School Senate

School Senate

"The School Senate plays a key role in the day-to-day running of Haileybury. In giving pupils of each House a voice, it enables them to contribute fully to how the College is run and enhancing it as a working and leisure environment not just for themselves but also for pupils of the future."

Angus Head Deputy Head (Co-curricular)

Giving each pupil a voice

A key role of any school or college is to ensure that pupils feel valued and listened to.

At Haileybury, every pupil is encouraged to give voice to the nature and quality of the educational experience available to them.

The School Senate is central to the delivery of this ethos.

A forum for change

Haileybury's School Senate offers a valuable forum for pupils of every House to raise issues of general concern about the College and for them to feel involved in helping to make change happen.

Recent meetings have included topics as varied as the effective control of litter, redecoration, SAT tests, the promotion of House colours and the implementation of water dispensers across the campus.

Issues raised at the Senate are then reviewed by the College's management team with results reported back to the Senate.

Composition and frequency of meeting

The Senate comprises a Chair, Secretary, deputies for the same, as well as elected representatives from each House.

Although many of the representatives are from the Sixth Form, this is not exclusively the case and the current Senate comprises a balanced mix of pupils from the Sixth Form, Fifth Form and Middles. Membership and contribution from pupils of all years is both valued and encouraged.

The Senate meets six times per year; it is represented on Haileybury's management board by Angus Head, Deputy Head (Co-curricular).

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