The silver medal issued by the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem

Instituted on 15 December 1874 and awarded for gallantry in saving life. Originally granted in silver and bronze. It was not until 1907 a gold medal became available. The Life-Saving Medal may be bestowed on those who, in a conspicuous act of gallantry, have endangered their own lives in saving, or attempting to save, life. 

Captain Barry HARTWELL 2nd Battalion., 8th Gurkha Rifles         Haileybury Batten 1894.3 - 1897.3

 Order of St. John of Jerusalem  Silver Medal for "saving life in the earthquake at Dharmsala in 1905". He was subsequently Killed in action 30 October 1914"     In 1855 Dharrsala was made the headquarters of the Kangra district of the Punjab in place of Kangra, and became the centre of a European settlement and cantonment, largely occupied by Gurkha regiments. The station was destroyed by the earthquake of April 1905, in which 1625 persons, including 25 Europeans and 112 of the Gurkha garrison, perished (Imperial Gazetteer of India, 1908).

Born 2 December 1880. Son of S C E Hartwell, Sussex. Welch Regiment (from Mil) 1900. 8th Gurkha Rifles 1903. Tibet 1903-1904. Medal as above 1905. Captain 1909. Died killed in action in France, 30 October 1914.



Commander Frederick D'Oyly NIND     United Services College 1894.3 - 1895.2

King of Italy's Medal for gallantry for rescue work at Messina earthquake 1908. The cruiser HMS Minerva was one of the first foreign ships on the scene when a devastating earthquake hit the Sicilian port of Messina. On board were nursing sisters from the newly-established Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service, who were later awarded a silver medal by a grateful King of Italy. 

Born 28 December 1880. Son of Col F W Nind ( Sec USC 1892-1895). Entered Royal Navy 1898. China 1900. Gt War. Paymaster Commander 1918. Retired 1922.



Instituted in 1855 under the Merchant Shipping act of 1854. Issued as Gold, Silver or Bronze in two categories :- for gallantry where the rescuer put his own life at risk; and for humanity where the risks were minimal.

Lieutenant Colonel Willoughby Lugard  HOGG DSO             United Services College 1891.1 - 1893.3

Awarded King's Bronze Medal  for "Gallantry in Saving Life at Sea 1923. for saving the life of a lascar on a burning ship in the Persian Gulf in 1918". Citation:-

On the 10th May 1918 Major Hogg, who was in command of a detachment at Muscat in the Persian Gulf, received a message from the ActingConsul, reporting that the SS Oruro was on fire in Muscat harbour and asking for assistance. Major Hogg at once boarded the vessel with 100 men of his regiment and found that owing to the absence of adequate appliances the fire was rapidly gaining ground.

During the operations which followed, Major Hogg and a lascar were standing on a wood hatchway when the main beam collapsed, precipitating them both into the hold below. The officer managed to climb up the steel perpendicular ladder, which was very hot, and regained the deck, calling to the lascar to follow, but he failed to do so. Thereupon Major Hogg sat astride the coaming of the hatchway, and, bending down, succeeded with difficulty in hauling the lascar up from below into safety. It was mainly due to Major Hogg's skill in directing the salvage operations that no loss of life ensued. (18 .10.23)

Born 29 December 1881. Son of Major General G C Hogg CB, Bombay SC. To Cheltenham College. The Green Howards 1900. Gt War: served in Egypt 1914-1916. Mesopotamia 1917. Persia and the Persian Gulf 1917-1919. 1914-1915 Star, Br. W.M., V.M. and the G.S.M. with Cl. for Persia. NW Front India, Waziristan 1919-1921. Commanding the Regiment. Mention in Despatches twice, M.Cl. DSO 1922, wounded. Lt Col IA 1926. Retired 1930.



Captain Edward Augustus William LENDY DSO         Haileybury, Lawrence 1881.2 - 1883.2

 He was Seconded as Inspector General Sierra Leone Frontier Police.   While he was posted in Sierra Leone , he bravely rescued several of his men from drowning during an ill advised river crossing. For this he was awarded the Silver Medal of the Royal Geographic Society. However, he never collected this as he was subsequently killed in a case of "friendly fire" by French forces with whom the British were allied. This tragic event occurred at Warina on 23rd December 1893.  

Born 13 February 1868. Son of Colonel Lendy, Sunbury on Thames. RMC 1886. West India Regiment 1887. Lt.1889. DSO 1890. Died killed in action 23 December 1893.



Medals awarded by the Royal Humane Society to those who attempted to save or were successful in saving a life.

The Silver Medal dates back to 1775 and is the Society's oldest award.

 The Silver Medal has been awarded to people who have:

put themselves in extreme personal danger 

carried out a very long and arduous rescue 

returned repeatedly to a highly dangerous situation

The Committee judges each case on its merits.

Professor James Sholto Cameron DOUGLAS            Haileybury   Bartle Frere 1893.3 - 1896.2

He was born 18 March 1879. Son of C Douglas, FRCS. Ch Ch, Oxford Sci Exh 1897. 1st cl Nat Sc (Physiol) 1902. Radcliffe Trav Fellow 1906. Ph Walker Research Student 1907. MA. DM BCh Oxon. MSc Birmingham. MRCS, LRCP. RHS Silver MEDAL 1909. Lectr in Pathology, Birmingham University 1909, Manchester University 1913. Prof of Pathology, Sheffield University 1915. Capt RAMC TF. Menton in Despatches. Died 30 October 1931.

Royal Humane Society's Silver Medal 1909.

De Vere Nisbet Alexander IRWIN                             Haileybury 1862.3 - 1866.2

Royal Humane Society's Silver Medal

Brigadier General Gerald Hedley OVENS CB          Haileybury   Colvin 1893.2 - 1900.2

Royal Humane Society's Silver Medal for "endeavouring to save a sergeant from drowning near Calcutta in 1890"

Brigadier Alexander Henry Delap WEST DSO        Haileybury Trevelyan 1891.2 - 1894.3

Royal Humane Society's Silver Medal

Sir Edmund Charles WYLDEBORE - SMITH             Haileybury Le Bas 1891.1 - 1894.3

Royal Humane Society's Silver (?) Medal for "saving of life from drowning"

The Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal was introduced in 1837.

It is awarded to people who have put their own lives at great risk to save

 or attempt to save someone else.

Alexander Ernest Burchardt ASHTON                            Haileybury Hailey 1903.1 - 1904.1

Case 34932 :- Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal for "On the 19th August, 1906, A.E.B. Ashton and Miss R.G. Cuthbert were in a canoe which was upset on the Wye near Tintern, the river being in flood at the time and 14 feet deep. Mr Ashton, at great risk, got the lady from under the canoe, and with difficulty swam with her to the bank.".  (He was killed 13 July 1916 at Ypres)

Major George Johnstone BAUGH DSO            Indian Marine Ship "Clive"         United Services College  1877.1 - 1877.3

Case 25557:-    Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal "At great personal risk, rescued Shaik Noorodin from drowning in Bombay Harbour, on the 5th July,1891".

Brigadier George Henry Holbeche COUCHMAN DSO      Haileybury Edmonstone 1872.3 - 1876.3

Case 28939 :- Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal for "At great personal risk, rescued a native from drowning at Mong Lem, China, 11th March, 1897"

Colonel Gerald Fenwick HASZARD CBE DSC & Bar JP DL RM      Haileybury  Trevelyan 1908.2 - 1911.2

Case  44309* :- Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal for "At sea Nieuport on the 7th July 1918"

Albert  Godwin LANGLEY        Schoolboy Haileybury              Haileybury Thomason 1890.3 - 1894.2

Case 26168 :-Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal for "At great personal risk, rescued John Philpot from drowning in a canal at Napton, on the 24th August, 1892.

Captain Thomas Stirling MARQUIS            Ordnance Store Department           United Services College 1879.3 - 1881.3

Case 26615:-Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal for "At great personal risk, rescued three soldiers from drowning at Fort George, N.B., on the 8th July, 1893.  "

Major General Sir Horace de Courcy MARTELLI KBE CB DSO     Cadet at Woolwich       United Services College 1887.3 - 1891.1 

Case 29026 :-    Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal for "At great personal risk, rescued a boy from drowning at Southsea, 2nd August, 1897"

Brigadier General Alfred Coryton McREA CMG        37th Dogras       Haileybury Batten 1879.3 - 1882.2

Case 34561:- Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal 1906 for "On the 24th January, 1906, while the 37th Dogras were crossing the Betwa river, India, two men got into difficulty in a pool some 10 feet deep. Major A.C. McCrea, at great risk, went in and rescued one man. Sepoy Jagesir also plunged in, but failed to save the other man, who was drowned"

Lieutenant Colonel Guy Henry Gaston MOCKLER   Indian Staff Corps       United Services College 1877.1 -1877.3

Case 31033:-  Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal for "On the 25th September 1900, a Chinese girl jumped from a boat into the Peiho River, at Tientsin, China. There was a strong current, and the night dark. Mockler, at great risk, jumped in, caught the girl, and swam with her to the bank."

Major Geoffrey NICHOLSON CBE MC Imperial Service College & Colvin 1912.1 - 1912.2  

Case 39593:- On the 17th August 1912, a small boat was capsized in deep water 100 yards from shore at Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Nicholson, who was in the boat, rescued a lady who was in danger of being drowned 

Major Frederick St. George TUCKER   Worcestershire Regiment     Haileybury Edmonstone 1896.3 - 1900.3

Case 36054 :- Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal "On the 16th June 1908, a canoe with a native soldier on board sank while crossing the River at Port Lokko, Sierra Leone. The river is deep, 80 yards wide, and much infested with crocodiles. Lieut. Tucker and Private Badrali swam across, and between them saved the man" Private Badrali. West African Frontier Force also received the Bronze Medal.

Arthur John,  TWEEDIE Colliery Manager  United Services College 1877.3 - 1879.2

Case 25768: At great personal risk, rescued W .J. Blackhouse, one of the crew of the Eastern Telegraph Company's S. S. Chiltern, from drowning at Suez on the 29th August, 1891.

Sir Edward  Birkbeck WAKEFIELD Bt CIE     Indian Civil Service               Haileybury Edmonstone 1917.3 - 1922.2

Case 53374 :- Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal for saving life 13 November 1935  in Baluchistan.

Testimonial on Vellum 

The Testimonial on Vellum is awarded where someone has put themselves in considerable danger to save, or attempt to save, someone else.

Lieutenant Malcolm Stewart McQUEEN, , Indian Staff Corps       United Services College  1891.3 - 1877.3

He was killed in action at Benginsel, ORC, on March 3rd, 1902. He was the son of Lieutenant General Sir John McQueen, was born in November 1877, and educated at the United Services College, Westward Ho. In 1897 Lieutenant McQueen entered the Somerset Light Infantry, at Peshawur, subsequently joining the 23rd Punjab Pioneers and 4th Gurkhas, and afterwards the 2Oth Punjab Infantry in April 1899, with which corps he served throughout the China War. Shortly after his return to India he was selected for service in South Africa with the 16th Mounted Infantry and served with that corps till his death. The day he fell he was in command of a small party which was surrounded by the enemy, and refusing to surrender, he was killed whilst encouraging his men. "When only 13 years of age he gained the honorary certificate of the Royal Humane Society for saving a boy's life in the river Medway". Lieutenant McQueen's name was inscribed on a memorial tablet at the United Services College, Westward Ho.

Captain Joseph Pike                                      United Services College  1893.2 - 1897.2

Royal Humane Society's Certificate for "saving a boy from drowning. Ilfracombe 1918."

Major General Donald Derek Cuthbertson TULLOCH  CB DSO MC       Imperial Service College 1917.2 - 1920.3

 Certificate of Royal Humane Society 1929.


Queen Victoria: Royal Society Medal, 1838

Colonel Hubert Alaric BRAY     United Services College 1879 .2 - 1883.2

Awarded Royal Society's medal "for services during a cholera epidemic in Egypt in 1903"



Aldrich Bertram Hamilton COTTON        United Services College 1890.3 - 1891.3

Drowned while saving a life.

Maurice Storey MOORE Haileybury Hailey 1905.2 - 1909.2

Drowned at Hythe, Kent attempting to rescue a dog.

Henry Neville OLDFIELD            Haileybury Edmonstone 1867.1 - 1870.3

Drowned near  Cookham, Berks. while trying to save a friend. 9 September 1904.

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Barry O'SULLIVAN MC         Imperial Service College 1928.3 - 1932.2

 Died trying to save a young member of his crew during Cross Channel Yacht Race 28 July 1956.

Evelyn Richard WINTOUR Imperial Service College 1929. 2 - 1933.2.

Died trying to save son from drowning off Portugal 11 August 1961.