In each boarding House at Haileybury, the Housemaster or Housemistress is supported by a team of Tutors. Each Tutor is a full time member of the teaching staff, providing a deeper involvement with the pupils of a particular year group in areas such as academic progress, personal development and planning for their future.


Tutors at Haileybury

After the Housemaster or Housemistress (HM), the Tutor team is central to pastoral care in our Houses. Each Tutor in House is also a full-time member of the teaching staff.

The tutorial team works closely with the HM. Tutors pool their knowledge and understanding of the boys and girls in the House to ensure that each pupil is supported to the full.

Typically, each year group has its own Tutor within a specific House, although in some cases a Tutor may be responsible for more than one year group. Each Tutor works with pupils in their charge to assist them more deeply with their academic work.

Lower School

In Lower School (Years 7 and 8), the Head of the Lower School allocates their tutorial team by form and each Tutor is responsible for a class group of approximately 18 pupils.

The Tutor will have three regular daily points of contact with his or her class group – first thing in the morning, at lunchtime and again at the end of the school day. Lower School Tutors get to know their form really well, guiding their academic progress and taking an active interest in their welfare and achievements.

Lower School boarders are also supported by a team of staff organised by the Houseparents of Highfield. These teachers accompany the Lower School boarders to meals in Dining Hall, organise activities for them and supervise them as they settle down for bed in the evenings.

Middle School and Sixth Form

In the main part of the College, from ages 13 - 18, the tutorial provision is organised through the Houses. Each Housemaster or Housemistress (HM) is supported by a team of Tutors and he or she will allocate them to a group of tutees.

The precise organisation of the tutorial groups is a matter for the HM to determine and there will be some variations between the Houses. The Tutor's role is to be an additional adult who takes a genuine interest in the life of the boys or girls who are allocated to his/her group. That interest is facilitated by a regular meeting of the tutor group each Friday after lunch, but it will be developed through formal and informal contact through the week.

Tutors support and guide the academic work of the pupils and also help them to develop in other areas of their lives – for instance encouraging them to accept new challenges and advising about career choice or university applications.

Tutors will also arrange social events that play a part in developing young people who are accustomed to engaging naturally with adults.

Additional advice and guidance

If they need extra advice, pupils can turn to the Chaplain and the School Counsellor as well as the staff at the School's Health Centre as appropriate.

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