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Haileybury, Hertford SG13 7NU

Chairman of Governors Alan Pilgrim ca.bartlett@haileybury.com 01992 706216
The Master Joe Davies
Master's Personal Assistant Denise Matthews d.matthews@haileybury.com 01992 706482
Head of Admissions Michele Metcalfe admissions@haileybury.com 01992 706353
Deputy Master Ruth Sullivan r.sullivan@haileybury.com 01992 706209
Acting Deputy Head (Academic) Jocelyn Jennings j.jennings@haileybury.com
Deputy Head (Co-curricular) Angus Head a.head@haileybury.com 01992 706336
Head of Lower School Laura Pugsley l.pugsley@haileybury.com 01992 706284
Bursar Paul Watkinson
Bursar's Personal Assistant Carol Bartlett ca.bartlett@haileybury.com 01992 706216
Director of External Relations Donna Cresswell d.cresswell@haileybury.com 01992 706479
Senior Chaplain Chris Briggs c.briggs@haileybury.com 01992 706314
Catering Office Catering Enquiries catering@haileybury.com 01992 706315
Reception General Enquiries reception@haileybury.com 01992 706200

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Haileybury Hertford SG13 7NU01992 706200 Registered charity number 310013