The Distinguished Service Cross is a military decoration awarded to personnel of the Royal Navy (United Kingdom) and other services, and formerly also to officers of other Commonwealth countries, for gallant or distinguished conduct during enemy actions at sea.

The award was originally created in 1901 as the Conspicuous Service Cross, but was renamed the Distinguished Service Cross in October 1914 and could be granted to all naval commissioned officers and Warrant Officers below the rank of Lieutenant Commander. In 1931, the award was made available to members of the Merchant Navy. From 1940, non-naval personnel (British Army and Royal Air Force) serving on board a British vessel also became eligible. Since 1993, other ranks have become eligible as well; the Distinguished Service Medal, previously awarded to other ranks, has been discontinued.

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "DSC". From 1916, a bar has been added to the ribbon for holders of the DSC who received a second award.

During World War I, a total of 1,983 DSCs were awarded. Since 1945, less than 100 awards of the DSC have been made.

Lieutenant Commander Paget Norman BOWMAN DSC RNVR          Imperial Service College 1921.2 - 1924.2   

Son of Paget John Merriman Bowman and Sybil Mary Bowman; husband of Joyce Anketell Bowman, of Broughton. M.A. (Oxon.), Solicitor. Lieutenant-Commander serving on H.M.S. Fidelity.,  who died on Friday 1 January 1943 . Age 36 .Cemetery: PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL Hampshire, United Kingdom Grave or Reference Panel Number: Panel 80, Column 1

HMS Fidelity had formerly been a French armed merchantman named Le Rhin. .She was taken over by the British in June 1940. She had been. converted to a Special Service Vessel and armed with four 4-inch guns, four torpedo tubes, two Kingfisher seaplanes, and a motor torpedo boat.

HMS Fidelity was part of a convoy escort and took part in the three-day running Battle for Convoy ONS 154   Fourteen of the convoy were sunk.& HMS Fidelity rescued 2 boatloads of survivors from the Empire Shackleton, including the Commodore. However, she in turn was torpedoed while trying to make to the Azores. There is some controversy over the date as German records show  that HMS Fidelity was sunk on December 30, 1942 by U 435.

Commander Russell Stanhope  BROOKES  DSO DSC      Haileybury, Hailey 1925.1 - 1927.1

He was born 19 March 1911. Son of J. B. Brookes. Nautical College Pangbourne till 1929 Royal Mail  Lines & RNR to 1937.  Then RN  served in submarines. Lieutenant BROOKES was awarded the Distinguished Service Order on 29 June 1943 for :- five passages in CLYDE to Malta with stores. The award was presented to the officer by HM the King at an investiture at Buckingham Palace on 9 November 1943. He had previously been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross while the Executive Officer in HMS TRUANT, which was Gazetted on 9 May 1940 for :-the successful submarine operations against the enemy and for torpedoing the German Cruiser KARLSRUHE in the Skagerrak on 10 April 1940. The Cross was presented by the King at the investiture at Buckingham Palace on 2 July 1940.. Lieutenant Commander 1943.  Commander 1948. Retired 1960 Died 20 August 1976.

Commander Stuart Austen BUSS MVO, DSC               Haileybury , Bartle Frere 1914.1 - 1918.1

He was born 26 March 1900  . Son of George and Clare Evelyn Buss; husband of Sylvia Storrs Buss, of Baslow, Derbyshire. Naval Cadet 1918 DSC MVO 4th Class, 1936 Commander 1943 serving on HMS Dulverton L.63 . Sunk Saturday 13th November 1943, by German Aircraft of Kos Island.  He was posted "missing presumed killed" . Age 43 . Cemetery: PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL Devon, United Kingdom Grave or Reference Panel Number: Panel 78, Column 1. 

Major Robert Erskine Childers DSC                         Haileybury Trevelyan 1883.3 - 1889.2  

Childers joined Trevelyan in 1883, proving very gifted academically, was appointed a prefect and was considered a speedy wing three quarter in the rugby XV. He was also Captain of the School Shooting VIII, which may seem ironical that he should be perhaps the only OH to be executed by a firing squad. He won an exhibition to Trinity, Cambridge and became Clerk to the House of Commons though he took time out to serve in the South African War. He served with the Honourable Artillery Company and later wrote the "Times History" of that war. In the first decade of the 20th century German ambition created some alarm in Britain, particularly the "Naval Race". In 1903 Childers wrote "Riddle of the Sands" which was a spy novel based on a possible German plan to invade England. He resigned from the Clerkship in 1910to concentrate on the Irish Problem, writing "The Framework of Home Rule" in 1912. He even used his yacht to land rifles for the rebels in 1914. The "Troubles" in Ireland were set aside when war began and Childers joined the Navy, specializing in the RN Air Service  at Felixstowe. His reconnaissance skills - most specifically his in-depth knowledge of the German coast - had been urgently requested by the Admiralty and he was to be assigned as an observer on one of the fleet seaplanes carried by HMS Engadine, then based in Felixstowe.  

Childers performed his assigned duties with distinction. He patrolled the waters around the mouth the Elbe River and at Wilhelmshaven, and participated in the bombing of the German airship facilities at Cuxhaven. In March, 1915 he transferred to the HMS Ben-My-Chree and contributed to the Dardanelles expedition by photographing the Turkish trenches, gun emplacements and submarine nets that crossed the Straits. In due course he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and promoted to Lieutenant Commander.Before the war ended he transferred to the RAF 

In 1919, when Ireland again erupted, he joined the Irish Republican Movement, became a Minister in the first Dail Eireann Government and, in 1921, attended the Anglo - Irish Conference as Secretary of the Irish Delegation, hoping to secure independence. Dismayed at the concessions made by Michael Collins he disclaimed the settlement and joined the Irish Republican Army in the civil war which followed. He was captured in 1922, put on trial in Dublin by the Free State forces and condemned to be executed for possession of a revolver. On 24th November 1922 he was shot by a firing squad" Reference :-The above is an extract from "Haileybury in Two World Wars" by A. Hambling

Lieutenant-Commander Victor  Cecil Froggatt Clark DSC & Bar       Haileybury Melville 1922.1 - 1926.2 

He was born 24 May 1908. Son of Reverend Clark. Sub Lieutenant 1929. Served in Atlantic, Narvik, Commanded West Coast Raiders Malaya 1941 - 1942 POW 1942 - 1945. DSC  1940. Bar to DSC 1942. Commander  & retired 1953. Sailed round World 1953 - 1959.

After surviving the sinking of the battlecruiser  HMS Repulse on December 10, Clark became naval air liaison officer at the combined headquarters in Singapore. Gloomily studying maps showing the enemy's advance, he and Major Angus Rose of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders proposed commando raids behind enemy lines. Within a week, Clark was commanding the Straits Steamship Company's Kudat as well as a flotilla of gunboats, with 40 Royal Marines and 50 Australian volunteers. In their joint Boxing Day raid at Temerloh, on the west coast, Rose ambushed and destroyed a Japanese column, including a staff car containing a general. Six days later Kudat was sunk, and with his remaining motor launches under mortar fire, Clark moved south to Batu Pahat. There he volunteered to take the river gunboats Dragonfly and Scorpion to rescue 2,000 Australian, British and Indian troops who were cut off at a swampy inlet overlooked by the encircling Japanese. For four nights Clark swam and waded to lead his men in hauling native craft through the mud to bring the exhausted soldiers out to waiting ships. Lt-Gen Arthur Percival, GOC Singapore, described Clark's feat as "a most difficult operation reflecting the greatest credit on the Royal Navy", but one of Dragonfly's seamen was overheard to say, "Too bloody brave for my liking!" Two days before the surrender of Singapore, Clark was sent to Java in a motor launch with 60 troops to continue guerrilla operations; but at daylight on February 15 he found the Durian Strait, off Sumatra, guarded by a large Japanese destroyer. Closing the range to 400 yards, he aimed his four-pounder gun and every rifle and Lewis gun at the enemy's bridge, hoping to kill the captain. But several accurate rounds from the ship soon reduced his launch to a shambles, with fires in the fo'c'sle and engine room. The gun was knocked off its mounting, and the rudder jammed hard astarboard; the scuppers ran with blood, and she finally sank. Despite a broken wrist, Clark lashed other survivors to planks, and told those who had not been wounded to swim towards the mangrove. Soon he was alone and, taking an empty ammunition box as support for his useless arm, he started to swim towards a distant lighthouse. After spending a night in a fishing hut, he went ashore at Sumatra some 36 hours later. He then stole a canoe to go upriver with a small party of other escapees who had rallied to him. After six weeks in the deep jungle they were betrayed by natives to the Japanese for 40 silver guilders each

Lieutenant Commander Sir Arthur Harold CLAYTON Bt. DSC RNVR      Haileybury Melville 1917.3 - 1922.2

He was born 14 October 1903  . Son of Sir H. Clayton Bt. RNVR  Lieutenant Commander. In 1944 commanding MTB 677. Senior Officer 50th MTB Flotilla DSC. Mention in Despatches. Succeeded to title 1951.Died 6 August 1985.

Wing Commander Edward John COOPER  DSC RNAS & RCAF        Haileybury , Batten 1910.1 - 1911.2                 

  He was born 11 February 1896  . Son of  G. Cooper. RNAS & RAF Lieutenant DSC, Flight Lieutenant RAF Retired 1925 To Canada 1926. Wing Commander  1939 -1943. Assistant Chief Designer Canadian Vickers.  

Lieutenant  John Arthur COTCHING DSC RNR       Imperial Service College 1934.3 - 1935.2

Son of William Arthur and Mary Harrington Cotching, of Angmering, Sussex. . He was with 898 Squadron attached to 882 Squadron Fleet Air Arm, joined the 7th Naval Fighter Wing, on board the aircraft carrier  HMS Searcher for convoy duties to the USA in December 1943. January 1944 was spent in Brunswick. In February 1944, HMS Searcher joined the Home Fleet and was involved in a number of operations against Norwegian targets, including the Operation "Tungsten" dive-bombing strike against the German battleship Tirpitz in Kaa Fjord, northern Norway, on 3 April 1944.  They were flying martlets & wildcats. He was reported "missing -killed in action" in an attack on a German convoy - operation "Hoops".  Monday 8 May 1944 .Cemetery: LEE-ON-SOLENT MEMORIAL Hampshire, United Kingdom Grave or Reference Panel Number: Bay 5, Panel 4

Commander John Arthur DAVIS DSC            Haileybury Thomason 1934.2 - 1938.3

He was born 11 September 1920. Son of E. J. Davis. RN Lieutenant Commander DSC Commander Died 31 July 1992.

Lieutenant Commander Keith Julyan DAY DSC VRD RNR              Haileybury Colvin 1931.1 - 1935.3

He was born 13 April  1917. Son of A, H. Day. Lieutenant RNVR DSC Mention in Despatches. Northern Waters Radar Officer HMS Belfast. Lieutenant Commander retired VRD. Died 5 June 1978

Lieutenant Commander Michael Nicholas De RAUCH DSC (SCOLTZ at School)        Haileybury Bartle Frere 1935.3 - 1936.2

He was born 13 November 1921. Son of Lieutenant Colonel G. de Rauch. RNVR Lieutenant Commander DSC. Home Waters, Middle East, Atlantic. Died 4 February 1993.

Lieutenant Commander Richard Hugh FYSON  DSC RN         Imperial Service College 1935.1 - 1935.2

He was born 30 October 1913. Son of P. F. Fyson. RN Special Entry 1935. Sub Lieutenant 1938. Lieutenant 1939. North Atlantic & Mediterranean 1940 - 1941. 16th Minesweeping Flotilla 1942 - 1943. Landings on Elba. Commando Operations Albania & with 8th Army at Lake Commachio, Italy DSC 1945. Navigator HMS Diadem 1945. Lieutenant Commander 1947. Mooring Officer Devonport 1947 Retired 1949.

Commander Richard John Grove GOODWIN DSC RD RNR    Haileybury Hailey 1927.1 - 1929.3

He was born 10 May 1913 . Son of E. J. Goodwin. Merchant Service. Commander RNR, DSC. RD Mention in Despatches. Served with Home fleet, Atlantic, North Africa & Normandy.

Rear Admiral Geoffrey Penrose Dickinson HALL CB DSC DL           Haileybury Melville 1930.2 - 1934.2

He was born 19 July 1916. Son of Major A. K. D. Hall. Naval Cadet 1934, Midshipman 1935, Sub Lieutenant 1938, Lieutenant 1939 .In command of 5 ships as Lieutenant Commander 1946, Commander 1953, Captain 1961. Rear Admiral 1971. During WW2 served in Malaya, Atlantic, , Iceland, Home Waters, West Africa, Burma, Ceylon, Sumatra DSC Mention in Despatches. Honorary ADC to HM the Queen 1970 CB 1973 Retired 1975. Deputy Lieutenant Lincolnshire 1982.    GEOFFREY HALL was the twentieth Hydrographer of the Navy since the post was established in 1795. As such, he was the leader of an organisation which has been responsible for the navigational charting of almost the entire world. The famous Admiralty Chart in all its forms was first placed on the open market in 1823 and was thereafter used worldwide by the merchant ships of many nations.

He was part of a combined operations pilotage party. based in India and was part of an innovative and enlarging capability, aimed at surveying beaches suitable for amphibious assault. Hall’s first assignment, in October 1943, was the island of Akyab off the Burmese coast, which was to be approached by motor launch and canoe, equipped with “a crate of carrier pigeons and a bottle of pills inscribed ‘Instantaneous Death — to be taken with discretion’ ”.Creeping about in the dark, Hall’s team ascertained the absence of any Japanese, and carried out their reconnaissance of the defences, establishing the beach gradients, all the while acutely conscious of the threat from landmines and sharks. For this operation, Hall was awarded the DSC. He was subsequently awarded a mention in dispatches for a three-day operation on the northern coast of Sumatra in August 1944. For this he landed by canoe from the submarine Tudor. Obituary Times 31 January 2005.

Lieutenant  Mervyn Ian Guy HAMILTON DSC RNVR                 Haileybury Edmonstone 1936.3 - 1939.3

He was born 24 September 1922. Son of F. W. G. Hamilton. Lieutenant RNVR DSC. Film Director post war.

Colonel Gerald Fenwick HASZARD CBE DSC & Bar JP DL RM         Haileybury  Trevelyan 1908.2 - 1911.2

He was born 22 October 1894 . Son of  Captain H. F. Haszard RN. Joined Royal Marines , Captain 1920,OBE, DSC 1916 & Bar 1918. French Croix de Guerre 1917, Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal. Brevet Major 1931. Major 1934. Retired 1934.Colonel CBE. JP 1935. DL 1944. High Sheriff of Staffordshire 1952 Re-employed Royal Marines 1939 - 1945. In 1944  CO Technical Training Depot. Died 4 February 1967.

Commander Robert Digby HEAD DSC & Bar RN              Imperial Service College 1931.2 - 1931.3

He was killed when a helicopter crash landed at Lee-on-Solent 10 January 1956. Son of G. B. D. Head Public Works Department India. Born 10 June 1917 Midshipman (Air) 1938,Lieutenant 1941. DSC for "torpedo & dive bomb attacks on enemy shipping & aerodromes " 1942 Bar to DSC "for outstanding courage & skill in mine laying operations in enemy waters" 1944 Mentioned in Dispatches .

Captain John Fielder HOUSE OBE DSC RN          Imperial Service College 1930.3 - 1934.2

He was born 25 March 1917 . Son of Captain A. E. House RN. RN (Special Entry) 1934. Midshipman HMS YORK. Sub Lieutenant HMS Auckland. Lieutenant 1939. East Coast Convoys DSC 1940 Red Sea Force HMS Jaguar 1941. First Lieutenant HMS Hero 1942. Gunnery Specialist 1943. HMS Orion & Cruiser Squadron 1947 - 1949. staff of RNZ Naval Brigade 1950 -1951. Commander HMS Finisterre 1952. OBE 1966. Retired 1967. Died17 July 1995

Captain Marcel Harcourt Attwood KELSEY DSC RN      United Services College  1901.1 - 1904.1

He was born 21 February 1894. Son of Colonel A. F. Kelsey. Joined RN 1907 Great War.  Commander 1936 . DSC. Commodore RN Barracks Chatham in 1944. During the Commando Landings on Walcheren in 1944, the  Bombardment Squadron was commanded Captain Marcel H.A. Kelsey, RN (HMS Warspite) :- The force sailed from Ostend at 0315 hours and by 0930 hours they were off the objective. The ships bombarded the German defences with everything at their disposal including the 15inch guns of HMS Warspite, the guns of LCGs, the rockets of rocket LCTs and a squadron of rocket-firing Typhoons. The German defences held fire until the assault craft made for the shore. Several landing craft were hit including a rocket LCT which received a direct hit. Thirty landing craft from the Close Support Squadron were lost and over 300 men were killed in the action.

Major Francis Cecil LAW DSC RM       Haileybury Bartle Frere 1909.3 - 1911.3

He was born 13 August 1895 Son of F. G. Law. Royal Marines. Captain 1918 DSC Mention in Despatches. French Croix de Guerre. Major 1933 Retired 1937. Died 29 July 1958

Captain Francis Charles Bruce LEFROY DSC RNVR                 Haileybury Colvin 1904.13 - 1906.3    

He was born 11 November 1889  . Son of Sir H. H. B. Lefroy KCMG. Lieutenant RNVR DSC Captain Machine Gun Corps. Died 5 March 1975.

Lieutenant Anthony John Guy LYDEKKER DSC RN Fleet Air Arm               Imperial Service College 1928.3 - 1932.2

 He was born 1 June 1914. Son of  Captain G. Lydekker OBE DSC RN. He was a qualified fighter pilot and had been serving as the Armament Officer on the Air Staff of HMS Furious since the re-commissioning of the ship in 1939, and did so throughout 1940. He piloted a Gloucester Gladiator from HMS Furious on the 2nd expedition in May 1940 to Norway.  At 13:00 on 26 May three Gladiators flown by Flight Lieutenant Caesar Hull, Pilot Officer Jack Falkson and Lieutenant Lydekker were detached to Bodø to provide cover for troops retreating northwards in the face of the German advance. En route they were engaged in an inconclusive combat with one of the KGr 100 Heinkels on its way to Bardufoss. When they landed on their new airfield their aircraft all stuck fast in the mud. They managed to get the Gladiators to drier ground, where they began refuelling from four-gallon tins. This arduous task was by no means complete when a He111 of 1(F)/122 was seen overhead, and all three leapt into their cockpits to take off.    At 08:00 in the morning on 27 May things started  heating up when 11 Ju87Rs from I/STG 1, escorted by three Bf110s from I/ZG 76, appeared over Bodø and began dive-bombing the radio masts at Bodøsjøen, only 800 yards from the landing ground. Lieutenant Lydekker took off at once. He shot down one of the raiders. Meanwhile Lydekker  was being attacked by most of the remaining Luftwaffe aircraft, his aircraft being badly shot up and himself wounded in the neck and shoulders. Unable to land at Bodø as three Stukas were circling overhead, he set course for Bardufoss at low level, where he eventually landed with his Gladiator a complete write-off. 

He was evacuated to the UK. After recovering from his injuries he returned to his duty as the Armament Officer on the Air Staff of HMS Furious. Later in the war he served as a member of the Air Staff of HMS Avenger. On 15 November 1942 this ship was torpedoed and sunk by U-155 off Gibraltar. Most of the crew on the ship went missing and presumed killed, Lydekker being one of these.

Commander Stephen Clive LYTTLETON OBE DSC         Haileybury, Thomason 1901.3 - 1902.1

He was born 17 June 1887  . Son of Bishop of Southampton. HMS Britannia 1902, Lieutenant RN 1909. Retired 1912 Great War OBE, DSC, French Croix de Guerre, Mentioned in Despatches . Commander 1919. Employed at Admiralty 1939 - 1944. Died 19 February 1959.

Commander Eric Dangar MICHELL DSC       Haileybury, Edmonstone 1922.2 -1925.3

Commander (E) H.M.S. Nile., Royal Navy, HMS Nile II was a Royal Naval Air Station at Dekheila, Egypt  & had been loaned from the Royal Egyptian Air Force, who died on Thursday 18 March 1943 . Age 34 . Son of Sir Robert Carminowe Michell, K.C.M.G., and Lady Michell; husband of Eileen Mary Michell, of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Cemetery: TRIPOLI WAR CEMETERY Libya Grave or Reference Panel Number: 10. B. 19.

Lieutenant Thomas Edward Ray MOORE DSC RNVR                   Haileybury, Colvin 1931.3 - 1935.3

He was born 23 July 1918. Son of E. E. Moore. World War 2  Lieutenant RNVR Malta Air Signal Officer DSC

Commander Alfred Godfrey Blake NORMAN DSC      Imperial Service College 1921.3 -1925.2

He was born 7 August 1907. Son of Captain A. H. Norman. Passed 4th into RN 1925. Midshipman 1926. Sub Lieutenant 1929. Lieutenant 1931. Lieutenant Commander 1939. Mention in Despatches Artic convoys to Russia. DSC 1945.

Lieutenant Orbell Ray OAKES DSC RM                         Imperial Service College 1934.3 - 1938.2

He was born 24 July r 1920. Son of Brigadier H. McL. Oakes. Worcester College Oxford. 2nd Lieutenant Royal Marines 1940. Lieutenant 1941. DSC for :- first attack on German battleship Tirpitz. Mediterranean & Aegean during relief of Greek Islands.

Lieutenant Valentine OHLENSCHLAGER DSC RNVR.       Haileybury, Batten 1935.3 - 1939.2

He was born 14 December 1921. Son of Lieutenant Commander N. G. Ohlenschlager DSO. Served in World War 2 at HMS Beehive (Felixstowe).  Temporary  Sub Lieutenant 5 December 1942.  Temporary Lieutenant 5 December 1944. He was First Lieutenant on MTB72 between 1 October 1942- February 1943. He was awarded DSC 13 July 1943  for "attack shipping enemy coast Nore ". 19 April 1943, he took over command of MTB 232 & 5 May 1945 he commanded ML 834.In April 1946 he commanded HMS Maid Marion (armed yacht)

Lieutenant Commander George Brande Bellet RICHEY DSC RNR     Imperial Service College & United Services College1918.3 - 1921.3

He was born 26 January 1905 . Son of Colonel G. H. M. Richey CMG DSO. Merchant Service 1921. Sugar Planter Mauritius 1926 - 1931.RNR 1939 - 1945.Temporary Commander 1945. DSC for operations in the Mediterranean. 2 Mention in Despatches for Sicily. Legion of Merit (USA) FRGS Died 24 December 1977.

Captain Guy St. Clair RIDEAL DSC                 Haileybury Le Bas 1919.3 - 1924.2

He was born 12 December 1905  . Son of  A. H. Rideal MD.  Commissioned King's Shropshire Light Infantry 1927. Northern Rhodesian Administration  1929. Honorary Captain Northern Rhodesian Regiment & ADC 1929.    RNVR 1939 DSC 1940.  Died 20 April 1976

Lieutenant Colonel Clive Melbourne SERGEANT OBE DSC    United Services College  1910.3 - 1914.3

He was born 30 September 1896  . Son of  Reverend F. Sargeant. Commanded Royal Marine British Adriatic Squadron 1915 - 1917. Grand Fleet  1917 -1919  Russia 1919. Mentioned in Despatches DSC Captain 21. Major 1935. Acting Lieutenant Colonel 1940 . Relinquished command but re-appointed 1942. Lieutenant Colonel 1945. Died 2 April 1980.

Lieutenant Bryan Leslie TROUGHTON DSC RNVR         Haileybury  Batten 1926.2 - 1929.3

He was born 15 February 1912. Son of B. E. Troughton. RNVR 1935. Lieutenant 1939 - 1945 . DSC

Lieutenant George Reginald TURNER DSC RNVR              Haileybury Colvin 1903.1 - 1904.1

He was born 9 July 1888 . Son of Reverend W. H. Turner. Lieutenant RNVR DSC. Died 5 September 1968

Flight Lieutenant Alan Murray Waistell DSC RNAS          Haileybury , Hailey 1904.2 - 1904.3                     

He was born 4 January 1889  . Son of C. Waistell. Great War joined Royal Warwickshire Regiment transferred to RNAS 1914 - 1917 Flight Lieutenant  DSC. invalided Died October 1952

Wing Commander Leopold Howard Wilkins DSC RAF              Haileybury Colvin 1907.3 - 1910.3    

He was born 22 May 1892  . Son of  E. Howard Wilkins. HAC in 1914. RNAS & RAF 1915 -1919. Major  DSC. France , Gallipoli , Grand Fleet. Wing Commander RAF. Died 26 October 1982.

John Norman WILKINSON DSC RNVR                  Haileybury Bartle Frere  1931.1 - 1934.3

He was born 28 April 1917 . Son of J. Wilkinson. World War 2. RNVR DSC. Honorary Life Governor RNLI 1987.

Captain Frank Michell WOODS DSC RM            Imperial Service College 1931.1 - 1935.3

He was born 2 October 1917  . Son of Lieutenant Colonel G. G. Woods. 2nd Lieutenant Royal Marines 1936. Lieutenant 1938. HMS Revenge 1938. HMS Ark Royal 1939. Captain 1941. HMS Iron Duke 1941 - 1942. HMS Malaya 1944 Combined Operations 1943 -1945. DSC 1944.

Lieutenant Peter Burrows WORKMAN DSC.                Imperial Service College 1936.2 - 1940.2

He was born 13 September 1922. Son of Squadron Leader F. Workman MC PhD. Fleet Air Arm as Sub Lieutenant (A) 1943. Norway, Ceylon & Pacific. Lieutenant 1945 DSC. USAF 1948.

Lieutenant Edward Henry Robert WORMERSLEY DSC RNVR              Haileybury Bartle Frere 1936.2 - 1940.2

He was born 28 June 1922. Son of J. S. Wormersley. RNVR. Lieutenant in Mediterranean & with MTBs.  DSC.

Lieutenant (E ) Geoffrey Michael Dennis WRIGHT MBE DSC      Haileybury Trevelyan 1926.3 - 1930.1

He was born 29 September 1912. Son of Herbert L. and Agnes Winnifred Wright; husband of Elizabeth Anne Wright, of Lower Bourne, Surrey. Naval Cadet 1931. Lieutenant 1937. MBE. DSC 1942. Drowned in H.M. Submarine Triumph on Tuesday 20 January 1942 . Age 29 .   Cemetery: PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL Hampshire, United Kingdom Grave or Reference Panel Number: Panel 62, Column 1.     HM Submarine Triumph left Alexandria on 26th December 1941 to land agents near Athens. Thereafter she was to patrol in the Aegean. It is presumed she hit a mine off the island of Milo, southeast of the Greek mainland after successfully making the landing. She was presumed missing as from the 9th. Thus above date of death may be wrong.

Flight Commander John Southey WRIGHT DSC RNAS               Haileybury , Hailey 1911.1 - 1916.1

He was born 1 May 1897  . Son of Reverend H. C, Wright. Worcester College Oxford  1916. Sub Lieutenant RNAS 1916. DSC Flight Commander 1917. Resumed University studies 1919 - 1922. Assistant Master Charterhouse 1922. Major Charterhouse OTC 1927 - 1937. Flying Officer ATC 1941 - 1946. Retired 1957 Died 26 October 1962     

Admiral Sir Royston Hollis WRIGHT GBE KCB DSC & Bar    Haileybury Melville 1922.3 - 1926.3

He was born 29 September 1908. Son of T. H. Wright. Lieutenant RN 1932. Commander DSC 1941& Bar 1944. Mention in Despatches 1943. Command of Destroyers, Atlantic, Norway, Mediterranean. Aristeion Andreias (Greek VC). Captain 1947. Rear Admiral 1956. Vice Admiral 1959. CB 1958 KCB, 2nd Sea Lord 1961. Admiral 1962 GBE 1964 Retired 1965. President Haileybury Society 1970 - 1971. Died 18 July 1977.

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