The spiritual dimension

Haileybury was established in 1862 as an Anglican foundation and Christianity today continues to play a major part in College life, centred on the Chapel. Yet we also recognise those of other faiths and those who have none; gathering to learn from, and to support, each other as we grapple with issues of faith, hope and love in an often troubled world.

The spiritual dimension

Faith, hope and love

Haileybury was conceived to be a Christian (Anglican) Foundation, and continues to live according to these open, inclusive, welcoming and caring Christian values.

At the centre of the College - and College life - is the Chapel, a meeting place for those of all faiths and none. We gather to learn from each other and we grapple with questions of faith, hope and love.

Helping us to find meaning

Human beings have the capacity for awe and wonder and this inspires a search for meaning in a complicated world. Our daily gatherings help individuals to feel part of a wider community, and also provide opportunities to take steps in their spiritual lives.

In keeping with our foundation we often sing the School Hymn, Lift up your Hearts, which echoes our school motto: Sursum Corda. It is an expression of thankfulness for God’s generosity, and the commitment to use what we are in the service of God, his world and his people.

We keep a candle burning at all times in Chapel. This is by the statue of Mary and the child Jesus, and represents our care for all members of the community.

Often there is an additional candle which has been lit in response to a particular concern or needs. The Chapel is the place for our times of sadness and joy, and underlines a very real sense of community. It is the place that embodies our motto: Sursum Corda. Lifts up your hearts.

Care for all

Great care is taken in the recognition of major festival across all faiths, including the specific needs of those who are keeping the fast of Ramadan. Boarding Houses often ask for a blessing at the beginning of the year as new members are welcomed. For the last two years one House gathered to support one member in the celebration of the Jewish New Year.

Opportunities for Christian pupils

For Christian pupils wishing to deepen their faith there is a gathering on a Friday evening called Younglife.

With games, talk and food, this informal group provides support for those who are considering Confirmation, and those who are newly Confirmed. In addition to Younglife (and Wyldlife, a version for Lower School pupils) there is Crosstalk, a group that meets on a Tuesday evening for Bible Study and fellowship.

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