Life in Middle School

Beginning in Removes (Year 9), Middle School is crucial to the development of every pupil's study and career path. Removes is particularly valuable for informing and finessing their key I/GCSE subject choices, which are then followed and finally examined in Middles and Fifths (Years 10 and 11).

Life in Middle School

Removes - a year of choices

Removes (Year 9) is very much a staging post between Prep School or Haileybury Lower School and the structured learning of the I/GCSE years. In effect, it introduces pupils to the challenge of living and working in a larger school.

Discovery and direction

Strong foundations for academic success are laid early so Removes is an important time in developing a pupil's academic direction and abilities.

Ranging from Classics and Modern Languages to ICT and Music, the curriculum for Removes ensures that pupils are given the opportunity to study as wide a range of subjects as possible.

This broad, but well-taught range of subjects, gives pupils an excellent exposure to a raft of disciplines and enables subsequent option choices for I/GCSE to be taken on the basis of first-hand experience.

The importance of balance

Of course, academic work at a school like Haileybury is a priority for our boys and girls, but we recognise that the world of work - and of academia - demands much more than a set of academic results.

With this in mind, a key element of life in Removes is our Haileybury Horizons programme and our rich schedule of co-curricular activities, both developed especially to broaden the knowledge and capabilities of pupils in this age group and to build their skills and confidence.

Haileybury Horizons

Haileybury Horizons has been specially created for our Removes pupils to enable them to develop an understanding of current issues whilst strengthening those skills that allow them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

All pupils in the Removes receive one lesson per week on a six-week carousel of subjects including Current Affairs, Cultural Awareness, Debating, Ethics and Leadership.

Co-curricular options

Supporting our academic schedule, our programme of co-curricular activities offers Removes a whole range of sports and non-sporting activities specifically designed to enable each pupil to challenge themselves, build their confidence and define their identity.

The activities designed for Removes is perfectly tailored to this age group, offering a wide range of challenging, enriching and stimulating activities for every boy and girl.

Middles and Fifths - the I/GCSE years

Middles (Year 10) and Fifths (Year 11) are the foundation years of every pupil's academic journey, when they study for I/GCSEs - the General Certificate of Secondary Education and/or its international equivalent.

A pupil's I/GCSE results are crucial. When most apply to university at the beginning of Sixth Form, they are usually the only evidence of actual achievement that a university admissions team has about an individual applicant.

Middles and Fifths is therefore about maximising this opportunity to give each pupil the best chance of success.

The benefits of a broad education

It is widely recognised today that virtually all universities offering academic study - and virtually all employers - are most receptive to candidates with a broad education.

For this reason, Haileybury stresses the importance of pupils maintaining as broad an education for as long as they can, offering a comprehensive programme of disciplines centred around a core curriculum.

Academic curriculum

At Haileybury, we deliver a core curriculum in addition to a wide range of option choices to enable each pupil to explore their interests and challenge their curiosity.

Currently, the core curriculum comprises:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • A Modern Foreign Language
  • Religious Studies
  • Science (with the choice for dual or triple science qualification).
  • PHSE.¬†

Academic options

In addition to the core curriculum, Haileybury offers a wide range of additional subjects from which pupils can choose. These include:

Art; Classical Civilisations; Design Technology (Graphics, Resistant Materials, Systems); Drama; English Literature; History; Greek; ICT; Latin; Music; PE.

Co-curricular options

Academic development is only part of the Haileybury experience for pupils in these years. Equally important is the development of personal interests, confidence and identity.

From art, drama and music to sport, life skills and leadership, Haileybury's rich programme of co-curricular activities for each and every pupil enables them to explore their boundaries, challenge their thinking and learn more about themselves.

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