Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13)

"At Haileybury pupils are welcomed into a competitive and demanding Sixth Form, where their peers are bright, capable and have high expectations of the teaching staff, themselves and each other. The pupils in the Sixth Form at Haileybury are incredibly ambitious, in the classroom, on the stage and on the sports field."

Carrie Walshe Head of Sixth Form

Sixth Form – preparing for the future

In the Sixth Form Haileyburians are outward facing in their choices for higher education with more and more of them exploring the opportunities available to them in Europe, the US and beyond. This attitude is demonstrative of our pupils’ desire and Haileybury’s commitment to shaping global citizens who take advantage not only of the opportunities offered locally but who have the courage to venture further.

University and beyond

To help pupils access their first choice university we offer detailed presentations on the UCAS process. We also connect pupils with recent leavers so they get a better insight to life at their chosen university.

Outstanding pastoral support systems make sure our pupils are ready to embrace new freedoms at university with the habits of mind to develop both academically and personally.

Career education

Sixth Formers benefit from close ties with Old Haileyburians through career fairs, networking events, work experience and mentoring.

Career profiling combines with the detailed personal understanding that Housemasters/Housemistresses and Tutors have for their pupils. We can support and advise pupils on their choices so they increase their employability.

Greater responsibilities

A key part of the Haileybury ethos is the shaping of generous and caring citizens. When pupils join our Sixth Form they enjoy greater autonomy and are therefore expected to take more responsibility, develop leadership qualities and set the tone, not just in the life of the College but outside it too.

It is our fundamental belief that in giving, sharing, and working with others, an individual becomes more confident in themselves and more considerate of the needs of those they work with. This has untold benefits for later life.

The strong relationships between Sixth Formers and younger pupils at Haileybury are the result of the emphasis on Sixth Formers learning to show responsibility by giving to others.

Many Sixth Formers are appointed to College Prefect positions but all pupils are expected at some point during their time at Haileybury to help deliver activities and events which benefit themselves and others.

College Prefects

College Prefects are chosen by the Master and the Senior Leadership Team in consultation with Housemasters/Housemistresses, teachers and pupils. One boy and girl are also appointed as Heads of School with a deputy to support each other.

Twelve more pupils are appointed as Heads of each House, supporting the Housemaster/Housemistress and the pupils within each House. There are a number of further College Prefect appointments to responsibilities such as the Lower School, charity work and performing arts, among others.

Create yourself

Rather than trying to 'find' their talents and interests, Sixth Formers at Haileybury are encouraged to 'create' themselves and develop new competencies through the enormous variety of academic and co-curricular opportunities.

All pupils must do at least one activity from each of the three activity strands (Service, Rhetoric and Creativity) during Sixth Form.


Traditional activities such as the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE), and Young Enterprise and Community Service are supplemented by others, for example swing dance, investigative journalism or conservation.

There is a wide range of choice and even the opportunity to establish new activities; each of these opportunities prepares Sixth Formers for life beyond Haileybury.

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