and adoption

The Question of the rights of protestors

The Question of the Treatment of Incarcerated Youth

The Question of Deportation of Refugees


Security Council (SC)

The Question of the South China Sea Conflict

 The Question of the Russia-Ukraine War

The Question of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict


Historic Committee (HC)

Topic: Paris Peace Conference 1919

The Question of Peace and Reparations with Germany

The Question of Border Definition in Austro-Hungary, considering Ethnic Groups

The Question of the Young Turks War

The Question of Creating a League of Nations