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Prefects at Haileybury

"It is an honour to be elected as a Head of School or a College Prefect, knowing that your teachers and peers have the confidence in you to perform such an important role."

Comment from a current prefect

Prefects at Haileybury

The importance of prefects

At Haileybury, service and giving to others are key parts of the College ethos; in the Upper Sixth, becoming a prefect is fundamental to this ideology.

Different roles

We actively encourage pupils to accept responsible leadership roles within the College community and there is a variety of opportunities for boys and girls who seek this distinction.

These include: Heads and Deputy Heads of School; Heads of House; Lower School Prefects; Activities Prefects; International Prefects; Peer Support Prefects; Performing Arts Prefects; Sports Prefects and a Prefect responsible for External Relations.

Duties of prefects

Typically, our prefects are crucial in setting the tone for the College, influencing attitudes and providing a link between pupils and adults across the campus.

They play a key role in pupil wellbeing and are central to our commitment to supportive pastoral care.

Appointment of prefects

The Master appoints the Heads of School and the Deputy Heads of School, one boy and one girl in each category.They are supported by the College Prefects, who are also appointed by the Master.

College Prefects include all the Heads of House, who are nominated by their Housemasters and Housemistresses.

House Prefects are also appointed by their Housemasters and Housemistresses. House Prefects have responsibilities within the House and around the school during House Duty Weeks.

Below is a complete list of prefects for the current academic year, 2015-16:

Heads of School:

Tom Oliver (B)
Bronte Sykes (C)

Deputy Heads of School:

Harry Hughes (Th)
Alice Topping (Alb)

Heads of House:

Alban's (Alb) Eve Dunne
Allenby (Aby) Charlotte Ganney
Bartle Frere (BFr) Peter Spellman
Batten (B) William Christensen
Colvin (C) Caitlyn Terzi
Edmonstone (E) Joshua Parry
Hailey (H) Jade Zech
Kipling (K) Hugh Bradley
Lawrence (L) Israel Okeowo
Melvill (M) Coralie Spearman
Thomason (Th) Nilesh Bhugoowan
Trevelyan (Tr) Bradley Papai

Lower School Prefects: (6)

Robbie Irving (L)
William Reade (L)
Joe Reed (BFr)
Eliza Barrett-Holman (H)
Nadya Mere (M)
Katie Brooking (C)

Activities Prefects: (6)

Kendya Goodman (C)
Ella Rawlins (M)
Millie Sparrow (Alb)
Jaden Tollman (Th)
Freddie Walker (BFr)
Arnie Englander (E)

International Prefects:

Andres Alonso Kunkel (Th)
Izabella Higson (C)

Charities Prefects:

Tobe Rapu (Th)
Alicia Tisserand (C)

Peer Support Prefects:

Stephen Miller (L)
Tessa Rosendahl (C)

Performing and Creative Arts Prefects:

Will O'Brien (K)
Georgie Labrum (Aby)

Sport Prefects:

Sebastian Brownhill (K)
Lucy Price (Alb)

External Relations Prefects:

Charles Bickel (K)
Josephine Levy (Aby)

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