Established in June 1918 for officers and Warrant Officers of the RAF in respect of acts of valour while flying in active operations against the enemy. As a result of 1993 Review of gallantry awards and resultant changes to the operational gallantry award system, this award is now available to both officers and other ranks, the Distinguished Flying Medal having been discontinued.



Wing Commander Edward William ANDERSON OBE  DFC AFC & Bar                                Haileybury Colvin 1921.3 - 1926.1

He was born 20 April 1908. Son of F. B. Anderson. RAF Pilot Officer 1940. DFC 1943. OBE (Military) 1944. AFC 1945 & Bar 1954. Mention in Despatches. Wing Commander 1946. Retired 1954. Navigation Consultant. Master of Science 1968. University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology. Gold Medal R Inst Navigators 1969. Johnston Mem Trophy Guild Air Pilots & Navigators 1967-1972. Died 21 April 1983.

Wing Commander Philip Lintoff ARNOTT DFC & Bar                   Haileybury Thomason 1931.1 - 1935.2

He was born 15 July 1917. Son of C. E. Arnott. St. Thomas Hospital 1936 - 1939. RAF Commission 1940 Fighter Command DFC 1943 & Bar 1945. Wing Commander 1955. Retired 1963. Died 17 July 1994.    

Squadron Leader Alexander Hallam BAIRD DFC            Haileybury Melville 1932.3 - 1937.3

He was born 11 May 1919. Son of Alexander and Winifred Baird, of West Worthing, Sussex. 7th Battalion Queen's Regiment TA. 2nd Lieutenant  Service Number 44817 1938 RAF 1940 - 1945. Squadron Leader 274 Squadron DFC . Killed in Action over Germany 1945 on Thursday 8 February 1945 . Age 25 . Cemetery: MUNSTER HEATH WAR CEMETERY Telgte, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany Grave or Reference Panel Number: 1. D. 22.

Squadron Leader John Francis Tufnell BARRETT DSO  & Bar DFC Haileybury Melville 1912.3 - 1916.2

See under DSO

Wing Commander Clive Vernon BEADON DFC                Imperial Service College 1932.3 - 1937 .2

He was born 15 April 1919. Son of Lieutenant Colonel V. Beadon MC. RAF Cranwell 1937 - 1939. Coastal Convoy Duties. Flying Instructor 1941. India & Burma 1942 - 1944. Flight Commander Wellingtons & Liberators Squadrons. DFC 1944. Staff College Haifa 1944. Wing Commander (Bomber Operations), SE Asia HQ. HM Naval & Air Attaché British Embassy Caracas, Venezuela.

Flight Lieutenant Gerald Oscar BIRD DFC             Imperial Service College 1933.1 - 1934.2

Service Number 33301 97 Squadron., Royal Air Force. He was born 23 September 1917. Son of Clarence Oscar Ladler Bird and Clarice Rosalie Bird; husband of Beulah Daphne Bird, of Cosham, Hampshire.  He died on Thursday 15 May 1941 . Age 23 .Cemetery: RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL Surrey, United Kingdom Grave or Reference Panel Number: Panel 29.

Flight Lieutenant Henry Charles Edward BOCKETT - PUGH DFC & Bar   United Services College & Imperial Service College        1910.2 - 1914.2

He was born 31 December 1898. Son of Mrs. I. F. Bockett - Pugh. Bristol University. RFC. POW in Austria in 1918 DFC.  A Bar was awarded for operations against the "Mad Mullah". Killed in Action in Iraq 22nd September 1920

Major William James BODINGTON  DFC                Haileybury Hailey 1934.3 -1939.1

He was born 30 March  1921. Son of P. J. Bodington. Commissioned with Cameronians in 1940. Seconded to RAF 1941. Squadron Leader 1945. DFC. Served  with the British Liberation Army. Palestine & returned to Army 1946. Major 1952. Malaya 1952 - 195. retired 1958. Died 12 April 1985.

Flight Lieutenant Dorian Dick  BONNETT DFC         Imperial Service College 1933.2 - 1936.2

Service Number 45416 Royal Air Force. He was born 21 March 1920. Son of Claude Herbert Dick and Winifred Dorothy Bonnett; husband of Rosemary Leslie Bonnett (nee Bell), of Hampton, Middlesex.   DFC awarded 1942 "A skilful pilot & a fine Captain, whose determined efforts have contributed in a large measure to the many successes obtained". He died on Saturday 24 October 1942 . Age 23 .Cemetery: LITTLEHAMPTON CEMETERY Sussex, United Kingdom Grave or Reference Panel Number: Sec. D. Grave 4234.

Group Captain Geoffrey Hilton BOWMAN DSO., MC & Bar., DFC     Haileybury Melville 1905.2 - 1909.2

See under DSO

Flight Lieutenant Oliver Villiers BROOKS DFC        Haileybury Hailey 1937.1 -1940.2

He was born 7 December 1922. Son of Major C. E. Brooks. RAF 1941. Flight Lieutenant Bomber Command 1943 -1946. DFC 1944. Transport Command 1946. Fighter Control branch 1949 - 1972. Retired 1972. 

Squadron Leader John Edward BROWN DFC            Haileybury Le Bas1931.1 - 1933.3

He was born 18 February 1917. Son of H. R. W. Brown. Squadron Leader RAF. DFC. Died 26 October 1994

Wing Commander Lewis George BURNAND OBE DFC               Imperial Service College 1926.3 - 1929.3

He was born 14 May 1913. Son of Lieutenant Colonel N. G. Burnard DSO. Flying Officer 1938 Flight Lieutenant 1940. Squadron Leader 1942. Temporary Wing Commander 1944 DFC 1941. Greek DFC 1943. OBE Mention in Despatches. 1941 & 1944. Died in an air accident in Turkey 14 August 1949

Wing Commander Peter Frederick CLAYTON DSO DFC            Haileybury Colvin 1936.1 - 1939.2

see under DSO

Squadron Leader Denis CLYDE - SMITH DSO DFC  (Smith at school)      Haileybury Lawrence1930.1 -1932.2

See under DSO

Flying Officer John Hunter COGHLAN DFC                   Imperial Service College 1928.3 - 1933.2

He was born 7 September 1914. Son of Henry Hunter Coghlan and Katherine Mary Maud Coghlan; nephew of Beatrice M. J. Bourchier, of Southsea, Hampshire.. Pilot Officer RAF 1937. Service Number 37719. Flying Officer 1938. Serving with  56 Squadron., Royal Air Force DFC 1940. Reported missing presumed killed on Saturday 17 August 1940 . Age 25 . Cemetery: BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERY Pas de Calais, France Grave or Reference Panel Number: Plot 13. Row B. Grave 2.

The station was spared from attack on the 17th August, so we made good progress with the repairs. At the end of the day, I walked to the nearby communication hut to telephone our progress to the squadron at North Weald. I had just completed the call, when a Lysander landed nearby and taxied up to the hut. The engine was switched off and two figures emerged and came towards us. A stocky figure in white flying overalls was followed by a smallish man wearing a brown leather jacket and black beret. It was F/L Coghlan, DFC. and his passenger who was a Frenchman. We were both pleasantly surprised to see each other, for we had had little contact since his transfer to A Flight and none since his posting from 56. He introduced me to his passenger, who said little, and then inevitably the question arose, 'What are you doing here'? From his guarded remarks, it was clear that he was going to drop his passenger into France who, it was equally clear, was an agent. While they had a cup of coffee we chatted pleasantly, then as twilight turned to darkness, he said it was time to go. I walked outside with them, shook hands and wished them 'Good luck'. They took off in the gathering darkness and headed towards France; it was the last I saw of Slim Coghlan; indeed mine was the last friendly face that he saw. For, I later learned that on landing, on this his first clandestine mission, he and the Frenchman were captured and shot. A brutal end to a brave man. Reference:- the above is an extract from :-http://www.pnc.com.au/~insight/heavens/heavens-009.html.

Group Captain Richard Charles Marler COLLARD  DSO DFC        Haileybury Melville 1925.2 - 1928.3  

See under DSO

Squadron Leader Digby Vawdre Cartmel COTES - PREEDY GM DFC             Imperial Service College 1935.2 - 1937.2

See under George Medal.

Brigadier Hugh Aldred COURTENAY DFC        Haileybury Thomason 1908.3 - 1910.3

He was born 5 November 1892. Son of Reverend C. Courtney. RMC  Army Service Corps 1912. Seconded to RFC & RAF 1917 - 1919. France, Egypt, Palestine, DFC Mention in Despatches. Waziristan 1921 - 1924 Medal &  2 clasp Transferred to Royal Indian  Army Service Corps 1927. Major 1929. Lieutenant Colonel 1936. Colonel 1940. Brigadier Died 20 October 1979.

Brigadier Denys Weston COYLE MBE DFC                          Imperial Service College 1930.3 - 1935.2

He was born 25 April  1917 Son of brigadier J. W. Coyle MC. RMA Woolwich Royal Artillery 1937. France 1939 - 1940. Lieutenant 1940. Temporary Captain 1941. Major 1943 . India, Burma & Malaya 1943 - 1946. DFC 1945. MBE Burma 1945. Army Instructor RAF Cranwell. Lieutenant Colonel. Colonel 1962. Brigadier. Died 8 December 1995.,

Squadron Leader Edmund Keith CRESSWELL  DSO& Bar DFC         Imperial Service College 1933.3 - 1938.2

He was born 12 November 1919. Son of Rear Admiral G. H. Cresswell. Pilot Officer RAFVR 1941. Flying Officer 1942. DFC 1942. DSO 1943 for operations against the Ruhr & Italy. Bar to DSO 1944 Mention in Despatches 1943. Squadron Leader 1943.

Captain Sir Roydon Englefield Ashford DASH DFC          Haileybury, Melville 1901.3 - 1905.3

He was born 3 March 1888. Son of R. A. Dash. Civil Service. Captain RAF DFC. Knighted 1945. Died 6 April 1984

Squadron Leader Henry Richard DEAN DFC                   Imperial Service College 1919.3 - 1922.3

He was born 19 February 1906. Son of  Captain F. W. Dean. RNZAF 1939 Wireless Operator /Air Gunner. Recce. Operations New Zealand  &  South Pacific  in the Solomon Islands (Guadalcanal) on bomber operations. DFC 1945. Transport Wing, Far East Air Force  1950. Commanding no 51 LAA Squadron RNZAF. (Territorials)

Wing Commander Archibald Ian Scott DEBENHAM DFC                 Haileybury Highfield 1930.1 - 1934.2

He was born 10 April  1916. Son of A. S. Debenham. RAFVR Wing Commander. Europe DFC Air Efficiency Award. 2 Mentions in Despatches.

Flying Officer Michael Eugene DOBLE DFC                 Haileybury Le Bas 1934.3 - 1936.2

He was born  June 1920. Son of Dr. Francis Carminow Doble and Helen Marjorie Doble; husband of Margery Florence Doble, of Wonersh, Surrey.  DFC Flying Officer Pilot serving with Number 207 Squadron., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Service Number  68816. He was killed in Action on Friday 12 March 1943 . Age 22 . Cemetery: REICHSWALD FOREST WAR CEMETERY Kleve, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany Grave or Reference Panel Number: 30. A. 4.

Wing Commander Frank William DIXON - WRIGHT DFC            Imperial Service College 1924.3 -1929.3

He was born 9 May 1911. Son of Reverend H. Dixon - Wright RN Chaplin  and Louise Dixon-Wright; husband of Sheila Margaret Dixon-Wright, of Southsea, Hampshire RAF Cranwell. Pilot Officer 1931. Flight Lieutenant 1936. squadron Leader 1939. Temporary Wing Commander 1941. DFC for :-"Gallantry in flying operations against enemy warships at Brest including the Gniesnau, Scharnhorst & Prinz Eugen". Commonwealth War Dead Memorial Reference: Panel 64. Memorial: RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL

Second Lieutenant Victor Julius DRESCHFIELD  DFC                  Haileybury Thomason  1906.3 -1910.2

He was born 14 May 1893. Son of J. Dreschfield. Second Lieutenant RAF DFC

Flight Lieutenant David William EADIE DFC                            Imperial Service College 1930.2 - 1933.3

He was born 30 August 1916. Son of H. A. Eadie. Pilot Officer RAFVR 1940. Acting Flight  Lieutenant 1941. Flight Lieutenant 1942. DFC 1953

George Merriel Rubidge EASTWOOD DFC Imperial Service College 1935.3 - 1938.3

He was born 23 January 1922. Son of G. M. M. Eastwood. Pilot Officer RAF 1943. Flight Lieutenant 1945. Flew with 266 (Rhodesia) Typhoon Squadron DFC 1945. Retired to Zimbawe.

Flying Officer Robert Narcissus ESSELL DFC          Haileybury Hailey 1914.1 - 1915.2

  He was born 2 March 1899. He served with 6th Squadron., Royal Air Force.  Son of Col. F. K. Essell, C.M.G. and Mrs. Essell, of Bevere Knoll, Worcs.  Accidentally Killed on Active service 9 December 1920 in Mesopotamia  Age 21 . Cemetery: BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERY Iraq Grave or Reference Panel Number: XIII. B. 12.  

Squadron Leader Ralph Denis Mark EVERS DFC   AE JP                                 Haileybury, Melville 1927.1 - 1932.2

He was born 11 August June 1913. Son of G. V. Evers. 7th Worcester Regiment TA. Transferred to RAFVR 1941 - 1946. Squadron Leader Middle East, Egypt, Italy DFC 1945. Air Efficiency Award 1964. JP 1961.

Flight Lieutenant Claude Lawrence Dundas FIGGIS DFC                     Haileybury Trevelyan 1936.2 - 1939.3

He was born 6  June 1922. Son of E. K. Figgis.  RAF 1940 - 1946, Flight Lieutenant Kenya, Iraq, Middle East, Rhodesia. with 2nd Tactical Air force DFC. Died 21 April 1976

Squadron Leader Kenneth Fielder FLINT DFC                          Haileybury Edmonstone 1928.1 - 1930.2

He was born 20 February 1914. Son of W. F. Flint. RAF Bomber Command UK. Squadron Leader 1944 DFC Retired 1979. Died in South Africa 1988.

Squadron Leader Michael Venone Primrose FOULIS DFC & Bar      Haileybury Lawrence 1929.1 - 1932.3

He was born 11 April 1915 . Son of W. V. Foulis. Squadron Leader, service Number 62271. Served with 221 Squadron., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.  DFC & Bar. Missing presumed killed on Sunday 18 April 1943 . Cemetery: MALTA MEMORIAL Malta Grave or Reference Panel Number: Panel 6, Column 1.

Flight Lieutenant Peter Melvill GARDNER DFC                     Imperial Service College 1932.2 - 1936.2

He was born 1 July 1918 . Son of Captain R. M. Gardner RD RN.  Acting Pilot Officer 1938. Pilot Officer 1938 Flying Officer 1940. DFC 1940. Flight Lieutenant 1941. POW.

Wing Commander (Pilot) John Woodburn GILLAN DFC  & Bar AFC        Imperial Service College 1921.3 -1925.2

He was born 4 July 1907.  Son of the Revd. David Hedley Gillan, and of Helen Gillan (nee Drummond), of Edinburgh.  Pilot Officer 1927. Squadron Leader 1937. In 1938 he flew a Hurricane from Edinburgh to London in 48 minutes. the first time a plane flew at over 400 mph. Service No: 26010 Awards: DFC  in 1940 and Bar 1941, AFC Date of Death: 29/08/1941 Age: 34. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave Reference: Plot 2 Row 2 Grave 41. Cemetery: DUNKIRK TOWN CEMETERY

Group Captain Peter William GILPIN CBE DFC                Imperial Service College 1936.3 -1940.2

He was born 30 September 1922. Son of Major Gilpin MC & Bar. RAFVR 1941. Commissioned 1942 Operations North Africa, Italy, Corsica. Shot down Yugoslavia 1944 POW Germany DFC. Regular Commission 1946. Command No 4. Squadron 1953 - 1955.CBE HQ Strike Command as Command Intelligence Officer. ADC to HM Queen 1975 - 1977. Retired 1977. Deputy Director of Personnel, Omani MOD 1978 - 1982. Omani DSM.

Squadron Leader  John Martin GRIFFITH - JONES DFC          Imperial Service College 1927.3 - 1931.1

He was born 12 March 1914. Son of M. L. Griffiths - Jones. He  served with Royal Air Force being commissioned as Flying Officer 1938,  Service No: 37734 . Flight Lieutenant 1940. DFC 1940. Acting Squadron Leader of  No. 7 Squadron. Date of Death: 03/03/1941 Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 28. Memorial: RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL

Flying Officer Thomas Gerald HACKNEY DFC            Imperial Service College 1933.3 - 1938.1

Service number 80218 served with  83 Squadron., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He was born 14 January 1919. Son of Fred and Lilian Hackney, of Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia. DFC 1942 "A skilful pilot & a fine Captain whose determined efforts contributed in a large measure to the many successes obtained". Died on Saturday 7 November 1942 . Age 23 Cemetery: RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL Surrey, United Kingdom Grave or Reference Panel Number: Panel 67.

Flight Lieutenant Roger Montague Dickinson HALL DFC             Haileybury Melville 1931.2 -1935.2

He was born 12 August 1917. Son of Major A. K. D. Hall. RMC Sandhurst 1936. Lieutenant Royal Tank Regiment.1938. Seconded to RAF. Flight Lieutenant  1940.  DFC (Battle of Britain) 1940. Invalided 1944. RMFVR 1948 - 1960. RAFVR 1961 - 1977 Retired 1982.

Charles Alec HARRIS   DFC                                                Haileybury Highfield 1925.3 - 1928.3

He was born 19 March 1912. Son of B. M. Harris.  DFC 1942. Died 23 April 1992

Flight Lieutenant Jack Percy HART DFC                          Haileybury Highfield 19 30.1 - 1932.3

He was born 7 September 1916 Son of  Herbert Thomas Hart and of Kate Eliza Hart (nee White); husband of Constance Mary Hart, of Harrow, Middlesex..  Flight Lieutenant   Navigator. 305 (Polish) Squadron, RAFVR, Service Number  131826  DFC awarded 1944. He was Killed on Active  on Saturday 7 April 1945 . Age 28 .  Cemetery: BECKLINGEN WAR CEMETERY Soltau, Niedersachsen, Germany Grave or Reference Panel Number: 19. A. 12.

Squadron Leader Maurice Walter HARTFORD DFC                Imperial Service College 1930.1 - 1934.2

He was born 6 October 1915. Son of Captain B. Hartford DSO RN. RMC Sandhurst. Pilot Officer 1939. Bomber Command 1940 - 1942. Flying Officer 1940. DFC 1941 Flight Lieutenant 1941. RAF Test Pilot 1943. Squadron Leader RAF Officer Reserve. Civilian test Pilot 1945 - 1947 Died January 1974.

Squadron Leader John Reginald HAVERS DFC                          Imperial Service College 1932.3 - 1936.1

He was born 26 July 1918. Son of Lieutenant Commander J. Havers. Pilot Officer RAF 1937. Flying Officer 1938. Flight Lieutenant 1940. DFC 1940 . Temporary Squadron Leader 1942. Squadron Leader. Died 17 July 1992

Squadron Leader Robert Anthony HEDDERWICK  DFC               Haileybury Batten 1932.2 - 1936.3

He was born 6 October 1918. Son of R. S. Hedderwick. Squadron Leader RAFVR 1938. served in Europe with middle East Land forces And in South East Asia. DFC.

Air Commodore George Francis Wheaton HEYCOCK  CB DFC JP             Haileybury Batten 1923.3 - 1927.3

He was born 17 September June 1909 Son of Reverend F. W. Heycock. RAF Cranwell 1928 Pilot officer 1929. Flying Officer 1931. Squadron Leader  1938. DFC 1942. wing commander 1943. Group Captain Mention in Despatches ,Commander Legion of Honneur. Air Attache British Embassy Paris 1963 CB 1963. Retired 1964. Died 27 June 1983.

Flight Lieutenant Robert Anthony HORTON DFC                Haileybury Le Bas 1928.3 - 1930.3

He was born 20 June 1914. Son of Reverend H. Horton. RAFVR 1939-1946. Training Command 1940. Bomber Command 1943. Transport Command 1945 - 1946 Flight Lieutenant DFC. Deputy Sheriff Cleveland 1980.

Flight Lieutenant John McCulloch Middlemore  HUGHES DFC      Haileybury Thomason 19 30.3 - 1934.2

He was born 1 February 1917.Son of Percy Theodore and Emily Christabel Hughes; husband of Marta Louise de la Salle Hughes, of Chilworth. Flight Lieutenant,  Service Number 33191. served with 25 Squadron., Royal Air Force. DFC 1940. He died on Saturday 7 December 1940 . Age 23 Cemetery: CHILWORTH CHURCHYARD Hampshire, United Kingdom Grave or Reference Panel Number: South part. 

Pilot Officer Dudley Trevor JAY DFC                      Imperial Service College 1937.2 - 1938.2

Service Number 42063 Mentioned in Despatches.  87 Squadron., Royal Air Force. He was born 16 May 1921.Son of David Sydney and Vera Lucille Jay, of Blackheath, London. He died on Thursday 24 October 1940 . Age 19 .Cemetery: EXETER HIGHER CEMETERY Devon, United Kingdom Grave or Reference Panel Number: Sec. Z.K. Grave 33.

Squadron Leader  Samuel David JONES DFC              Haileybury Colvin 1930.2 - 1934.2

He was born 11 June 1916. Son of   B. H. Jones .  7th Worcester Regiment TA. Second Lieutenant 1939 DFC  Service Number 45065 Pilot  with  No. 158 Squadron., Royal Air Force. He died on Friday 31 March 1944 .RHEINBERG WAR CEMETERY Kamp Lintfort, Nordrhein-Westfal, Germany Grave or Reference Panel Number: 10. B. 24.

Captain Basil Graham Homfray KEYMER DFC & Bar RAF                        Haileybury Batten 1913.1 - 1916.1

He was born 30 March 1899. . Son of the Rev. Basil Nathaniel Keymer, B.A., T.D., of Gosbeck Rectory, Ipswich, and the late Ethel Keymer.  Captain RAF, DFC & Bar. Croce di Guerra (Italy).   Killed in Action in South Russia. on Friday 24 October 1919 . Age 20 Known to be buried in Krasnodar Cemetery, Krasnodar, Russia. Cemetery: HAIDAR PASHA MEMORIAL Turkey.

A very gallant flight leader of exceptional ability and detirmination. On July 24, when on a long distance raid. Lieut Keyme rwas attacked by three hostile areoplanes and three seaplanes. Undaunted by these heavy odds, he engaged the enermy for thirty-five minutes and eventuall succeed in driving them off.

Wing Commander Alexander Blair LANDELLS  MBE DFC                    Haileybury Colvin 1938.3 - 1941.3

He was born 23 March June 1924. Son of A. Landells. RAF Flight Lieutenant France, Germany DFC during WW". Permanent Commission RAF. Wing Commander MBE Retired 1973.

Flight Lieutenant William John Newton LEE DSC DFC      Haileybury Bartle Frere 19 31.3 - 1936.1

He was born 22 May 1918. Son of H. W. Lee. Flight Lieutenant RAFVR, Service Number  112434. He served with  5 Squadron., Royal Air Force .He was Killed on Active Service on Monday 27 March 1944 . Cemetery: SINGAPORE MEMORIAL Singapore Grave or Reference Panel Number: Column 431

Squadron Leader John Hillier LELAND DFC & Bar         Imperial Service College 1931.3 - 1936.2

He was born 28 October 1917 1922. Son of Major T. H. Leland. acting Pilot Officer 1939. Pilot Officer 1940. Flying Officer 1941. Flight Lieutenant 1942 DFC 1942 & Bar to DFC 1943 Squadron Leader 1943. Transferred to RAF Reserve of Officers 1943.

Wing Commander Keith Temple LOFTS DFC & Bar    Haileybury Lawrence 1932.3 1935.2

He was born 8 February 1918. Son of A. K. Lofts. RAAF 1938 Squadron Leader DFC & Bar. CO 604 Squadron . wing commander. Killed in air accident 20 May 1951.

Lieutenant  Frank Masterman LOLY DFC         Haileybury Batten 1909.3 - 1911.2

He was born 2 November 1894. Son of G. Loly. East Surrey Regiment & RAF France, MEF & Egypt Lieutenant DFC. Died 18 June 1982.

Squadron Leader John Raymond MAUNSELL DFC                    Haileybury Batten 1934.2 - 1936.2

He was born 30 April 1920. Son of  R. J. C. Maunsell. RAF Squadron Leader 1941 - 1946 Navigator Bomber Command 1943 - 1945 DFC 1945. South East Asia Technical Air Intelligence 1945 - 1946. Retired 1982.

Group Captain Reginald Stewart MAXWELL MC DFC and Bar, AFC  Haileybury Hailey 1908.2 - 1912.3

He was born 20 July 1894. son of J. A. Maxwell. Served with East Yorkshire Regiment 1914. RFC 1915. France 1916 - 1918. MC DFC AFC Group Captain 1936. Retired 1941 Royal Navy (Air) Commander 1941 - 1945. Died 1 July 1960.

Squadron Leader William John Finch McEWEN DFC                         Imperial Service College 1928.1 - 1928.3

He was born 21 October 1913. Son of J. H. McEwen. Sudan Political Service. Pilot Officer RAFVR 1940.  Flying Officer 1941. Flight Lieutenant 1942. DFC. Relinquished Commission with rank of Squadron Leader 1946.

Wing Commander Desmond Annesley Peter McMULLEN DFC & 2 BARS     Imperial Service College 1931.2 - 1935.1

He was born 6 December 1917 . Pilot Officer  RAF 1938. Flying Officer 1940. Temporary Squadron Leader 1942 . Retires as a Squadron Leader  retaining the rank of Wing Commander 16 Dec 57.He was a fighter Ace in WW2 with 19 victories.{ London Gazette :-McMullen was awarded a Bar to his DFC as an Acting Flight Lieutenant serving with 151 Squadron with effect 7 Mar 41 &.Second Bar to DFC Acting Flight Lieutenant, 266 Squadron 12 Dec 41 }Died 1 July 1985

Air Commodore Francis Richard Lee MELLERSH DFC & Bar        Imperial Service College 1936.3 - 1940.2

He was born 30 July 1922. Son of Air Marshall Sir F. J. W. Mellersh KBE AFC. Pilot Officer 1942 DFC 1943 Flight Lieutenant 1943. Bar to DFC 1944. Squadron Leader 1950. Staff Academy. Department of Air Staff as Acting Group Captain 1961. Group Captain 1961. Air Commodore 1967.

Group Captain Rudolph Stuart MILLS DFC                  Imperial Service College 1923.3 - 1926.1

He was born 20 October 1909. Son of Captain  R. H. Mills. Flying Officer RAF 1937. Flight Lieutenant 1939. Temporary Squadron Leader 1940. He commanded a Hurricane Squadron No.87 based at Filton in 1940. .Within hours of Germany invading Norway on the 9th of April 1940, signals were received at Filton for 263 Squadron to re-establish field strength and to prepare to move up to Scapa Flow. On the 20th April eighteen Gladiators flew up to Scapa Flow from Filton by way of Sealand, and on the following day were taken over by Fleet Air Arm pilots from 802 and 804 Squadrons for landing on the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious, which had been recalled from the Mediterranean for operations off Norway. On the 24 April 1940 they took off from  HMS Glorious & landed on a frozen lake, which became their aerodrome. The next day at 0900hrs Flt Lt Mills took off and patrolled overhead for half an hour to enable six more Gladiators to take off undisturbed. During this patrol Mills engaged six He111s from IJ/LGI near a lake and claimed one destroyed. This aircraft an He111H of 4 Staffel, actually managed to limp back to Stavanger/Sola, but as it came in to land, both engines failed and it crashed into the sea, the crew were all rescued........At 1305hrs the Lake was bombed again and four more Gladiators were destroyed, but two managed to take off. These were flown by Squadron Leader Donaldson, N5633, and Flt Lt Mills. At l400hrs both pilots attacked a Heinkel of Stab/LGI and brought it down to crash-land south of Vinstra, near Dombas. Both pilots then attacked another Heinkel, which they damaged......Mills was involved in yet another combat later on in the afternoon. This time it was with a formation of Junker Ju88s. After a prolonged dogfight, which had no clear results Mills had to break of combat due to running low on fuel and running out of ammo. After landing back at the lake, Mills was inspecting his badly damaged fighter when a He111 came roaring over the treetops and totally destroyed it....... they were brought back to the UK and re-equipped with fresh Gladiators & sent back to operate further North.....On the 21 May.  Flt Lt Mills in Gladiator, N5693, was severely injured. Ground troops who were in the area heard the explosions and reached the scene a few hours later. Mills was evacuated to the UK a couple of days later". On these exploits he was awarded the  DFC (Norway). Squadron Leader 1942. Wing Commander 1946. Group Captain. Died 7 January 1996.

Flying Officer Humphrey Theodore MOGRIDGE DFC     Haileybury Le Bas 1933.2 - 1934.1

He was born 26 May 1919.  Son of Reverend H. T. Mogridge. Royal Signals 1939 - 1941. RAFVR Flying Officer Bombers. DFC for raid on Pennemunde 1943. died 15 March 1981.

Group Captain James Winter Carmichael MORE OBE DFC          Haileybury Thomason 1924.2 - 1928.2

He was born 4 June 1910.  Son of Dr. John More and Mabel Winter More.  Flight Lieutenant 1936. DFC 1940 OBE (Military) 1941. Group Captain 1942. Died as Japanese POW on a transport 12 September 1944. Cemetery: SINGAPORE MEMORIAL Singapore Reference Panel Number: Column 431.

Flight Lieutenant Edward Brian MORTIMER -ROSE DFC & Bar (Rose at School)    Haileybury Lawrence 1935.3 - 1938.2

He was born 28 September 1916.  Son of Edward Mortimer - Rose  of Troon, Ayrshire. Flight Lieutenant  Service Number 41944, Pilot  serving with Number 111 Squadron., Royal Air Force. DFC & Bar 1941 . He  was Killed in Action on Thursday 28 January 1943 . Age 22 .  Cemetery: MEDJEZ-EL-BAB WAR CEMETERY Tunisia Grave or Reference Panel Number: 6. C. 4.

Wing Commander Thomas Charles MURRAY DSO DFC & Bar   Imperial Service College 1930.3 - 1936.3

See under DSO

Major Patrick Thorvald Auchmuty MUSTERS DFC              Imperial Service College 1937.2 - 1941.3

He was born 4 March 1923. Son of Commander J. D. R. Musters. Commissioned Royal Marines 1942. No 44 Comando RM Burma 1942 - 1945. Demob 1946. Devonshire Regiment on Short service commission 1947. Regular Commission Lieutenant Royal Artillery 1948. Hong Kong & Malaya. Flying Course for Air Operations 1953. Flight Commander Air Observation Post RAF 1953. Mention in Despatches Malaya 1955  &  DFC Malaya 1956. Captain  & Major

Major Edward Alexander PACKE, M.B.E., D.F.C.    Haileybury Melville 1908.3 - 1912.1

 He was the son of the Reverend William James Packe, M.A., of Stretton Hall and Glen, Leicestershire, and vicar of Feering, Essex. He was born on 23rd June 1894 and was educated at Haileybury and Exeter College, Oxford. On 6th August 1914 he enlisted in the lst Battalion The Somerset Light Infantry, then stationed at Colchester in the 11th Brigade of the 4th Division. His condition, before enlistment, that he should go on active service was accepted by the commanding officer. So without any training, save that in his school officers' training corps, Packe was one of 1,100 officers and men who left Harrow to cross the channel on 22nd August to Havre. The following day his regiment entrained in cattle trucks and reached Le Cateau on the 24th. Two days later he came under fire in the battle of Le Cateau. He wrote in a letter home, "It isn't in the bounds of human possibility to double 400 yards in our equipment (80 pounds weight) and arrive with strength to shove a bayonet through a piece of paper." Thereafter he took part in the retreat to the Marne, the advance, to the Aisne and move north to Ypres. He survived the first battle of Ypres in October 1914 without a scratch and described in his diary the heavy fighting at Ploegsteert, when his company counter-attacked in field service marching order with 50 extra rounds and in sodden greatcoats and later he was a witness of the truce in the front line at Christmas when "the quiet sounded very strange." 

Later in February 1915 he was commissioned and joined the 6th Battalion of The Dorsetshire Regiment on the 28th and served therein in the trenches at Wytchaete, St Jean, Voormezeele and Hooge until he received a regular commission on 17th November 1915 and was transferred to the 5th Battalion of the Regiment then at Vlamertinghe. On 19th January 1916 he joined the Royal Flying Corps, first as an observer and later as a pilot. He recorded in his diary, 26th January, "I cannot describe my feelings at living out of the reach of shell fire, being always clean and having a dry, warm bed to go to at night." He was an observer on a contact patrol on lst July, the first day of the battle of the Somme. On his return, wounded in the buttock, none would believe his first report of the battle: "It was an awful sight to see our men lying out in lines opposite Beaumont Hamel either dead or wounded." 

On recovery from his wound he was taught to fly and passed his test for pilot on 9th November 1916 and on the next day became an instructor with a total flying time of a little over 20 hours. Those were the days when pilots flew "across country with a map torn from the back of a Bradshaw railway guide." He was back in France on 11th August 1917 with 32 Squadron and promoted captain and flight commander on 10th October. In a single-seater fighter he was patrolling and fighting through the last spasms of the third battle of Ypres and recording regularly dud plugs and jammed gun. Mentioned in dispatches (London Gazette, 20th May 1918) he was awarded the DFC at the end of the war in 1919. 

After 18 months on the staff at the Air Ministry from April 1918 to October 1919 he was posted to the 52nd at Cork and was cross-posted to the 43rd at Limerick in July 1920. The Sinn Fein rebels at this time were waging war against the Royal Irish Constabulary. The military, called in aid of the civil power, were forbidden to open fire until fired upon. Packe, appointed intelligence officer with two non-commissioned officers under command, was in his element working day and night in close co-operation with the police and often alone in uniform among a hostile population. Not until murders, ambushes and kidnappings became very serious were the intelligence sections allowed to work in plain clothes. It is one thing to face a known enemy with comrades behind and on the flanks, it is another to wander alone and a marked man in the dangerous slums of a city such as Limerick was in those days. So successful was he in his investigations, in the tracking and harrying of the rebels, that he was given half an hour to pack and quit the station by the commanding officer (Lieut.-Colonel Stapleton) on receipt of unimpeachable evidence that his name was at the top of the rebels' black list. That was in December 1921 and on 1st January 1923 he was awarded the M.B.E. and was the only officer in the south of Ireland, not serving on the staff, to be so rewarded for his service in the Sinn Fein rebellion. He was promoted captain the same day and served with the 43rd until he retired on 2nd August 1930. Like most fearless men, and he was quite fearless, he was gentle, and to see him handle animals was an experience not to be forgotten, for he had the gift of winning the confidence of both shy and fierce animals. It was not surprising that on retirement he went in for fox farming in Bedfordshire to breed silver foxes for stock. But for all his faith and patience the farm failed and he got a job with Player's tobacco until Hitler's War, when he reported at the depôt on mobilisation. In September 1939, as a captain aged 45. In December he was posted to France as A.I.L.O. (believed to stand for air intelligence liaison officer). Returning through Dunkirk he served for the rest of the war with the Royal Air Force in England. He went back to Player's on demobilisation, but in 1956 tuberculosis in both lungs was discovered. After seven months in hospital he was discharged cured; but his lungs were so impaired that when he contracted pneumonitis late in 1957 his condition was considered hopeless. Yet, against all expectations, he recovered and struggled on, refusing to surrender to an invalid's life in spite of an operation in April 1961 on a perforated lung. Then at Christmas he got influenza, which, attacking his lungs again, overtaxed his heart. He died as he lived, a fearless, just and upright man and was buried at Feering on 24th January 1962. In 1919 he married Claudia, daughter of the Reverend C.W. Barclay, M.A., vicar of Hertford Heath, and of Florence Barclay, the well-known novelist. Died in hospital on 20th January (1962) after a long illness.Reference :- From the 1962 Regimental Chronicle of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, by Lieutenant  Colonel Sir J.E.H. Neville M.C.

Squadron Leader Frank Anthony PLINSTON DFC                   Imperial Service College 1932.3 - 1936.3

He was born 29 April 1919. Son of Lieutenant Colonel G. H. Plinston. RAF Cranwell Pilot Officer 1938. France 1940. Flying Officer 1940. Greece, Syria & Iraq 1941. Western Desert 1942. Flight Lieutenant 1942. Acting Squadron Leader 1942. Sudan & East Africa 1943 - 1945. DFC 1943. Squadron Leader.

Air Chief Marshall Sir Thomas Other PRICKETT, KCB DSO DFC    Haileybury Edmonstone 1927.1 - 1930.1

See under DSO.

Group Captain George Frederick REID DFC                 Imperial Service College 1932.1 - 1935.2

He was born 15 February 1918 Son of Major A. v. Reid. RAF 1935. Pilot Officer 1940. Bomber & Transport command 1940 - 1945. DFC 1940. Squadron Leader 1945. Wing Commander 1952. Group Captain 1961. Station Commander RAF Cranwell 1961. Retired from RAF 1968.

Doctor Derrick Newton RILEY DFC                             Haileybury Bartle Frere 1929.2 - 1932.2

He was born 15 August  1915. Son of W. H. Riley. RAFVR . Flight Lieutenant Bomber Command, Mention in Despatches, ,DFC. PhD. Sheffield University. Died 23 august 1993.

Group Captain David ROBERTS DFC. AFC  & Bar            Imperial Service College 1936.3 - 19 40.3

He was born 6 May 1923. Son of J. H. Roberts. L/ Aircraftman  RAFVR.  Pilot Officer. Squadron Leader 1953. DFC AFC & Bar to AFC 1958. CO RAF Marham 1967.

Squadron Leader Walter Horace Brooke SHORT DFC       Imperial Service College 1938.3 - 40.2

181 Squadron., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He was born 2 November 1923. Son of Walter Mayow Burgoyne Short, and of Clare Mary Short, of Paddington, London. He died on Wednesday 27 December 1944 .Cemetery: RHEINBERG WAR CEMETERY Kamp Lintfort, Nordrhein-Westfal, Germany Grave or Reference Panel Number: 7. C. 17..

Group Captain John Anthony SLATER DFC                     Haileybury Hailey 1925.3 - 1929.3

He was born 18 September 1911. Son of Colonel S. H. Slater. Trinity College Cambridge. Group Captain RAF . DFC . Died 1 December 1958.

Flight Lieutenant Joseph Tabor SMITH DFC  (Johnstone -Smith at School)           Imperial Service College 1925.3 - 1929.2

He was born 29 January  1912. Son of Captain Johnstone - Smith. Acting Flight Lieutenant RAFVR DFC 1943. Killed in air operations 22 November 1943 . While serving with no.156 Squadron. Date of Death: 22/11/1943 Service No: 121951 : Commonwealth War Dead Memorial Reference: Panel 121. Memorial: RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL.

Squadron Leader Thurston Meiggs Wetherall SMITH DFC              Haileybury Trevelyan 1929.3 - 1933.3

He was born 18 March 1916. Son of Lieutenant  Colonel R. C. Smith. RAF 1939 - 1945. Squadron Leader Europe Middle East DFC Mention in Despatches. died 24 July 1984.

Flight Lieutenant David SMYTH DFC     Haileybury Thomason 1928.3 - 1932.2

He was born 1 March 1915.  Son of Thomas Hugh and Lilian Maud Smyth, of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. B.A. (Cantab.) Cemetery:  Flight Lieutenant 108170  serving with 614 Squadron., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who died on Thursday 18 November 1943 . Age 28 . RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL Surrey, United Kingdom Grave or Reference Panel Number: Panel 121.

Lieutenant Colonel Clifford Harrison STRINGER DFC             Haileybury Thomason 1905.3- 1909.3

He was born 15 February 1892. Son of  G. E. Stringer. RMC Sandhurst 1911. 5th Royal Irish Lancers. 1912 Captain 1917. Seconded to RFC 1915. Lieutenant Colonel RAF 1917 Squadron-Leader 1919.. Served on the Western Front. DFC Mention in Despatches. Died 20 April 1967.

Flight Lieutenant Alfred Howard THOMPSON DFC                         Haileybury Batten 1921.3 -1925.2

He was born 5 January 1908. Son of A. Thompson.  RAF 1939 - 1945. Flight Lieutenant Malta, Egypt, Tunis  DFC. Died 28 July 1990.

Group Captain Peter Townsend CVO, DSO, DFC.     Lawrence 1928.1 -1932.2      

See under DSO

Group Captain Peter Erskine VAUGHAN - FOWLER DSO,  DFC & Bar, AFC.        Imperial Service College 1936.2 -1940.1

See under DSO

Wing Commander Peter WARD HUNT DFC & Bar     Imperial Service College 1931.1 - 1935.1

He died aged 89 on 7th December 2005: husband of the late Erica and father of Angela, John and the late David. In his distinguished RAF career he served on a number of squadrons.  Commissioned into the RAF 1937. Pilot Officer 1938. Squadron Leader Number 1 Group 1943. Wing Commander HQ Base Bomber Command 1944 - 1945. DFC 1941 & Bar 1943. Mention in despatches. After the RAF he worked in Civil Aviation as an Air Traffic Controller at Heathrow and later worked on the Concorde simulator. In retirement he was involved in many local organisations in particular Bedford Rugby Club and the local horticultural society.

Lieutenant George Copeland WHITE DFC JP              Haileybury Colvin 1912.1 - 1916.1

He was born 23 May 1898. Son of G. E. White. Lieutenant RAF  DFC . JP 1962 Died 18 October 1966.

Flight Lieutenant Antony WINWOOD - SMITH DFC       Imperial Service College 1934.1 - 1937.1

He was born 3 June 1920. Son of Instructor Commander C. W. Winwood - Smith. Pilot Officer RAFVR 1943. Flight Lieutenant 1945. DFC. Relinquished commission on reversion to Southern Rhodesian Forces.

Wing Commander Frank Geoffrey WOOLLEY DFC & Bar AFC    Imperial Service College 1935.3 - 1939.3

He was born 1 June 1922. Son of Air Commodore F. Wooley. CBE. OBE. DFC.   RAFVR.  Pilot Officer & DFC 1941. Flying Officer 1942. Flight Lieutenant 1943. Bar to DFC. Wing Commander  AFC 1956. Killed after baling out of an aircraft near Strabby Air Station. 28 November 1959.

Flight Lieutenant John Neville Gunning WYATT  DFC & Bar         Haileybury Thomason 1936.1 - 1938.1

He was born 18 January 1922. Son of  N. F. G. Wyatt. Flight Lieutenant RAF DFC & Bar. Died 23 August 1962.

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