The Order of Leopold I Ordre de Léopold 

Ribbon: Purple.

The Order of Leopold I is the oldest and highest order of Belgium. It was established in 1832 by King Leopold I in five grades. It has three divisions; Army, Navy and Civilian. The Army division is distinguished by two crossed swords above the cross and below the susp


ension crown. The Navy division has two crossed anchors, and the civilian division has only the crown. The grades are the same for all forms and are listed below in order from highest to lowest:

Grand Cordon Great Officer Commander Officer Knight

Awarded: To those of high rank in public life, for exceptional service. Crossed swords on the ribbon (as opposed to those on the decoration itself) indicate awards for war service. 


Belgium: The Order of the Crown (Ordre de la Couronne)

Ribbon: Crimson. For the palms and medals, the ribbon has 2 white edge stripes. (picture is of 4th class)

The Order of the Crown is an Order of Belgium which was first created in the year 1897. The Order was created under the authority of Léopold II of Belgium and was originally intended to denote heroic deeds and service achieved while serving in the Congo Free State. In 1908, the Order of the Crown was made a national decoration of Belgium, junior to the Order of Léopold and awarded for any service to the Belgian state. The Order of the Crown is also eligible for bestowal to foreign nationals and is frequently awarded to military and diplomatic personnel of other countries stationed in Belgium. During the Second World War, the Order of the Crown was extensively authorized to Allied military personnel who had helped to liberate Belgium from Nazi Germany occupation. It can be awarded with swords for combat action and with palms for mentions in dispatches. The medal is usually awarded for long service to Belgium with military officers usually receiving the grade of Knight after 15 years of service.

Belgium Order of Leopold II (Officer) 4th Class Breast Badge There should be a rosette on the ribbon to denote officer class.

Found with both French & Flemish Legend. The Order of Leopold II was first created in 1900 by King Leopold II as an award for the independent state of Congo. In 1908, this medal was incorporated into the Belgian awards system as the lowest ranking of Belgium's 5 orders. It was awarded for 'service to the King', but is reality a long service order.

This order exists in 5 classes, and 3 medals: Classes: Grand Cordon Grand Officer Commander Officer Knight



King Albert Medal (1914 - 1918)

Medaille du Roi Albert. (1914 - 1918)

Instituted 7th April 1919 and awarded to those who had organized, promoted or administered humanitarian or charity work that had eased the suffering of the distressed Belgian population. N This medal could also be awarded to foreigners.


The Belgian Croix de Guerre (or War Cross) was instituted on 25 October 1915 as a means of formally recognising acts of heroism performed by individuals (of any of the Allied powers) during the First World War. The medal was also awarded to recognise a period amounting to three years of front-line Belgian service (plus other circumstances, e.g. volunteers above age 40 with at least 18 months service in a combat unit).

The medal could only be earned by foreign nationals for acts of heroism conducted while on Belgian soil. Comprising a bronze cross the medal featured crossed swords and a disc bearing a rampant lion, the whole suspended from a bronze crown. The reverse of the medal bore the letter 'A' denoting King Albert I.

The medal was awarded by differing levels of command; depending upon the awarding command level the appurtenance worn on the ribbon differed. A bronze palm indicated that the medal was awarded by the army; the presence of a bronze lion that the medal was awarded by a regiment; and a gold lion denoted that the medal was issued by land forces. The ribbon was red with five green stripes. The medal was re-instituted for use during the Second World War in 1941.

Croix de Feu Awarded to all those who had come under fire during front-line service.



Baron Charles Marie Pierre Amedee DE CATERS     Haileybury Lawrence 1914.3 - 1915.2

He was born 25 January 1899. Son of Baron Pierre De Caters of Antwerp. Great War 1914 - 1918 Croix de Guerre (Belgium) & Croix de Feu, Belge. English University Gembloux. Died in Knokke, Belgium, 2 March 1989. 

Lieutenant Gaston Francis DE PRET     Haileybury Lawrence 1908.3 - 1911.3

He was born 15 December 1894 at Antwerp. Son of Comte Anatole de Pret-Roose de Calesberg . He served  with the 1st Lansiers (Lancers), as a  Lieutenant Belgian Cavalry.  Chevalier Ordre de Leopold. Croix de Guerre. Killed in Action Flanders at Diksmuide 18-01-1918. . He was buried at Oeren 21-01-1918 and his grave is number 480. 

Count John Stanley DE PRET - ROOSE  MC     Haileybury Lawrence 1908.3 - 1911.2

He was born 27 July 1893 . Son of Comte Anatole de Pret-Roose de Calesberg .Married 1924 Bettie, daughter of C T Garland. RMC  1911. 21st Lancers 1912. MC. Officer of Legion of Honour. Croix de Guerre (Belgian). Captain 1920. Transferred to 12th Lancers 1921. Retired. Succeeded to title 1933. Died at Dursley, 8 February 1976.

Professor Claude Charles Desire Gustave VANLEUGENHAGHE     Haileybury Batten 1946.2 -1946.2

He was born 16 February 1930. Son of R Vanleugenhaghe. Civil award Chevalier de la Courrone.


Field Marshal Vicount Allenby G.C.B., G.C.M.       Haileybury Bartle Frere 1875.2 - 1878.2

Grand Officier of the Ordre de Leopold

Brigadier George Lewis Williams ANDREWS CBE DSO       Haileybury Trevelyan 1924.1- 1928.2

He was born 1 July 1910. Son of Captain C G W Andrews (B 1892.1). Married 1938 Marianne, daughter of C Strindberg, Stockholm. RMC 1928 (Prize Cadet). Seaforth Highlanders 1930. Passed Staff College 1940. Lieutenant Colonel 1943. DSO 1944.   Chevalier Order of Leopold & Croix de Guerre with palm (Belgium) 1945.Mention in Despatches. Joint Services Staff College 1949. British Expeditionary Force 1939-1940. N Africa 8th Army, Sicily 1941-1943. W Europe 1944-1945. Brigadier 1954. Asst Comdt Royal Military Academy 1957-1960. Retired. CBE 1960. Died 27 August 2001.

Chevalier of the Order of Leopold

Croix de Guerre avec Palm (Belgium)

Brigadier General Ben ATKINSON CB CMG     Haileybury Colvin 1884.3 - 1889.2

He was born 9 January 1872. Son of J Atkinson, Co Armagh. Married 1903 Laetitia J E, daughter of E K Norman, Essex. Royal Military Academy 1889. Royal Artillery 1891. Royal Artillery & Royal Horse Artillery 1891-1912. Various Staff Appts. South Africa 1899-1902. Mention in Despatches. Great War: CB.CMG. Bt Col. Brig Gen. Mention in Despatches. Officier de l'Ordre de Leopold. Retired 1920. Died at Manningtree, Essex, 31 March 1942.

Officier de l'Ordre de Leopold

Colonel Stafford Charles BABINGTON CMG DSO                  United Services College  1881.1 - 1884.2

He was born 8 December 1866. Son of Major General J H M Babington, Madras Staff Corps. Royal Engineers 1886. France, Flanders 1914.Colonel 1916. Two Mention in Despatches. CMG. DSO.  Croix de Guerre (Belgium). Retired 1921. Died 19 November 1951.

Dr Charles Edward Gooderson BATEMAN  Haileybury Colvin 1876.3 - 1880.3

Son of Sir Frederic Bateman MD, Norwich. Married 1) 1890 Edith Mary (died 1927), daughter of J Brookhouse; 2) 1928 Marian, daughter of C Hartley, Staffordshire. Edinburgh University & Queen's College, Birmingham. LRCP LRCS Edinburgh, LFPS Glasgow 1893. He was a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps 1916-1919. Medaille du Roi Albert avec Rayeur. Died 25 September 1942.

Captain Laurence Gerard BAVIN MC     Haileybury Thomason 1904.3 - 1907.2

He was born 15 February 1890. Son of B B Bavin, Norwich. Married 1915 Muriel B, daughter of Colonel C E Branson. Associate, Institute of Chartered Accountants (resigned 1930). Army Cyclists Corps 1914-1918. Captain. MC. French & Belgian Croix de Guerre. Mentioned in Despatches.

Hugh de la Poer BERESFORD TD     Imperial Service College  1925.3 - 1928.2 

He was born 26 July 1916. Son of M de la P Beresford. Company Director. Member of Institute of Directors. Commissioned in RA, TA 1936. Served in A A. Command R A. 1939-1944 as Captain. Major Regtl. 2 i/c Coy Cdr. Mobile S/L.Bty France, Belgium, and Germany 1944-1945. Awarded Chevalier of Order of Leopold with palm & Croix de Guerre (Belgian) with Palm 1945. T D 1947. Regtl. 2 i/c T A 1947-1953. Lt Col TA 1953-1954. Lt Col AER SS. Died 14 Apr 1984.

Major Benjamin John BEWLEY  MC                Haileybury  Le Bas 1901.1 - 1905.2.

He was born 5 February 1888. Son of B G Bewley. Married 1933 Ruth Mary, daughter of V P Nind, Devon. Royal Military Academy 1905. Royal Garrison Artillery 1907. Great War: France 1914-1915. Egypt 1915-1916. France & Belgium 1916-1918. MC. Mention in Despatches. Belgian Croix de Guerre. Rebellion in Mespot 1920-1921. Major 1926. Retired 1935. Died at Bishopsteignton, Devon, 7 January 1959.

Air Commodore Lyster Fettiplace BLANDY CB DSO     Haileybury Edmonstone 1888.2 - 1892.2  

He was born 21 September 1874. Son of A F Blandy, Berks. Married 1905 Violet Mary, daughter of C A Vernon, Dublin. Royal Military Academy 1892. Royal Engineers 1895. Comdg Wireless Signal Co, Aldershot 1913. Major 1914. In charge Wireless Communications British Expeditionary Force 1914-1917. Bt Lt Colonel 1916. Mention in Despatches. Chief Experimental Officer Army Signals 1917, of RAF 1918. DSO. Mention in Despatches. Officer Legion of Honour, Crown of  Belgium, Belgian Croix de Guerre. Colonel RAF 1919. Lt Colonel Royal Engineers 1921. CB 1924. Controller of Communications at Air Ministry. Air Commodore 1925. Retired 1928. Assistant General Manager Marconi Company 1928-1933. Re-employed G/C 1939. Dep Director Signals, Air Ministry 1939-1942. West Africa 1941. Middle East, Iraq, India, Ceylon 1942. Wireless Advisor to Foreign Office 1943-1946. CB. Died at Folkestone, Kent, 7 June 1964.

see also DSO

Sir Reginald Theodore BLOMFIELD Haileybury Edmonstone 1869.2 - 1875.3

He was born 20 December 1856. Son of Revd G J Blomfield, Hythe, Kent. Married 1886 Frances, daughter of H Burra. Exeter College, Oxford Scholar 1875. 2nd cl Mods 1878. 1st Lit Hum 1880. Designed the Pavilion, Bradby Hall, South African War Memorial (Obelisk), & other new buildings at Haileybury. Designed Paul's Cross 1910. Regent Street Quadrant, Lambeth Bridge, Cross of Sacrifice & Menin Gate. MA. D Litt. RA. FSA. Past Pres & Gold Medal. RIBA. Knighted 1919. Officier de l'Ordre de la Couronne, & Officier de l'Ordre de Leopold (Belgium), Officier de l'Instruction Publique (France). Principal Architect Imperial War Graves Comm. Author "The Formal garden in England", " A History of the Renaissance in England", "Studies in Architecture", etc. President Haileybury OH Society 1901-1902. Died at Hampstead, 27 December 1942.

Group Captain Geoffrey Hilton BOWMAN DSO MC & Bar DFC     Haileybury Melville 1905.2 - 1909.2

He was born 2 May 1891. Son of G Bowman, MD, Manchester. Trinity College, Cambridge. Captain Royal Warwick Regiment. Transferred to RAF. DSO 1918. MC 1917. MC Bar 1918. Belgian Croix de Guerre 1919. DFC 1919.Mention in Despatches. Wing Commander 1929. Group Captain. He was an air "Ace" with some 32 victories. Died 25 March 1970.

see also DSO

Brigadier General Ernest Sumner BURDER CMG JP    Haileybury Lawrence 1878.2 - 1883.3

He was born 27 January 1866. Son of Revd C S Burder, Hungerford. Royal Military College, Sandhurst. 2nd Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry (46th Regt) 1885. Lt Colonel 1st Battalion 1908. Tirah Expedition 1897-1898. Medal, 2 cl. Retired 1913. European War Assistant Adjutant-General 1914-1918. Aldershot L of C France, 2nd Army GHQ Italy. Dep Director War Office 1918-1920. Granted Honourary rank of Brigadier General. Bt Colonel. CMG. 4 Mention in Despatches. Officier of Crown of Italy & Officier of Order of Leopold. JP for Berkshire. Died at Crompton, Newbury, Bucks, 2 Jan 1946.

Major General John CAMPBELL CB CMG DSO         Haileybury Le Bas 1884.3 - 1886.3

Commandeur de l'Ordre de la Couronne and Croix de Guerre (Belgian), March, 1919.

see DSO

Major-General Sir Charles Edward Callwell, K.C.B Haileybury Lawrence 1871.2-1876.2

He was born 2 April 1959. Son of H Callwell, Co Antrim. Royal Miltary Academy. Lt Royal Artillery 1878. Afghan War 1880, Medal. South Africa War 1881. Passed 1st into Staff College 1884. Gold Medal Royal United Service Institution 1887. Turko-Greek War 1897. Bt Lt Colonel 1900. South Africa War 1900-1902. 2 Medals, 8 cl. Bt Lt Col. 3 Mention in Despatches. Colonel 1904. CB 1906. Retired 1909. Recalled to be Director of Military Operations 1914-1916. On special service with Allies 1916-1918. KCB. Hon Major-General. Mention in Despatches. Commander of Legion of Honour of Italian & Belgian Orders of the Crown & of Greek Order of the Redeemer. Order of the Rising Sun of Japan, 2nd cl. Serbian Order of the White Eagle, 2nd cl. Grand officier of the Crown of Romania. Russian Order of St Stanislas, 1st cl. Chesney Memorial Gold Medal , RUSI 1921. President Haileybury OH Society 1921-1922. Author: "Small Wars", "Tactics of Today", "Military Operations & Maritime Preponderance", "The Tactics of Home Defense", etc. Died 16 May 1928.

Major General Clifford COFFIN, VC, CB, DSO & Bar    Haileybury College, Lawrence 1884.1 -1886.2

Commander of the Order of the Crown of Belgium and Croix de Guerre

see VC

Brigadier Thomas Frederick James COLLINS CBE JP Haileybury Melville 1918.3 -1922.3

He was born 9 April 1905. Son of J A Collins. Married 1942 Marjorie M, daughter of Colonel T Donnelly, DSO. Royal Military College (Scholar) 1923. Green Howards 1924. British Expeditionary Force 1940. Brigadier 1944. British Liberation Army 1944-1945. CBE. Commander of Order of Leopold II. 2 Mention in Despatches. Hon Col No 72 (MC) Regiment Royal engineers 1961-1963. JP 1968. Deputy Lieutenant 1969. Chairman Essex County Council 1968-1971. Died 28 May 1999.

General Sir Thomas Astley CUBITT KCB CMG DSO                Haileybury Batten 1884.3 - 1888.2

Belgian Croix de Guerre

see DSO

Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Reginald John DRAKE DSO         Haileybury Thomason 1890.1 - 1892.3 

Crown of Belgium. Belgian Croix de Guerre.

see DSO

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Francis FITZGERALD DSO     Haileybury Thomason 1893.2 - 1897.2

Ordre de la Couronne (for reconstruction work in Belgium 1919).

see DSO  

Captain Robert Brinsley FITZGERALD MC        Haileybury Thomason 1897.1 - 1900.3

Captain General List Intelligence. Chevalier of the Order of Leopold .Croix de Guerre Belgium.

see MC

Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Cyril Herbert GAY DSO    Haileybury Batten 1897.3 -1902.2

Belgian Order of Leopold  & Croix de Guerre 

see DSO

Captain John Stephen GIFFARD     Haileybury Melville 1906.1 - 1908.2 

He was born 26 December 1889. Son of Revd W W G Giffard, Lincolnshire. Married 1939, Sarah Packer, daughter of C N Thompson. Jesus College, Cambridge, BA 1911. Schoolmaster. Manchester Regiment and RAF. Captain. Mentioned in Despatches. Belgian Croix de Guerre. Died at Warwick January 1961.

General Sir Alexander John GODLEY GCB KCMG     United Services College 1882 .1 -1886.3

He was born 4 Feburary 1867. Son of Col W A Godley, 56th Regiment. Grand Officer Order of Crown & Croix de GuerreDied in Oxford.

Colonel Malcolm David GRAHAM CB CMG CVO Haileybury Edmonstone 1879.3 - 1883.2

He was born 14 July 1865. Son of Hon. R Graham, Kings Council. Married in 1896, Helen, daughter of A Abercromby, MD. Northants Regiment 1885. Maj. Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry. Mashonaland Exp 1890. Medal & cl. Commander Mashonaland Police 1890-1893 Asst. Mil Sec. Commander in Chief. South Africa 1911-12. Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General South Africa 1912. Lt Col Royal Berks Regiment 1912. Severely wounded 1914. Asst. Mil Sec. War Office 1917-1920. Off i-c London Inf Record Office. 1921. Retired 1922. Honours for 1914-1919 CB, CMG, CVO, ADC to the King. 1918-1922 3 Mentions in Despatches. Order of St. Anne of Russia (3rd Class). White Eagle of Serbia (3rd Class). Rising Sun of Japan. (3rd Class) Order of Leopold(Belgium) (3rd Class), Belgian Croix de Guerre, Chinese Order of Wen Hu (2nd Class). Died at Durban South Africa 16th November 1941.

Brigadier General Arthur Frank Umfreville GREEN CMG DSO       Haileybury Thomason  1890.3 - 1894.3

Officer of Order of Leopold & Belgian Croix de Guerre. 

see DSO

Major L Gurney Haileybury

Chevalier of the Order of the Crown of Belgium

Major General Sir Frederick GWATKIN KCB DSO MC             United Services College  1893.1 - 1897.1

Born 12th April 1885. Son of Col F S Gwatkin CB Indian Army. Unattached List (Indian Army New Arrival) 1903 1918 Bengal Lancers. Great War: France & Flanders Egyptian Expeditionary Force, Mentioned in Despatches DSO 1919. MC. Croix de Guerre (Belgium) Col 1934. T/Brig 1934 Commading Second (Sialkot) Calvary Bde. Major General 1938 CB KCB.

Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Spencer HAMILTON DSO Haileybury Trevelyan 1912.3 - 1917.1   

Born 20th January 1899. Son of J G Hamilton, Weyrbridge. Married 1937 Marjory Vivian Smith. Royal Military Academy. Lieutenant Royal Artillarry. France 1918. Captain 1931. Retired 1937. British Liberation Army 1944. DSO. Mentioned in Despatches. Lieutenant Colonal. Chevalier de L'Ordre de la Couronne & Croix de Guerre with palm Belgium. Died 8th April 1973

Captain David William HARGREAVES Haileybury Thomason 1938.1 - 1941.3 with palm

Born 24th January 1924. Son of Revd H C Hargreaves. Married Yvonne Mary Daughter of Sir Stanford Cade. RTR Capt. BEF BLA Chevalier of Order Leopold with palm & Belgian Croix de Guerre with palm. Mentioned in Despatches. Proprietor Hargreaves Horticultural Machinary, Devizes. Retired 1989.

Brigadier Gerald Charles HOPKINSON CB DSO OBE MC      Imperial Service College 1923.3 - 1928.3

Chevalier of the Order of the Crown & Croix de Guerre 1947.

Brigadier General The Honourable Alexander Gore Arkwright HORE-RUTHVEN, VC, CB, GCMG, DSO & Bar,  . Earl of GOWRIE & Viscount Ruthven of Canberra    United Services College 1882.2

Croix de Guerre Belgium

Major Kelham Kirk HORN MC                         Haileybury  Hailey 1901.1 - 1905.2

Belgian Croix de Guerre.

Brigadier General A.D KIRBY C.B., C.M.G Haileybury

Officer of the Order of Leopold and Belgian Croix de Guerre

General Sir Walter Mervyn St. George KIRKE GCB CMG DSO JP DL   Haileybury Thomason 1891.1 - 1893.2 

Order of the Crown of Belgium. & Belgium Croix de Guerre.

Major General John Edmund LEECH - PORTER CB CBE   Imperial Service College      1912.1 - 1913.2

Commander Order of Leopold II with palm & Belgian Croix de Guerre with palm.

Brigadier General Frederick Gustav LEWIS CB CMG TD DL     Haileybury  Hailey 1888.1 - 1892.

 Belgian Croix de Guerre

Lt. Col. Dugald MACFIE Haileybury Trevelyan 1922..3 - 1926.3

Order of the Crown of Belgium

Captain W.H MANN M.C., T.D. Haileybury

Chevalier of the Order of the Crown of Belgium and Belgium Croix de Guerre

General Sir Reginald Seaburne MAY KCB KBE CMG DSO     Haileybury Hailey 1893.2 - 1897.2

  Commander of the Order of Leopold. Belgian and the Belgian Croix de Guerre

Lieutenant Colonel Wingate Wemyss MUIR CBE MVO Haileybury Colvin 1893.2 - 1895.1

Commander of the Order of Leopold & Belgian Croix de Guerre

Captain Leonard MUNN OBE    Haileybury Hailey 1891.3 - 1894.3

Belgian  Croix de Guerre  

Captain Hugh ffolliot OZANNE MC     Haileybury Thomason 1908.2 - 1912.2

Belgian  Croix de Guerre 

Captain Cecil PRIEST ( at school DAMER - PRIEST) Haileybury Le Bas 1901.3 - 1904.1

Chevalier de L'Ordre de la Couronne (Belgium)

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Ian RAWSON     Haileybury Lawrence 1888.3 - 1891.1

Belgian Croix de Guerre

Owen John REDWOOD -WHITE     Haileybury Lawrence 1922.3 - 1926.2

Chevalier of Order of Crown

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Cotesworth SLESSOR G.C.B., D.S.O., M.C.

Chevalier of the Ordre de Leopold

Captain Cyril Hodgson TAYLOR Haileybury Hailey 1884.2 - 1888.2

Chevalier of Order of Crown

Professor Claude Charles Desire Gustave VANLEUGNHAGHE    Haileybury Batten 1946.2 - 1946.2

Chevalier of Order of Crown

Major General Cyril Moseley WAGSTAFF CB CMG CIE DSO       United Services College  1887.1 - 1888.1

Order of Crown

Major Sidney Chaytor WELCHMAN OBE United Services College  1889.2 - 1892.3

Chevalier of Order of Leopold

Major General Gerald Patrick Linton WESTON CB CBE DSO     Haileybury  Lawrence 1924.3 - 1929.2

. Chevalier of Order Leopold with palm & Belgian Croix de Guerre

Wing Commander Cecil Reginald Brainsby WIGFALL     Haileybury Batten 1929.3 - 1933.3

Order of Leopold with palm  &  Grand Croix de Guerre with palm

Captain Weir De Lancy Williams KCB, DSO   RA          United Services College 1894.1 - 1895.1

Order of the Crown with War Cross

Major Charles Gilbert WODEHOUSE     Haileybury Colvin 1900.1 - 1903.3

Order of Crown

Sir Edmund WYLDBORE - -SMITH    Haileybury Le Bas 1891.1 - 1894.3

Commander of Order of Leopold

BELGIUM MILITARY MEDAL (2nd Class ) Medal for extraordinary service or for acts of courage or devotion 2nd class

Eugene Albert KREGLINGER         Haileybury Highfield 1914.3 - 1917.1

He was born 5 October 1899. Son of M. A. Kreglinger of Antwerp. Served in Belgian Army 1917 - 1918. Medaille Militaire Killed in aeroplane accident 28 March 1933.

Serjeant Eric John Goodhart DCM RE    Haileybury Colvin 1908.1 - 1913.1 

See under DCM