Spiritual life at Haileybury

A Christian foundation, Haileybury places spiritual curiosity and discovery at the heart of all that it does, encouraging every pupil to discuss their faith, their ethical views and their feelings. In engendering a charitable outlook in our pupils, we hope that they will all go on to be significant contributors to a just and compassionate society.

A Christian foundation encouraging self-discovery

At Haileybury, Christian values underpin our whole ethos and are the bedrock of our daily lives and how we conduct ourselves, both inside and outside the College community.

Embodying our faith is our beautiful Chapel, which has been at the heart of the College since it was built in 1877.

A journey of faith

Of our pupils, those who are Christian are able to develop their faith both through regular worship and through informal gatherings. Every pupil is taught religious education and, for those who wish it, receive preparation for Confirmation as part of their journey of faith.

Our Chaplain, Chris Briggs, is also happy to meet with those of other faiths to ensure that their spiritual needs are nurtured and supported.

Encouraging spiritual exploration

Our spiritual aims as a school are to nurture faith in every pupil and to arouse in each a deep curiosity in their spiritual side. Our values are further enshrined by the nine Haileybury Habits which act as a guide, every day, to how we conduct our lives and share our world with others.

As Reverend Briggs says, "The Chapel is a meeting place for those of all faiths and none. We gather to learn from each other and we grapple with questions of faith, hope and love. Human beings have the capacity for awe and wonder and this inspires a search for meaning in a complicated world. Our daily gatherings help individuals to feel part of a wider community, and also provide opportunities to take steps in our spiritual lives.”

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