Haileybury Foundation

Haileybury Foundation

The connections between Haileybury and its wider community have been strengthened by the establishment of the Haileybury Foundation.

The Foundation is a separate Board reporting to Haileybury Council whereby representatives of the College, the Haileybury Society, the HPA and others with a direct interest in Haileybury will work together for social and networking purposes and to ensure the best possible collaboration between these constituent groups to the benefit of Haileybury and Haileyburians.We want to ensure that our community is one that can continue to flourish and grow. Integral to the achievement of this is support for the College’s strategic aims in marketing, pupil recruitment, fundraising development, careers and alumni engagement.

The school is planning an exciting and varied programme of events over the coming years and looks forward to welcoming you to be part of this network.

The Foundation will work towards the promotion and maintenance of contact, both online and in person at events, between former pupils, staff, parents and friends of Haileybury. In addition to the Foundation’s events and activities, the Haileybury Society, the various OH clubs and associations and the HPA will continue, as they have always done, to work and organise events in the interests of their individual memberships.

The first Foundation Day will take place on Sunday 23 June 2019. 

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