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International Summer School

Haileybury’s International Summer School aims to immerse young people in the English language, through a variety of engaging academic and co-curricular activities.

The programme aims to promote communication, confidence, exploration and discovery, both inside and outside the classroom.

During the course, pupils will improve subject knowledge and understanding, learn new skills and become confident, independent learners who are prepared for studying in an English-speaking environment. Pupils will develop transferable academic and life skills, enjoy inspiring cultural excursions and take part in many exciting activities, encouraging them to make new friends as they work towards obtaining an internationally-recognised certificate (Trinity GESE).

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to learning and pupils will be able to design their own course, allowing them to tailor their learning experience to suit their interests.

If you would like to apply for Haileybury International Summer School, please click Here.

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