Peer support

Haileybury has a strong ethos of pastoral care designed to help and support pupils whatever their needs. Key to this is the role of Peer Supporter, whereby pupils from each House are elected from among their peers as a first pont of contact for others needing guidance and a helping hand. The position of Peer Supporter is often over-subscribed.

Peer support

Welcome support from a trusted friend

A key part of the Haileybury ethos is that pupils are encouraged to care for each other and to have a strong sense of service.

Peer Supporters form a core part of this ethos and are especially valuable to younger pupils needing guidance and support.

Their role is to offer a sounding board to pupils of all ages within each House.

Elected to post by the fellow Housemates, they form an essential part of the pastoral care network within the school.

Extremely popular

The position of Peer Supporter is always hugely oversubscribed and each Supporter brings different experiences to bear on the role.

They could be someone who has overcome bullying in a previous school, had particular difficulty leaving home to board, or someone who has travelled across the world to fulfil their academic education in a foreign language.

Equally, a Peer Supporter could simply be someone who really enjoys their life at Haileybury and want others to experience similar joys during their time at the school.

Formal training

Each Peer Supporter receives formal training in listening skills. They are able to help pupils with a range of issues and, particular, play a crucial role in guiding pupils to the right adult with whom they can share their problems and receive appropriate support.

Help easily at hand

Peer Supporters are easily recognised by their yellow smiley badges which they wear with immense pride.

Every pupil knows who they are and knows that they are someone who can be trusted to help.

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