Middle School (Years 9-11)

Middle School runs from Removes (Year 9) to Fifths (Year 11), when all pupils take their I/GCSE exams. These years are crucial to the development not only of academic ability but also of the character and identity so necessary to life in Sixth Form and beyond.

Middle School - the development of identity

Middle School delivers a combination of academic study, co-curricular enrichment and focused pastoral care to develop each pupil's capabilities and, ultimately, their identity.


It is in these years when pupils study for their I/GCSEs.

In addition to the core curriculum, pupils are offered a broad range of options from Art to Technology to enable each to find their passion and pursue it with vigour.

Co-curricular activity

Yet this is only part of the story. From sport and music to debating and technology, pupils are offered a broad and stimulating range of activities designed to challenge and energise in equal measure.

Importance of the House system

In these years too, the House system becomes central to pupils' lives.

Housemasters or Housemistresses - and their teams - offer focused advice, tailored to the needs of each pupil, as well as helping them to discover their capabilities and develop their confidence.

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