DSO Haileybury 1912 - 1962

Pupils at Haileybury  post 1912


Intended to reward commissioned officers below field rank for distinguished service in time of war, and for which the VC would not be appropriate. Previously the CB had sometimes been awarded to junior officers, although intended mainly for those of field rank. It was also available to officers in both the other armed services. In September 1942 the regulations were relaxed to permit award of the DSO to officers of the Merchant Navy who performed acts of gallantry in the presence of the enemy. As a result of the 1993 Review of gallantry awards and resultant changes to the operational gallantry and award system, the DSO is now awarded for "Leadership" only - theoretically to all ranks (it is not awarded posthumously). It has been replaced by the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross as a reward for gallantry.

Colonel Donovan Guy ADAMS DSO OBE TD     Haileybury Melville 1915.1 - 1918.3

He was born  1 February 1901   Son of  H. Adams. 24th London Regiment (Queens) TA. Lieutenant Colonel Commanding 1933 - 1938, Brevet Colonel 1937. Joined Middlesex Anti - Aircraft Searchlight Regiment  as Major 1938, in 1940 2/6th East Surrey Regiment. TD. POW 1940 - 1945. DSO 1945. OBE 1946. Polit Branch Brit Mil Govt, Germany 1952-1961. Author "The Red Angel" & other novels. Died in Berlin, Germany 3rd September 1963.

Brigadier George Lewis Williams ANDREWS CBE DSO     Haileybury Trevelyan 1924.1- 1928.2

He was born  July 1 1910 . Son of  Captain C. G. W. Andrews (Batten 1892.1).   RMC Sandhurst 1928 (Prize Cadet). Commissioned into the Seaforth Highlanders in 1929, he joined the 2nd Battalion in 1931. In 1934 he was posted to the 1st Battalion in Jerusalem, and served with them in Palestine during the Arab rebellion. Rejoining the 2nd Battalion at Dover in 1937, Andrews embarked for France in 1939, remaining with them until, in January 1940, he was appointed Staff Captain 17th Infantry Brigade. There followed a number of staff appointments in Britain and Egypt until, in February 1943, he was appointed second-in-command of 5th Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders, part of the re-formed 51st Highland Division, in Tripoli. In July 1943 the Highland Division took part in the invasion of Sicily, and the 5th Battalion were advancing north after a hard-fought action at Francofonte when Andrews was ordered to take command of the regiment's 2nd Battalion near Catania. On reaching them Andrews discovered that the battalion had lost not only its commanding officer, but also its second-in-command, the intelligence officer, two company commanders and an entire platoon - all believed captured. The battalion was in open ground overlooked by the enemy and under intense artillery and mortar fire during daylight; shortly after his arrival Andrews was wounded in the arm by a mortar bomb. But the battalion held its position for three days, losing half its officers and a quarter of its other ranks, until pressure by flanking units forced an enemy withdrawal.

As part of the 152nd (Seaforth and Cameron) Brigade, itself part of the 51st (Highland) Division, the 2nd Battalion had landed in Normandy on D+1 (June 7), and had immediately been thrown into the battle to break out from the bridgehead. After taking part in the unsuccessful Operation Goodwood, the battalion was ordered to capture Tilly-la-Campagne as part of Operation Totalize, which finally achieved the breakout. Shortly afterwards, Andrews was visiting the farmhouse being used as the Brigade HQ when it was attacked by a US Lightning fighter-bomber. Andrews was badly wounded and removed to a field hospital, but he discharged himself in time to command his battalion at the liberation of St Valery-en-Caux.

Advancing across Holland in atrocious weather, the 2nd Seaforths took part in a number of brigade and battalion-level actions, all of them conducted with the tactical skill and detailed planning that were Andrews' hallmark. As the battalion crossed into Germany, Andrews found himself temporarily in command of the 152nd Brigade, which he commanded during the advance through the Reichswald. This thick forest severely hampered British armour and enhanced the effects of the enemy's artillery and mortar fire. It was held by German paratroops, and it was only after suffering severe casualties that the objectives were finally taken. By the time Andrews handed back command of the brigade, he found his battalion reduced to three weak companies, with which he then had to take an enemy strong-point at Blumenthalshof before they were finally pulled back to Nijmegen. For his conduct in command of the 2nd Battalion from Normandy to Germany, Andrews was awarded the DSO.

At the end of the War in north-west Europe, and after handing over command of his battalion, Andrews served on the staffs of, successively, HQ 21st Army Group, HQ 51st Highland Division, and HQ 52nd Lowland Division. After a period at the US Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, he was appointed AQMG HQ Western Command in 1948. The following year he attended the Joint Services Staff College, Latimer, and then went to Tripoli as second-in-command of 1st Battalion, the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders; in 1950 he moved to Egypt as AA and QMG (Plans) at HQ British Troops in Moascar. Two years later he was posted to HQ Scottish Command, Edinburgh, as GSO1 (Training), and in 1953 assumed command of 1st Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders, at Buxtchude in BAOR, then at Tel-El-Kebir in Egypt. From 1954 to 1957 Andrews commanded 152 (Highland) Infantry Brigade (TA), after which he was appointed Assistant Commandant at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. In 1960 he went on to retired pay with the rank of brigadier. In the same year he was appointed CBE. In 1975, he became Honorary Colonel, 2nd Battalion, 51st Highland Volunteers. As well as being appointed DSO, Andrews was a Chevalier of the Order of Leopold, Belgium, and he was awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre with palm. . Reference http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/533421/posts

Squadron Leader John Francis Tufnell BARRETT DSO & Bar. DFC Haileybury Melville 1912.3 - 1916.2

He was born 3 May 1898. Son of John Barrett and of Eleanor Hogarth Barrett (nee Hill); nephew of Norah F. Hill, of Dorking, Surrey.. RAF  France, Mesopotamia. Flight Lieutenant 1924. DSO & Bar. DFC. Squadron Leader  1934. Died 3 September 1941 Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: 5. Z. 2.   BERLIN 1939-1945 WAR CEMETERY 

 Captain Clive Oliver Bertram BEALE   DSO    Haileybury Le Bas 1912.2 - 1916.2

He was born 11 February 1898. Son of B. R. Beale. RAF 1916 - 1919. Captain. DSO. Mention in Despatches. Italian Bronze Medal. Trinity College, Cambridge BA. Eng. Died 30 November 1972 at Burwash.

Temp 2nd Lieutenant Clive Beale, General List and R.F.C was awarded the D.S.O. for the following reason:

"He made two gallent attempts to carry out a speciall mission, which involved a night flight of about 50 miles, in very adverse weather. Although unsuccessful, she showed the greatest courage and detirmination to achieve his mission."

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Frederick BOLTON   DSO      Haileybury Colvin 1912.1 - 1915.1

He was born 27 August 1897. Son of E. C. Bolton. RMC. Queen's Royal Regiment. Mesopotamia 1917 - 1918. Captain 1924. Staff Captain Nigeria Regiment, RWAFF 1924 - 1930. Major 1937. BEF 1940. CO 2/6th Battalion Queen's Royal Regiment 1940 - 1942. DSO 1940. Instruct Sen Off Sch 1942 - 1943. GSO1 Aldershot 1944. Germany 1945. SHAEF 1945. Dep Pres WO SelectionBd 1946. Lieutenant Colonel. Died 3 March 1977.

Brigadier John Roberts BOOTH    DSO & Bar         Haileybury Melville 1914.2 - 1918.3

He was born 5 January 1901.  Son of E. Booth. RMC. Indian Army  1920. 14th Punjab Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel 1943. Burma 1943 - 1945. DSO &Bar. Mention in Despatches. Brigadier 1947. Retired 1948.   Died 2 June 1971

Commander Russell Stanhope  BROOKES  DSO DSC      Haileybury, Hailey 1925.1 - 1927.1

See under DSC

Major  Alan Fraser Campbell BUCHANAN   DSO   Haileybury,  Batten 1932.1 - 1936.1

He was born 24 July 1918. Son of Captain K. G. Buchanan (Batten 1904.2).  Major DSO 1944. Dir West Country Brewery Ltd.   Died 13 June 1994.

Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Usmar CAMPBELL DSO     Haileybury Bartle Frere 1919.3 - 1923.3

He was born 7 September 1905. Son of Reverend R. W. Campbell. RMC 1924 (Prize Cadet & Cadet Schol). Highland Light Infantry 1925. Lieutenant 1927. Seconded to King's African Rifles, Uganda 1928 - 1930. Lieutenant Colonel 1942. Command of Glasgow Highlanders 1943 - 1945. France , West Africa , Iceland. BLA SEAC. Mention in Despatches. DSO 1945. Retired 1952. Mil Kt of Windsor 1968. Died at Windsor, 27 October 1970.

Colonel Jack Russell Carmichael CHRISTOPHER DSO  Haileybury Bartle Frere 1914.1 - 1918.2

He was born 28 May 1900. son of C. C. Christopher. RMA 1918. RFA Lieutenant 1921. RHA 1927. Major 1938. BEF 1940. DSO 1941. Egypt 1942. Palestine 1942 - 1943. Colonel 1943. BLA 1944. Mention in Despatches. He formed JERBOA BATTERY, R.H.A.. It was first formed on Monday, 13th October, 1941, as a result of the reorganisation of the 4th Regiment, R.H.A., into three eight-gun batteries. As no Battery Commander had been appointed, the Regimental Second-in-Command, Major J. R. C. Christopher, DSO, R.H.A., temporarily assumed command and formed the Battery. (Jerboa = desert rat). Asst Dir Information Services Control Cttee, Germany 1945 - 1948. Comdt Anti-Tank Gunnery Sch, Lydd 1948. Retired 1948. Org Sec Sx Assoc Boys Clubs 1948-1955. Brit Council World Univ Service 1956-1959. Dir Inter Service Dept UN Assoc 1958. Lecturer for UNA and World Refugee Year 1959. Died 17 April 1969.

Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Gerald Seymour CLARKE   DSO OBE     Haileybury,  Batten 1915.3 - 1919.3

He was born 12 July 1901.  Son of  Sir G. Clarke CSI, OBE.   RMA 1920. RE 1921. Lieutenant Colonel 1942. NW Frontier 1930 -1931. BEF 1939. BLA 1944. Wounded. Mention in Despatches. DSO 1945. Retired 1949. Gen Sec The Soldiers' & Airmen's Scripture Readers Assoc. OBE 1971. Retired 1971.   Died 16 November 1986

Wing Commander Peter Frederick CLAYTON   DSO DFC                         Haileybury Colvin 1936.1 - 1939.2

He was born 25 March 1922. Son of P. F. Clayton. RAF 1941 - 1946. Pathfinders. France, Germany,Italy. Wing Commander. DSO. DFC. RAFVR., University Air Squadron 1946 - 1948. 615 Squadron 1948 - 1954. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge BA (Honours) 1948. MA 1950. Surveyor. Retired 1992. The DFC was awarded on 12 October 1943     "Acting Flight Lieutenant Peter Frederick CLAYTON (122931)RAFVR  No 97 Squadron" no further details given .However for the DSO awarded 6 March 1945 "Acting Squadron Leader Peter Frederick  CLAYTON (122931)RAFVR   156 Squadron. This officer has completed a very large number of sorties, involving attacks on a wide range of well defended targets, He has displayed exceptional skill and throughout his devotion to duty has been unfailing. One night in January, 1945, Squadron Leader Clayton took part in an attack on Magdeburg. In spite of considerable fire from the ground defences, Squadron Leader Clayton pressed home his attack with great skill. His determination to obtain the best results on this occasion was typical of that which he has shown throughout his tour of operational duty. His splendid example has earned him the respect of the whole squadron". Reference :-RAF 156 Squadron P.F.F.website

Squadron Leader Denis CLYDE - SMITH   DSO DFC  (Smith at school)            Haileybury Lawrence1930.1 -1932.2

He was born 15 April 1916. Son of F. C. Smith (Batten 1891.3). RAF 1937 - 1945. Squadron Leader.  DFC 1941.  DSO 1943. Farmer 1945 - 1974. Died 11 September 1997.

Group Captain Richard Charles Marler COLLARD  DSO DFC            Haileybury Melville 1925.2 - 1928.3

He was born 25 August 1911. Son of C. J. Collard.  RAF 1931. Group Captain 1945. BEF, Middle East & DFC 1941, Bomber Command 1942 DSO. Imperial Defence College 1952. Conservative & National Liberal MP for Norfolk Central 1959. Died 9 August 1962.

Major General William Alan CROWTHER  CBE DSO Haileybury, Hailey 19 15.1 - 1917.3

He was born 28 April 1901. Son of R. H. Crowther. RMC 1919 2nd Lieutenant Dogra Regiment 1920. Waziristan 1923. NW Frontier 1930. Arakan 1942 14th army 1942 - 1946 Lieutenant Colonel 1943. Brigadier 1943 Major General 1945. GOC 17th Independent Division Burma 1945. DSO 1944. CBE 1945 Mention in Despatches  Retired 1948     Died 6 October 1975

Major Neville Laurence Darewski DSO, RAOC    Haileybury Batten 1928.2 - 1932.2       

He was born 21 May 1914.Son of Herman and Madge Temple Darewski. Joined 19th Battalion London Regiment TA.  Major  Service Number 121894 Royal Army Ordnance Corps. CMF DSO & Virtuti Militari (Italy). He was operating with Partisans in the Genoa area. Killed in Action  on Wednesday 15 November 1944 . Age 31 . . Cemetery: STAGLIENO CEMETERY, GENOA Italy Grave or Reference Panel Number: I. B. 12.

 Group Captain Harry Melville Arbuthnot Day, GC, DSO, OBE Haileybury Colvin 1912.3- 1916.2

See under George Cross

Commander James Godfrey Wood DENEYS DSO OBE    Haileybury Batten 1912.1 - 1915.2

He was born 30 July 1897. Son of J. P. Deneys.1915 joined RN. 1916 - 1917 HMS Shannon 1918.HMS Tormentor.1918 - 1931 served in submarines:15.10.1924 - (01.1925) CO HMS R 10 (submarine) (Portland).20.07.1926 - (07.1927) HMS Royal Sovereign (battleship) (Mediterranean).11.08.1928 - (04.1930) CO HMS L 52 (submarine).11.1930 - (02.1931) CO HMS L 23 (submarine) (Mediterranean). (01.1932).no posting listed.30.07.1932 - 1933 CO HMS Vidette (destroyer) (Home Fleet).(01.1934).no posting listed .19.12.1934 - (02.)1938 CO HMS Tyrant (destroyer) (Reserve Fleet, Portsmouth & Portsmouth Local Destroyer Flotilla).08.05.1938 - (02.)1939 CO HMS Danae (cruiser) (Reserve Fleet, Portsmouth). 09.02.1939 - 12.1941 CO HMS Vanoc (destroyer). 30.12.1941 - (07.1945) Assistant to Naval Assistants to Second Sea Lord, Admiralty [HMS President].    DSO 06.05.1941 sinking of U100, U99? & U29. OBE 14.06.1945 HM's birthday 45. Geo I 15.12.1942 escorting King to UK. OBE 1945

Marshall of the Royal Air Force Sir William Forster DICKSON GCB KBE DSO AFC  Haileybury Highfield 1912.3 1915.1

He was born 24 September 1898. Son of  C. C. F. Dickson. RNAS 1916. RAF 1918 DSO Mention in Despatches. AFC 1922.  Staff Air Ministry 1923 - 1925. NW Frontier 1929. Squadron Leader 1930. Mention in Despatches. OBE 1934. Air Ministry 1940. Fighter Command 1942. Italy 1944. Vice Chief of Air Staff 1946. C in C Middle East Air Force 1948. Chief of Air Staff 1953. Chief of Defence Staff 1958 - 1959. GCB (KCB, CB) KBE (CBE) Marshall of the Royal Air Force. Died 12 September 1987.

Michael Raymond DRINKALL DSO  Haileybury,  Batten 19 37.2 - 1941.3

He was born 1 April 1923.     Son of J. H. Drinkall. DSO 1944  Lived in  in New Zealand   

Major-General Michael Forrester CB, CBE, DSO & Bar, MC & Bar   Thomason 1931.1 - 1934.3

 He was born on August 31, 1917. He was commissioned as a Supplementary Reserve officer in the Queen’s Royal Regiment in 1936 and received a regular commission two years later.

He won his first MC while serving with 2nd Battalion The Queen’s Royal Regiment during the Arab revolt in Palestine in 1939. The communication systems and installations of the British administration, under the League of Nations mandate, were subjected to attack and sabotage as a means of Arab protest against increased Jewish immigration. Wounded in the chest during operations against a terrorist group, he continued to lead his platoon until ordered to the field dressing station, only to re-emerge — rifle in hand — when the battalion HQ was attacked. The citation for Michael Forrester’s first Military Cross concluded: “This is not the first occasion on which he has distinguished himself. In every operation he has been conspicuous for his leadership, coolness and disregard of personal safety.” He was then only a second lieutenant.

In Crete following the German airborne assault on May 20 1941, he went forward on his own initiative and rallied the remnants of a Greek battalion, organised a counter-attack and temporarily restored the local situation. For his gallantry and initiative he was awarded a Bar to his MC. At the Battle of El Alamein in October 1942, He was wounded  and mentioned in dispatches.

After attending the wartime Staff College at Haifa, he was appointed brigade major of 132nd Brigade in the 44th Division making ready for the Battle of El Alamein in October 1942. He was wounded in the battle and mentioned in dispatches.

In the Salerno landings in Italy, he led 1/6th Queen’s through the Vietri Pass and on to secure the key bridge at Scafati, over the River Sarno, and on to Vesuviano on September 29. Later, 1/6th Queen’s beat off repeated counter-attacks that night and made rapid progress against determined opposition in the next few days. Forrester was awarded an immediate DSO for his vigorous leadership under fire. The Mayor of Scafati sent him a telegram of good wishes each year on the anniversary of the liberation of the village by 1/6th Queen’s in 1943, adding wishes for a speedy recovery on the 63rd anniversary in 2006 when an old wound necessitated the amputation of a leg.

Forrester was still in command of 1/6th Queen’s when the 7th Armoured Division was withdrawn from Italy, at the end of 1943, to go to England to retrain for the invasion of Normandy in June 1944. On June 12 the division was launched down the right flank of the 50th Division towards the high ground between the rivers Odon and Orne. On June 16 and again on the 17th, Forrester’s battalion was subjected to counter-attacks by units of Panzer-Grenadiers. At one point his battalion HQ was in immediate danger of being overrun, but he calmly withdrew it without loss, regrouped and recovered the ground briefly given up. The citation for the Bar to his DSO praised his outstanding courage and cool judgment under fire, emphasising that “never for a moment did he lose control of the main battle”.

He was wounded in Normandy shortly afterwards and, on recovery, returned to Italy as GSO 1 HQ 13 Corps and then as Military Assistant to Field Marshal Earl Alexander, Supreme Allied Commander of the Mediterranean theatre .After being an instructor at the Staff College, Camberley, and GSO 1 GHQ in Kenya during the Mau Mau insurrection, he transferred to the Parachute Regiment in 1957 to take command of the 3rd Battalion. He subsequently commanded the 16th Parachute Brigade Group, 1961-63, and the 4th Division in the British Army of the Rhine, 1965-67. While making a visit to Crete in 1966, he was made an honorary citizen of Canea in recognition of his part in the fighting at Galatas on the island in 1941. He was appointed Director of Infantry in 1968 and was Colonel Commandant of the Queen’s Division 1968 to 1970, when he retired from the Army. He died on October 15, 2006, aged 89.

Major General Richard George Fellowes FRISBY  CB CBE DSO MC     Haileybury Lawrence 1925.3 - 1929.3

He was born 17 December 1911.   Son of Colonel H. G. F. Frisby. RMC 1930. Hampshire Regiment 1931. Palestine 1939. MC . Middle East, NW Europe. DSO 1944. Mention in Despatches 1945. Brigadier 1955. Command of Commonwealth Division in Korea 1956. 24th Independent Brigade 1957. CBE 1958. Major General 1961. GOC 53 Infantry Division (TA) CB 1963. COS HQ Allied Forces North Europe 1963. Retired 1965    Died 7 February 1982.

Major General Desmond  Spenser GORDON CB CBE DSO JP DL. Haileybury Lawrence 1925.3 - 1930.2

He was born 25 December 1911. Son of  H. E. Gordon.   RMC Green Howards 1932  Served with 8th Army, NW Europe. CBE 1952. Major General 1959. CB 1961 Colonel Green Howards 1965 He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order 1943, the India General Service Medal - North West Frontier 1936-37, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, North-West Europe Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45, Coronation Medal 1953, Jubilee Medal 1977, and the Dutch Order of Orange Nassau Retired 1973 JP 1968 . 

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Edward HAMILL - STEWART DSO     Haileybury Edmonstone 1917.2 - 1920.3

He was born 13 January 1903. son of H. Hamill - Stewart. RMA 1921 RA 1923. Captain 1936. Major 1940. . Present at Dunkirk, Prisoner of War 1940-46. Lieutenant Colonel 1946 DSO Retired 1950 Died 22 January 1969.

Colonel Thomas Henry HARDY DSO     Haileybury Bartle Frere 19 24.2 - 1928.3

He was born 23 July 1910 . Son of Major General T. H. Hardy  CB . RMA 1929 RA 1930. Lieutenant Colonel 1945. DSO, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany MOD 1954 Commandant Joint  School for Nuclear defence 1956. Retired 1959.  Died 12 November 1982.

Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Spencer HAMILTON DSO Haileybury Trevelyan 1912.3 - 1917.1

He was born 20 January 1899. Son of  J. G. Hamilton. RMA. Lieutenant RA France 1918 Captain 1931. retired 1937. BLA 1944. DSO Mention in Despatches. Lieutenant Colonel. Chevalier de L'Ordre de la Couronne & Croix de Guerre with palm Belgium.  He died 8 April 1973.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Knowles HARGREAVES DSO    Haileybury Le Bas 19 28.3 -1933.2

He was born 18 June 1914  Son of J. T. Hargreaves . Served with Royal Engineers 1940 - 1945 Lieutenant Colonel 8th Army. North Africa, Italy BLA. DSO.

Brigadier Charles Storrs HOWARD CBE  DSO     Haileybury Trevelyan 1920.2 - 1924.3

He was born  1 June 1906.  Son of J. Howard. RMC 1925. Somerset Light Infantry 1926. Lieutenant Colonel 1942. Brigadier 1952, Deputy Director Military Training War Office 1955. Retired 1958. Mention in Despatches 30.10.1953 Malaya.. DSO 26.10.1954 Malaya. CBE 1958.  Died 14 September 1966

Major General Reginald Anthony HUTTON CIE, DSO & Bar, OBE DL. Haileybury Colvin 1912.2 - 1916.3

He was born 18 April 1899. Son of  C. A. Hutton. Indian Army 1917. Served with 2nd Gurkhas 1918. Captain 1923. Afghanistan & NW Frontier 1919. Waziristan 1919 - 1921. Lieutenant Colonel 1943. !939 - 1945 DSO & Bar. Mention in Despatches. OBE 1942. CIE 1947 Abyssinia, Crete, Burma, Malaya. Major General Chief of Staff Pakistani Army 1947 - 1951 Retired 1951. DL . Died 21 December 1983.

Captain Herbert Francis Hope LAYMAN DSO & Bar  RN     Haileybury Trevelyan 1913.1 - 1916.3

He was born 23 March 1899. Son of Major F. H. Layman. RNC Keyham. with Grand fleet 1918. DSO" 07.06.1940 1st Battle of Narvik "& Bar "DSO 03.12.1940 sinking of Italian submarines Durbo & Lafole 10.40". Captain 1943, His career was :-        24.11.1922 - (01.1925) HMS Curlew (cruiser) (North America & West Indies).05.10.1925 - (05.)1926 qualifying for signal duties, HM Signal School, Portsmouth [HMS Victory]. 23.10.1926 - (07.1927) Flag Lieutenant to Rear-Admiral Commanding 1st Battle Squadron [HMS Royal Sovereign (battleship)] (Mediterranean).20.12.1928 - (04.)1930 Signal Officer, HMS Keppel (flotilla leader) & for Signal and W/T duties in 3rd Destroyer Flotilla (Mediterranean).16.06.1930 - (01.)1932 Signal Officer, HMS Ganges (RN base, Harwich, Essex & training establishment, Shotley).18.07.1932 - (09.1932) HMS Victory (RN base, Portsmouth) (for Signal School).14.09.1933 - (02.)1936 Fleet Signal Officer, Home Fleet [HMS Nelson (battleship)],05.1936 - (07.1937) HMS Victory (RN base, Portsmouth) (for Signal School (Experimental)).11.01.1938 - (10.1938) staff course, RN Staff College, Greenwich [HMS President].03.01.1939 - (02.)1941 Commanding Officer, HMS Hotspur (destroyer).25.05.1942 - (08.)1942 Signal Department, Admiralty [HMS President].04.09.1942 - (12.1943) HMS President (for service with Signal Department, Admiralty).15.02.1944 - (07.)1945 Deputy Director Signal Division (Y), Admiralty, and for duty with Director of Naval Intelligence [HMS President].20.11.1945 - 03.1946 Commanding Officer, HMS Rajah (escort carrier).24.03.1946 - (07.)1948 Commanding Officer, HMS Hornbill (RN Air Station, Culham, Berkshire).10.01.1949 - 1951 Director of Radio Equipment, Admiralty [HMS President].1951 - 1953 Chief of Staff to Commander-in-Chief, The Nore. Died 21 December 1989. 

General Sir Charles Falkland LOEWEN GCB KBE DSO     Haileybury  Le Bas 19 14.1 - 1916.1

He was born 17 September 1900.   Son of C. J. Loewen. RMC at Kingston  Canada. Lieutenant RA 1918. Brevet Major 1937 Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Norway 1940. Mention in Despatches. Brigadier 1941 Italy 1943 - 1945. CB. CBE. DSO Mention in Despatches. Commander of US Legion of Merit. Major General 1944. Lieutenant General 1950. KBE  1951. C in C Far East Land Forces 1953 - 1956. General 1954. KCB 1954 . ADC to HM Queen 1956 - 1959. GCB 1957 Retired 1959   Died 17 August 1986.

Major General Lewis Owen LYNE CB DSO     Haileybury Trevelyan 1913.2 - 1918.1

He was born 19 August 1899. Son of C. R. Lyne.  RMC Lancashire Fusiliers 1921. Iraq, MEF. DSO 1943. Major General 1944He took over command of the 7th Armoured  Division on 22 November 1944,He had commanded 50th Northumbrian Division in Normandy, when Gen Graham was injured, until it became a training division in the UK. He would then command the "Desert Rats" on the final lap through the Siegfried Line, into Germany and on to the surrender of Hamburg and the end of the war. Post war he was the first Military Governor of the British Zone of Berlin, then Director Staff Duties at the War Office, before retiring in 1949. Legion of honour. Croix de Guerre (France). Order of Kutuzov (USSR) Mention in Despatches Died 4 November 1970


 Brigadier Peter Harry Mitchell MAY DSO OBE MC    Haileybury  Melville 1927.3 - 1931,3

He was born 19 December 1913. Son of Dr. G. E. May. RMC 1932. Durham Light Infantry 1933. Western Desert, Syria, 8th Army, North Africa, Italy  DSO MC Mention in Despatches. Lieutenant Colonel 1944. Brigadier 1959. OBE Retired 1962.    Died 24 October 1991.

Brigadier Arthur George MUNN DSO MC & Bar    Haileybury Hailey 1922.3 - 1926.3

He was born  18 august 1908.  Son of Lieutenant Colonel R. G. Munn . RMA 1927 RA 1928. MC 1937. Bar to MC 1941. Lieutenant Colonel 1950 DSO 1944 NW Frontier Police 1936 - 1939. MELF, Sudan  & Eritrea 1941 - 1942. Paiforce 1942 - 1943. Italy 1944- 1945. Brigadier 1954.  Died 30 September 1981


Brigadier Edmund Charles Wolf  MYERS CBE  DSO     Haileybury Bartle Frere 1920.3 - 1924.3

He was born 12 October 1906. Son of Dr. C. S. Myers. Studied at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, and Caius College and Gonville College, Cambridge University; commissioned into the Corps of Royal Engineers, 1926; Secretary, Royal Engineers Flying Club, 1934-1935; service in Palestine, 1936; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; service in the Middle East, Italy, the Balkans and the Far East, 1941-1944; served with 7 Armoured Div, Western Desert [1939-1942]; service with Special Operations Executive (SOE), Greece, 1942-1943; commanded British Military Mission to Greek guerillas in German occupied Greece, Jul 1942-Sep 1943; commanded operation to demolish the Gorgopotamos viaduct, Greece, Nov 1942; awarded DSO, 1943; commanded Operation WASHING, the destruction of the Asopos viaduct, Greece, Jun 1943

Gorgopotamos viaduct & Asopos viaduct

The first British military contacts with Greece begun during the Second World War years when resistance against the German forces was one of Britain's top priorities. Resistance activities became more intense in October 1942, when the newly settled British organisation SOE-Cairo decided to launch Operation "Harling". Its objective was to blow up the Athens-Salonika railway and thus prevent the dispatch of Axis reinforcements to North Africa. Three British commando teams ; nine officers and three non-commissioned officers ; led by Colonel Edward C. W." Eddie" Myers, with Major Christopher M. Woodhouse, as second-in-command, parachuted into central Greece. The operation was to be accomplished by Colonel Myers, ELAS, EDES and other minor resistance groups already acting in Greece. On the night of 25-26 November 1942, they blew up the Gorgopotamos viaduct. The next step was Myers' stay in Greece to co-ordinate the activities of the various resistance movements. Keeping a general eye on political forces in Greece was also one of Myers' assigned tasks. This British resistance and intelligence group became the British Military Mission in Greece. The mission controlled the distribution of money, arms, and other supplies. Management of the British Military Mission was entrusted to the British SOE-Cairo. On the same day four members of the Commonwealth army blew up the Asopos bridge which towered 80 metres over the mountain river spanning its hundred-metre length in one arch. This bridge lay only a few kilometres south of the railway viaduct over the Gorgopotamos.

Subsequently, he was temporary Brig, 1943; awarded CBE, 1944; served in North West Europe, 1944-1945; service in the Far East, 1945; Lt Col, 1946; Col, 1949; served in 1 Commonwealth Div, Korean War, 1951-1952; Brig, 1955; Chief Engineer, British Troops in Egypt, 1955-1956; Deputy Director, Personnel Administration, War Office, 1956-1959; retired, 1959; Chief Civil Engineer, Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Company Limited, 1959-1964; Construction Manager, Power Gas Corporation Limited, Davy-Ashmore Group, 1964-1968; Regional Secretary, British Field Sports Society, 1968-1971; died 1997. Publications: Greek entanglement (Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1955).


Captain Charles Alfred NICHOLS DSO MVO RN  Haileybury  Melville 1913.1 - 1916.1

He was born 1 October 1898. Son of A. Nichols. Naval cadet 1916. MVO 1937. Captain 1942  DSO. Bronze Star (USA) 1946. 25 September 1944 He took over command of HMS Shropshire, which he ultimately transferred to the RANS as HMS Canberra. Died 20 June 1986. 

  Brigadier Edwin Kenneth PAGE CBE DSO MC     Haileybury Thomason 1912.2 - 1915.2

He was born 23 January 1898   Son of G. E. Page . RMA 1915. Captain RA France 1916 - 1918. MC 1917. Staff College, Camberley 1928 - 1929. Staff India 1930 - 1935. Brevet Major 1935. Lieutenant Colonel 1939 BEF 1940. DSO 1945. Brigadier 1946 OBE 1946 Commander Caribbean Area, Jamaica 1948 - 1950. CBE 1951. Retired 1952    Died 26 January 1995

Lieutenant General Sir David PEEL YATES KCB CVO DSO& Bar  OBE JP DL.    Haileybury Trevelyan 1925.2 -1929.3

He was born 10 July 1911.   Son of  Lieutenant Colonel H. Peel Yates. RMC South Wales Borderers 1931. NW Frontier 1937. North Africa, Italy, Greece 1942 - 1946, GSO1, HQ 1st army 1942. Command of 6th Lincolnshire Regiment. GSO1 HQ 4th British Division 1944. DSO & Bar  . OBE,   Mention in Despatches. Legion of Merit USA Lieutenant Colonel commanding 1st  South Wales Borderers 1953. Brigadier commanding 27th Infantry Brigade 1955. Major General 1960. GOC British Sector Berlin 1962 CB 1963 KCB 1966 Retired 1969.  He  died 1978 

Captain David Pentreath, CBE, DSO         Haileybury Allenby 1946.3- 1951.1       

He was born 9 April 1933. Son of Canon A. G. G. C. Pentreath. Captain RN. Falklands Campaign DSO 1982. Responsible for the recapture of South Georgia in HMS Plymouth from the argentines. CBE 1987. Retired RN 1987. 



Air Chief Marshall Sir Thomas Other PRICKETT, KCB DSO DFC                                         Haileybury Edmonstone 1927.1 - 1930.1

He was born 31 July 1913. Son of E. G. Prickett. RAF 1937. Air Commodore 1956. Air Vice Marshall 1960. Air Marshall 1964. Air Chief Marshall 1968. retired 1970. Middle East & bomber command. DFC 1942. DSO 1943. CB 1957. KCB 1965. Assistant Chief Air staff 1963. C-in-C Near East.. Air Force commander British Forces Cyprus,1964. Air Member for Supply & Organization MOD 1968.

General Sir Rupert Smith KCB DSO OBE QGM,                                Haileybury, Allenby 1957 - 1962.2

See under Queen's Gallantry Medal


Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Austhwaitee STANLEY DSO OBE     Haileybury  Le Bas 19 23.1 -1926.2

He was born 28 February 1909.  Son of P. Stanley.  Reading University. Tea Planter. 14th Army, Burma 1941 - 1945. Lieutenant Colonel DSO OBE 

Brigadier Edward Philip TOWNSEND  CBE DSO     Haileybury Lawrence 19 23.2 - 1927.3

He was born 24 July 1909. Son of Lieutenant Colonel E. C. Townsend. RMC 1928. Indian Army  1929. 5th Royal Gurkhas 1930. Major 1946. Lieutenant Colonel 1950. Colonel 1954. Brigadier 1958. Commanding 2/5th Gurkhas 1944 - 1947 Burma., NW Frontier & Japan . Commanding 1/6th Gurkhas Malaya 1948 - 51 Combined British Gurkhas 1958 - 1961. CBE DSO 4 Mentions in Despatches.  He died 28 May 1978.

Peter Townsnd

Group Captain Peter Townsend CVO, DSO, DFC.     Lawrence 1928.1 -1932.2      

  He was awarded the DFC on 30th April 1940. He was Mentioned in Dispatches on 11th July 1940 for his actions and awarded a bar to his DFC on 6th September 1940.Townsend was awarded the DSO on 13th May 1942. In February 1944, Townsend was appointed Equerry to the King. He was made a CVO (Commander of the Royal Victorian Order) in 1947 and served in this position until the death of the King in February 1952. He continued in service to the Queen Mother until July 1953 when he was appointed as Air Attaché in Brussels

Major General Gerald Patrick Linton WESTON CB CBE DSO     Haileybury  Lawrence 19 24.3 - 1929.2

He was born 21 August 1910.  Son of  D. Weston. RMC 1929.Middlesex Regiment 1931. Captain 1939. RAF Flight Lieutenant 1939. OBE 1940. Squadron Leader. Staff college 1940. Commanding Middlesex Regiment 1943 - 1945 Mention in Despatches. Chevalier of Order Leopold with palm & Belgian Croix de Guerre 1945 BLA DSO Indian Infantry Brigade Burma 1945. Java 1945 -   1946. Major General  1960 CBE 1960 CB 62 Retired 1964. Died 26 October 1977.

Air Marshall Sir John Rene WHITLEY KBE CB DSO AFC & Bar                                             Haileybury Thomason 1919.3 -1923.2

He was born 7 September 1905. Son of A. Whitley. RAF 1926. AFC  1937 & Bar 1956. Bomber Command 1940 - 1945, 4 Mentions in Despatches DSO 1943. CBE 1945 CB 1946 KBE 1956. Air Marshall 1957. AOC 1 Group RAF 1953. Air Member for Personnel on Air Council 1957. Inspector General RAF 1959. Retired 1962 Controller RAF Benevolent FUND 1962 - 1966.

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