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Golf's unique blend of sporting ability and social engagement make it an ideal sport in which to participate. There is an active golf fraternity at Haileybury, with boys and girls taking part in matches against local clubs and travelling to play competitive matches against golf teams from other schools.


Golf at Haileybury

According to the Rules of Golf, golf is defined as "playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules."

Unlike most sports, the playing of the game is not confined to a standardised playing area and it has the attractive attribute of being instantly accessible to boys and girls. This makes it an ideal fit with activities available as part of the co-curricular life at Haileybury.


Both boys and girls play golf at Haileybury with matches played against local clubs, against the Old Haileyburians Golf Club and against other schools. They also compete in the Independent Schools Cup Competition annually

All our golfers are Junior Members at the prestigious Hanbury Manor Golf Club.

Skill with sociability

Combining skill and judgement with a unique social element, golf provides an excellent way for pupils to compete against themselves, against each other and against other clubs while, at the same time, nurturing excellent networking skills for future life.

Golfing staff

The Master in Charge of Golf at Haileybury is Ian Sanders, who also teaches Chemistry at the College.

Fixtures and results

To learn more about our forthcoming golf fixtures or about recent results, please click the link below:

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